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kids are fun bc they dont give a shit and have no inclination of social norms. Im standing in the self checkout rn and this little girl has not broken eye contact for atleast 50 seconds

Not wanting to sound like I’m shaming anyone who doesn’t understand the US tax code, but y’all need to know, anyone who claims that rich or marginally rich people pay over half of their income in taxes is full of shit.

Firstly, because the highest tax bracket is 39.6%, which you might be able to tell is less than 50%.

But second, because the US tax system uses graduated brackets. No matter how much you make, the first $9275 is taxes at 10%. If you made $10K in 2016, a whole $725 is taxes at the second tax bracket of 15%. If you make the median US income of $51,939 then you’re still going to have $9275 taxed at 10%, and then $28375 at 15%, and the remaining $14,289 at 25%. If you know anything about math, you can probably tell that this means, even though your tax bracket is 25%, you’re not actually being taxed at 25%. At that median income, your real tax percentage is actually 16.86%

And thirdly, this is all based on normal income. Long term capital gains, i.e. the biggest source of income for affluent Americans, are taxed at a substantially lower rate.

So once again, no shame if you don’t understand the tax code and think it’s too complicated for you to get. But I can 100% guarantee that anyone complaining about the rich paying “too much” in taxes is either straight up lying, or manipulating their data so much that it no longer even bears a passing resemblance to the truth.

BTS in the US
  • Interviewer: Last question, what does the members like about Rap monster? What makes him a good leader?
  • Jin (in Korean): Who said he was a good leader?
  • Suga (in Korean): I need 3 days, 6 hours, 50 minutes and 30 seconds to answer that
  • J-hope (in Korean): C'mon guys he's not that bad..
  • Taehyung (in Korean): But he is tho, remember when he lost Jungkook 5 times!!
  • Jimin (in Korean): Remember when he walked in to the dorms and suddenly five was injured and 2 went missing!!
  • Jungkook (in Korean): I'ts a miracle that we're still alive after all these years and all the "accidents"
  • Interviewer: (waiting for translation)
  • Rap monster: ...they can't decide what they love about me the most, they just love too much...

Me: All these Klance reach posts are pretty funny but they also, quite frankly, give the writers way too much credit and only set the fandom up for further disappointment :/

Keith: (goes out of his way to describe how he’ll be sleeping tonight to Lance approximately 21 minutes and 50 seconds into Season 1, Episode 2 “Some Assembly Required” (© 2017 DreamWorks Animation LLC))


TEAM Stark Kids playing EVERYONE because winter is the time for wolves, dammit!
Inside Ryou’s head

Ryou: Card games sure are fun.
Yami Bakura: You know what else is fun? Killing your best friend.
Ryou: That doesn’t sound fun at all, Bakura.
Yami Bakura: Well, how would you know?! All you do is play card games, Ryou!
Ryou: I think Bakura is right, we should branch out our hobbies…
Yami Bakura: Oh shit! Yugi stopped talking. He wants you to respond. Say something, stupid!
Ryou (aloud): I wasn’t thinking about killing you.
Yugi: Aw, thank you!
Yami Bakura: Nailed it.

An extremely rare incidence of Moblit using his authority as 4th Squad’s Executive Officer.

osostaff: releases 50 second long preview for season 2

literally all of us: screenshots every frame in the pv to post it; reblogs the same frames from different people; gifs those two frames of ichimatsu going 🤔; gifs the 0.2 seconds of totoko and 0.5 seconds of chibita; screenshots the 3 separate frames of osomatsu looking sad while drunk