50 shades of dark


Hello~☆ This list contains all my finished work so far and will get updated monthly so keep checking in to see if you haven’t read one of my posts yet! 


M-Rated: NSFW
Fluff: For the innocent sinners
Angst: Sad
Scenarios: S 
Text Messages/Snapchats: T


My Perfect Type ~ Kim Taehyung [SMUT]


Partner flinching away from them
You being nervous
Your kink being scratching
Girlfriend siting in a closet 
Girlfriend hating Halloween
MTL to get excited over Christmas


Girlfriend dancing sexily 


Getting asked about having a baby 


They are not your bias
You sitting in a closet
Being Jealous
You dancing in your underwear
Hitting you during an argument
How Monsta X would be in Bed [M-Rated]
Finding out about your tongue piercing
You having a dirty mind
You purposely not wearing a bra
You only wearing their shirt
You swearing a lot
You being unconfident about your body
You admit your crush on them
Hitting you during a fight
You having a dirty mind
When their child asks how babies are made 

[Individual Members☆]

Poly Relationship x Minhyuk [T]
Poly Relationship x Wonho [T] [Slight Smut]

Poly Relationship x Wonho x Hyungwon [T]

Poly Relationship x Shownu [T] [Slight Smut]

As your Best Friend
Poly Relationship x Changkyun x Wonho [T]

Poly Relationship x Hyungwon x Changkyun [T]
Poly Relationship x Shownu [T]

Snapchats [T]

All Members☆
Pumpkin Carving Shenanigans [S]


You saying I love you for the first time
Seeing you again after a long time
You feeling paranoid
You falling asleep on their shoulder
Girlfriend feeling safe around them
Girlfriend wearing their shirt ½
Girlfriend wearing their shirt 2/2
Your kink being scratching [M-Rated]
Seeing you in your traditional dress

[Individual Members☆]

Mono No Aware [S] [Angst]


300 Days Anniversary
Girlfriend being on her period
Visiting your home town
You feeling paranoid
Pumpkin Carving
Falling in love at first sight


Seeing your baby photos
Taking you to the fair
You moaning another members name [M-Rated]
Catching you self-harm
Being Teased in Public [M-Rated]
Surprising them at their show
Waking You up with oral [M-Rated]
You self-harming
BTS Kinks [M-Rated]
Getting distracted from a phone call [M-Rated]
You accidentally sending nudes to another member [M-Rated]
Getting scared with a creepy mask 
You dancing when you’re bored
You secretly crushing on them
You coming out as asexual
Taking your virginity
You crying over TWD 
Getting send nudes [M-Rated]
To you having a bad day
To you being kidnapped
MTL to get annoyed at their S/O for constantly needing skinship
Falling in love with someone younger
Which Member is the best in bed?
Becoming a Dad
Which Members are still virgins?
What costumes they would get you
Buying you costumes
You’re nervous about confessing to them 
Loving you when you’re in a relationship
To you not liking your reflection
Getting beaten up by your Ex-Boyfriend
Needing attention
How long it would take them to introduce their S/O
You giving them a sassy comeback
When another member touches your boobs
When you take photos of them
Distracting you from a phone call
When you’re nervous about confessing to them
Seeing you for the first time
BTS in bed
You having insecurities
Your boobs pressing against their chest [M-RATED]
You accidentally mess up your haircut
When their someone asks what they like about them 
To their girlfriend moaning when they spank her playfully [M-Rated]
To another guy touching their girlfriend’s boobs [M-Rated]

[Individual Members☆]

As your best friend…
Goddess x Min Yoongi [M-Rated] [S]
Darkness x V [Angst] [S]
I’m the one you need [M-Rated]
Poly Texts x Jimin [T]
Please Me [M-Rated] [S]
Obsession [M-Rated] [S]
Good Girl x Jimin [M-Rated] [S]
바보  [M-Rated]
TaeKook giving you strength x Taehyung [T]

Kidnapping Series: 
Kidnapping Series [1/10] 
Kidnapping Series [2/10] 
Kidnapping Series [3/10]

