50 reasons

50 Reasons Why You Should Study

Need motivation?

  1. To get an education. 
  2. To earn a degree. There are barely any jobs that offer positions to people without a degree, or are on the path of obtaining one.
  3. To prove people wrong. That science teacher that said you’ll never make it in the medical field? Make him eat his words. 
  4. To prove yourself wrong. Every student has doubts on whether or not they can be good enough in the classroom. Prove yourself wrong, and always be better than you were yesterday. 
  5. This is a privilege. Regardless of how much you believe that you HAVE to do this, to some extend you don’t. Realize that you have the privilege of an education even being an option for you.
  6. Take advantage of what you’re capable of. Don’t waste a perfectly intelligent mind. 
  7. More money. That degree can do wonderful things to your bank account in the future. 
  8. It’s interesting. Studying can get pretty boring, but there are always those topics that spark your curiosity and motivate you to learn more.
  9. It’s attractive. Not everyone cares for someone who is academically gifted, but a partner who is eager to learn makes me eager to take my pants off.
  10. It’s useful. That random fact that you read in a random textbook can stick with you and really end up helping you out one day.
  11. It’s fun to know useless shit sometimes.
  12. To make your parents proud. This is one of the main reasons I study. My parents have always been aware of my capabilities and have pushed me to be academically better every year. They know I have big dreams, and I just want to achieve them so they can know that their child made it.
  13. To make myself proud. This goes along with number four. Knowing that you accomplished something, however small or big the thing may be, is a huge self-esteem booster.
  14. To be independent. There’s nothing quite like knowing that you don’t need someone else’s job, degree, intelligence, or presence to make you successful.
  15. To pursue your passion. 
  16. To gain knowledge. Whether its in your field, or a completely different one, being knowledgeable is just downright fun.
  17. People will look up to you. Your siblings, your best friends, and your classmates may see you consistently studying, and it could motivate them to do the same. 
  18. To make a name for yourself. “Oh yeah, (insert name here), I know them. Aren’t they like really successful now?”
  19. To become your own role model.
  20. To be able to pay off your student loans.
  21. Because the long nights and excessive coffee will all be worth it. Even if it doesn’t seem like it now. 
  22. To exercise your brain. Your brain is just like a muscle, and like the body it needs to be exercised. 
  23. To improve your hippocampus. Your hippocamus is responsible for memory, and if you study your memorization will become significantly better.
  24. To not waste time doing useless stuff. 
  25. Because stationary is amazing. I could spend a whole paycheck on just pens.
  26. Because notes are actually all so pretty. 
  27. To be productive. I used to spend a lot of time on social media, and although I still do, the amount of time I spend studying and getting stuff done has definitely increased.
  28. So classes will be easier. 
  29. So tests will be easier.
  30. To impress your professors. Get those letters of recommendation! 
  31. So the anxiety of getting a bad grade is sufficiently decreased. I constantly worry about my grades, but studying has helped me not worry so much.
  32. Because coffee exists. 
  33. There is no other atmosphere quite like the inside of a library. 
  34. So you won’t have to retake a class. Failing a prerequisite for your major really sucks, so maybe try not failing the first time around. This also saves you a lot of money because you won’t have to pay for the class again. 
  35. Finals week won’t suck as bad. You’ll be used to studying so when finals week comes around it wont nearly be as stressful as for those students who are now opening a textbook. 
  36. You won’t go to as many college parties. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for socializing and having fun, but a lot can go wrong at a college party very quickly. And there’s no better way to prevent that, than just not going to the party cause you’re reading your economics textbook. 
  37. You’ll get used to FOMO. Fear of Missing Out. Every teenagers nightmare. Eventually, you’ll get used to the feeling. 
  38. You’ll be getting the most out of your college experience. You’re paying for these classes. Might as well try your best to pass. 
  39. You’ll get used to not getting enough sleep. So, if you decide to go to grad school you’ll have that department covered. 
  40. There’s really good study music out there. 
  41. I guarantee there will be at least 5 places on campus, or around you that are perfect for studying, and you’ll want to go there everyday. 
  42. You’ll become a pro at writing essays, or lab reports.
  43. You’ll learn fairly quickly that study groups rarely work. 
  44. You’ll make a lot of friends that are just as passionate about studying as you are. And you will cherish them. 
  45. Beauty and Brains. Don’t you want to fit that description? 
  46. Thousands of students before you have done it, so you can too. 
  47. You can run a studyblr. Aren’t they the cutest? 
  48. You get really good at time management. 
  49. Sleep becomes 5x more satisfactory after a night of studying.
  50. Because you want to. There’s no better motivation for studying, than the motivation that comes from within. 
50 Reasons why I love Vauseman

3. Because if you strip away the backstabbing, the selfishness, the manipulation at the end of the day they ultimately do love each other. And I think that’s why Vauseman fans root for them.  I know people say their relationship is unhealthy which I will agree it has some unhealthy hurdles. But I honestly think its at least healthier, more real, and more honest than Piper’s relationship with Larry or even her relationship with her parents. Both who are much more accepting of all of Piper’s good parts than her bad ones. Alex loves Piper unconditionally her good parts and bad and that’s how it’s supposed to be. I just want to put them in their own little bubble and protect them forever.


get to know me meme - (3/250 songs) redundant by green day

Choreographed and lack of passion.
Prototypes of what we were.
Went full circle ‘til I’m nauseous.
Taken for granted now.
Now I waste it, faked it, ate it, now I hate it.

