50 shades freed


I changed the reqeust a little bit because I’m not entirely comfortable with writing smut just yet.  I hope that you still enjoy it, though!

Squaring your shoulders back you rasped lightly on the office door before entering with the tray of food you usually brought to Christian at this time of day.  Like usual, he was positioned at his desk, deep in work, but looked up when you entered the room.

“Thank you, Y/N.”  He nodded as you set the tray down on his desk.

“You’re welcome.”  You replied, pausing momentarily to see if there was anything else that he needed.  When you remained quiet you turned to leave, not noticing his eyes following you on your way out.  He was curious as to why you were so different from the other girls who had worked for him.  Usually by now that had tried to sleep with him on multiple occasions, but not you.  You hadn’t even tried to go after him yet, and it made him curious about you.