As your best friend…
50 Shades of VMin [M-Rated] x Taehyung
Poly Texts x Jungkook [T]
Drowning [Angst] [S]
Good Girl x Jungkook [M-Rated] [S]
Made for loving you x Min Yoongi [Angst/Fluff] [S]
Blood, Sweat & Tears [M-Rated]
What am I to you? [Part 1][Part 2]
Delusional late night conversation [T]
Copy & Paste [M-Rated/Fluff]

Hyung Line
Happy Ending

Goddess x Jungkook [M-Rated] [S]
Poly Yoonseok Texts x J-Hope [T] 
Fantasies [M-Rated] [S]
It’s always been you [M-Rated]
Not a perfect relationship [M-Rated]
What could’ve been x Kim Namjoon [M-Rated] [S]

There’s no place like home x Kim Namjoon [S]
Tonight I’m all yours~ [M-Rated]
As your best friend…

Rap Monster☆
There’s no place like home x Kim SeokJin [S]
Kim Namjoon as your Best Friend [S]
What could’ve been x Min Yoongi [M-Rated] [S]

Darkness x Jungkook [Angst] [S]
50 Shades of VMin [M-Rated] x Jimin
Kim Taehyung as your Best Friend  [S]
Everyday Texts with your Boyfriend [T] 
TaeKook giving you strength! x Jungkook [T] 

Poly Relationship x Min Yoongi [T]
Jealousy [T]
Needy~ [M-Rated] [S]
Just Friends [M-Rated] [S]

[Hip Hop Unit] to you being scared
Night in with Vocal Unit
[Vocal Unit] to you wearing a sexy costume
[Vocal Unit] to you admitting your crush on them 
[Vocal Unit] to you wanting a puppy/kitten
[Vocal Unit] to you scaring them
[Performance Unit] to you debuting w/ sexy concept
[Vocal Unit] being scared of you
[Hip Hop Unit] to you wearing a sexy costume
[Vocal Unit] to Girlfriend getting excited about Christmas
You swearing a lot
You only walking around in their shirt
You being crazy funny
Girlfriend being a rap goddess
You’re getting hate from fans
Seeing you for the first time
[Vocal Unit] to you not having a fixed style
You being scared of thunderstorms
[Hip Hop Unit] falling for a girl
[Vocal Unit] sharing a bed for the first time
You swearing a lot
You walking around in their oversized shirt
You being crazy funny
You getting hate from fans
To you being clumsy [Mingyu, DK, Hoshi, Jeonghan, Woozi, Seungcheol]

[Individual Members☆] 

As your best friend…

As your best friend

As your best friend…


Girlfriend being a Victoria Secret Model
Lovers Baby Photos
Being called Daddy [M-Rated]
Recieving Oral [M-Rated]
Teased in Public [M-Rated]
You being in a abusive relationship
Girlfriend suddenly eating healthy
Waking you with Oral [M-Rated]
Making you feel better
S/O smiling about something they like
Waking up to oral [M-Rated]
Cuddling after a stressful day
Gilrfriend being a trained assassin
You not feeling like yourself
You needing a hug
You scared of loud noises
You’re purposely not wearing a bra around them [M-Rated]
Being horny while you’re on your period [M-Rated]
You waking up screaming 
Your abusive boyfriend hitting you
You not sharing your food
Girlfriend having stretchmarks
MTL to push you against the wall
Getting jealous
To you walking down the aisle
To you being stalked
When you have a anxiety attack
When you reveal your singing voice to them
To you being in a abusive relationship before
When their child’s first word is not daddy
When you wear lingerine for the first time [M-Rated]

[Individual Members☆] 

The Holy Trinity [M-Rated]
Secret [Pt.1][Pt.2] [Angst]
Poly Texts x Jaebum [T]
Safe Word Series [1/7] [T]

Revenge [T]
Mine [M-Rated] [S]

Poly Texts x Jackson 
Studying [M-Rated]
Safe Word Series [4/7] [T]

When he’s horny [M-Rated] [T]

The Holy Trinity [M-Rated]
Snowfall x JinMark [Fluff]
고백 - Confession [T]
Safe Word Series [2/7] [T]

