50 shades movie

things in the spongebob movie:

• a pirate with a food truck dream
• a punk rock post apocalyptic world
• time travel
• futuristic laser-shooting dolphin guardians
• squidwardsauraus rex
• teamwork
• moral lessons
• rock hard abs
• a rap battle

things not in the spongebob movie:

• romanticization of mental and sexual abuse

Don't just boycott 50 shades, go to the theatre opening night and go watch another movie.

Go watch spongebob movie or something, just make sure that other films do better than 50 shades. Make a point of not watching it. Do not let Hollywood make sequals. Make it end up as bad as the avatar last airbender or the cirque du freak series. 


One of my favourite favorite things about my life is that I have the same group of friends that I grew up with. I love them so dearly, and we give each other a hard time.- Jamie Dornan. Photos from The Guardian.