50 reasons to love Ashton

1. He listens to third eye blind unironically

2. He is fuckin’ funny as hell

3. He takes no shit. Talk shit, and he will @ u on twitter. He will @ ur family. Watch out bitch

4. His relatable KFC past

5. He is so loving and he really cares how people are going to respond to him and what he says. He is thoughtful and considerate.

6. His tweets are so lovely and uplifting and thoughtful

7. He is so wise. He is learning so much as he is traveling the world and as he grows and he is so open in sharing his knowledge with everyone else in any way he can.

8. He would suck a fart out of Calum’s ass

9. His love for his family is so sweet. He raised his lil siblings and he did such a good job and he is so proud of them and they are so proud of him. He is such a family man and it’s so sweet

10. His love for 80s and 90s pop, rock, and pop punk is iconic

11. Seriously his music taste crazy as fuck he listens to Electric Light Orchestra but also he listens to edgelord music. it’s incredible

12. He is so sweet to fans when he meets them and he’s so funny and remember that vine where he sang a potato flew around my room

13. He’s smart in unconventional ways. Maybe he isn’t book smart but that doesn’t mean he isn’t smart in a thousand other ways

14. He’s the dad father of 5sos. like their actual biological dad who raised them

15. He probably eats kale every day

16. Boi when he whips out them drum sticks all bets are off. everyone is doomed

17. He shares so much with us and he doesn’t have to but he does because he loves us and he wants us to know

18. He is so bright. He’s like sunshine. He is so positive and he always brings the mood of everything up.

19. tadpoles are baby turtles

20. his saved songs on spotify range from dad band to goofy goober rock to can’t fight the moonlight by leann rimes

21. he posts so much… like even when they’re on break. he is the best 5sos update account

22. he stans his own band. listens to their music. saves it on spotify

23. have u seen his thighs? like have u seen them. they’re the size of my head. i wish i was like resting between them constantly. like…. i guess… that’s not a legit reason to love him but also? yes it is.

24. he is so funny i already said this but i’m saying it again

25. he keeps everything together. the band, the fans…… my life

26. he’s so supportive of other artists

27. his smile > the beatles

28. he’s so talented like… not only drumming but now he’s learning guitar and he can sing??? like boy got pipes??? name one drummer other than nick jonas that can sing. ASHTOn. HE’S THE ONLY ONE

29. he really tries to be open minded about everything and he is learning more and more as the days go by and that’s something to be very proud of

30. he is literally the sun without him we would die

31. he understands what it’s like to go through it™ and he tries to tweet out good vibes to people in those hard times and he tries to make people feel less alone

32. he got through the damn suitcase fiasco. he got through all the shit he went through. he’s still getting through it and he’s so fuckin strong

33. he’s like… a 40 year old and a 5 year old at the same time

34.  he also paints his nails bc hyper masculinity is bullshit

35. he’s good to people even if they aren’t good to him

36. his life advice is solid as hell and he’s very influential

37. remember the fuckin grass-fed fabio era that was the life

38. his hair… it’s like… it’s like…. i don’t know… i can’t put it into words but holy [bleep]

39. good it’s entertaining

40. remember that kid in the orange shirt who kept beating the shit out of ashton in the hey everybody vid even after they stopped rolling. ashton just laid there and took it. same

41. interviewer: “have u ever seen each other naked” *ashton holds up a yes* interviewer: “have u ever been impressed by what you’ve seen on another band member?” *ashton holds up a yes and is the only one who holds up yes*….. .… .he’s the only real one

42. imagine him slapping u with his giant hand. like that alone is reason enough to give him ur left kidney

43. dammit this fucking nipple

44. did i mention that he’s funny as hell. o wait yea. 3 times

45. um his fashion sense tho

46. he’d probably share his food with u even if it was really good

47. he is such a selfless and kind dude like i cannot stress this enough

48. he’d give his left lung for his band

49. he doesn’t look at other people as competition he looks at everyone as his friend and he just wants to get along with them and watch them succeed


50 Reasons why I love Vauseman

5. Because in an Alex vs. Larry pissing contest Alex always wins. One of my all time favorite moments from OITNB is when Larry met Alex. You knew right away he was intimidated, not just because of her height but you knew he was thinking “Damn she IS hot.” Here’s Larry and he’s got his speech and notecards ready to tell her off and she shut him right the hell up. She said what she had to say and dismissed herself with a mic drop. And I’m almost positive when Alex first saw Larry and found out this was Piper’s fiancée she was probably thinking: “Really Piper? Him?”