As your best friend…
Snowfall x JinMark [S]
Safe Word Series [3/7] [T]


Reacting to your boobs pressing against their chest
Reacting to you not wanting to be carried
Kinks [M-Rated]
Reacting to you not sharing your food
What costume they would get you
You giving them a back hug
When you’re scared of thunder

You’re the fear, I don’t care
‘Cause I’ve never been so high
Follow me through the dark
Let me take you past our satellites
You can see the world you brought to life
—  Ellie Goulding, “Love Me Like You Do”
Changes || Closed


Imogen sat on her bed, she was trying to eat breakfast her servant had brought her. They were to have a busy day today meeting allies from another kingdom. However Imogen had no appetite and could barely keep the bread down. 

“I don’t think I can manage this today. I feel so ill.” She said, putting her hand on her growing belly.

Question that’s been haunting me for a bit: In the Pokeworld… are there Pokefurries?

Like, how would you even fucking handle that in the Pokeworld?


“No mum, I can’t go off to become a pokemaster, I need to focus on levelling up to become a Gyrados…

“Look timmy, I accept you have this… belief you’re a pokemon, I just… I just have one question… why MAGICARP? Why couldn’t you be a Pikachu or something useful, like a Clefary? Hell even Jigglypuff would have been an improvement…”

“IT’S WHO I AM MUM!” *door slams*

- - - 

Or like a horrifying kink sort of thing… 

Where roleplay involves one partner humouring the other in a S-and-PM (Slave & Pokemaster) sort of situation, and fake-battle… 

“Oh no, I don’t think I want to be trapped in that pokeball, Pokemaster…”

“Then I’m afraid we’ll have to battle it out then, Pigeott…”


Imagine being their neighbours in a thin-walled uni dorms/unit setting… and hearing, 

“Chansey used Pound! Chansey used Pound! Chansey used P-P-Poooooound!”

“It’s Super Effective!”


Or “L-Lickitung… use LICK!” 

All fucking night long, like… imagine living next to that sort of kinky pokeshit; and having to avoid eye-contact with the person the next day, even though you share like five lectures with them or some shit… because you know exactly which pokemon they like to dress up as, and somehow, you never saw them as  that particular one…

Maybe it’s a thing. Some people try to work out which poketypes people would go for.

The MVA of the uni footy team? Jynx.

The smartest girl in physics? Totally a Bulbasaur; she has a thing for whips, it’s written all over her too-sweet face.

On the other hand,  that one nb hottie in Horticulture studies? Has to be the most Charmander person to ever charmander… 

That shy dude from social work… you’re pretty sure he’s sweet on the streets but a Pokemaster in the sheets, if you know what’s being implied.

And you know (oh dear Gyrados do you KNOW) that the loudest genderqueer professor in school has a real flair for being a submissive Ghaster (although, they’re more like an Abra when it comes to exam time, and you’re trying to get their attention to ask a question)…

Not to mention the… the ‘Unown Orgy’ you will never admit you were once part of, because reasons. To be fair, they  were pretty good at groupwork, and you have no idea how such an eclectic group of people came to be there, just that they were there to come whilst gibbering in their Unown language while you played along. You never talk about this. NEVER.


The hottest erotica of the year was the best-selling (poorly-written), “50 Shades of Pokeballs”

Where a dark and mysterious pokemaster treats his naiive (bordering on idiotic) Pokeslave (a young woman who thinks of herself as a Butterfree, although he demands she change to be whatever pokemon he desires while he abuses her) terribly. People secretly assume it is kinky. Chaos ensues.

It sends the secretive pokecommunity into uproar trying to stop people playing out the incorrect fantasies shown in the ‘novels’… 


It’s probably a thing. But no one wants to talk about it. 

Pokemums whisper about it to each other at PTA meetings, like it’s the naughtiest thing they’ve ever done in their POKELIVE. POKELAUGH. POKELOVE. lives, and have pokeears or wigs at home to ‘spice things up’. 

Oh no. Now I’m never getting this horrifying idea out of my head.