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noorhelm appreciation week day onewhy you love them
Do you understand? It’s just because my heart is jumping out of my chest. No, but I can’t breathe. It feels as if I’m going to die.

50 reasons why I love you - because I truly do

1. You love me back
2. You make me smile
3. You make me happy
4. You don’t have to do anything to make me happy or smile
5. Whether or not I have a text from you in the morning dramatically effects my mood
6. When you say you love me I still smile
7. I want to spend the rest of my life with you
8. You’re hot
9. You’re sexy
10. You’re funny
11. You’re childish at times- which either makes me laugh, sigh or roll my eyes. But either way I’m smiling
12. You stick up for me
13. You don’t like it when people upset me
14. You hate my sister
15. You put up with my annoyingness
16. You put up with my craziness
17. We would have cute kids
18. You see my point of view. Most of the time. And even if you don’t you pretend you do
19. You don’t make me angry or upset
20. You respect my boundaries
21. I think about you all the time
22. You’re unbelievably cute. Just cute.
23. You deny the fact that your cute. Even though secretly you know you are!
24. You have the most contagious smile ever!!! It makes me want to find more and more reasons to make you smile
25. You’re sweet
26. You’re smart
27. You see me as an amazing person
28. You love my faults
29. Your eyes are amazing
30. I still get butterflies when I talk to you or when I get a text I wasn’t expecting for a while
31. You’re not afraid of commitment
32. You’ve see me at my worst and still think I’m beautiful
33. You boost my confidence
34. You try to make me see myself as you see me. (Odd wording)
35. You’ve made my life so much better
36. I can’t ignore your texts. I just can’t. If I see you’ve texted me I can’t ignore it at all!!
37. If I’m sleeping and I get a text I will ignore everyone else’s and go back to sleep. But if its you I will always reply :) and then go back to sleep
38. You make me feel loved
39. You make me feel wanted
40. You make me feel like I mean something to someone
41. I feel lost if I don’t talk to you for a while
42. I check my phone too often. Even if its sitting right next to me. 70% of my battery would be wasted on checking my phone constantly
43. I can’t imagine a future with anyone else
44. You think you don’t deserve me
45. You don’t see why you are so amazing. And refuse to give in and admit you are
46. Your stubbornness is adorable
47. You can make fun of me like a bestfriend would
48. I feel I can talk to you about anything
49. I know you care
50. I know you feel the same way

50 Reasons why I love Haibara Ai

Admittedly, I am not super Ai fan, but I do love her. Thus not 100 as with Ran ^^’

  1. As anyone else in DC, she is a human being with her weaknesses.
  2. She is strong in her own way. After all…
  3. She chose to die. She literally chose to die and it was a brave deed.
  4. She learned to trust after being alone her whole life.
  5. She had a chance to live her live again and now she’s trying to enjoy it at fullest.
  6. She is like a smol mom to DB but she values their friendship.
  7. And she actually chose to appear as Shiho when children were in danger.
  8. Don’t mention how daughter-like she is to Agasa. 
  9. She is very smart.
  10. In fact, she is teen genius.
  11. She had a great character development. At first she was closed, gloomy and angsty (well, given the circumstances..)
  12. But now she’s smiling and making selfies!
  13. She became more human-like.
  14. She is not physically strong but she did run to find evidences that will prove that Higo is innocent…
  15. In fact, so did Ran and I kind of forgot to include it. Oops |D
  16. She has very twisted sense of humor and I like it %)
  17. Remember when Ran worried about her so called love rival? Well Ai worried about her real love rival although she admittedly chose to give up.
  18. She called her nee-chan ;^;
  19. She knows Shinichi’s secret and keeps it.
  20. She chose to pretend Conan to save it.
  21. And she enjoyed messing him around %)
  22. Why I didn’t like at at first? The fact that she had good mood after the most heart-breaking scenes in manga (reread the ending/start of pager case) 
  23. But why I like her now? She found the courage to give up on that love that I guess WAS there (Movies are non-canon)
  24. And now she SHIPS ShinRan hard.
  25. Including mocking him about his secret. 
  26. And smiling tenderly as those two idiots are holding their hands together in a car.
  27. Can I remember her smile as she eat what Ran cooked? She’s like Akemi to her omg.
  28. The bravery when she first decided to become friends with Ran after Ran’s iconic words.
  29. She is brave - she met GIN face to face and he SHOT at her.
  30. She was brave enough to work with Gin as she was at BO.
  31. She was guilty she left alive. But she accepted it.
  32. In-RL she is used to make comments about recent chapters and they are so Haibara-like it hurts.
  33. She was really fierce when the guy stabbed his pregnant wife. ‘I won’t forgive even one mm
  34. In Anime - her voice. It’s LINA INVERSE!
  35. She is our soul animal - she likes to sleep and she sits till the late night.
  36. Oh and also she’s like smol fashion human bowl of sarcasm.
  37. As I mention fashion…
  38. She was a teen genius. Heartless sarcastic agent. And she still thinks that brand purse was a reason why the woman was suspicious (emotions were priceless)
  39. OK but really her fashion style is great.
  40. She’s a fangirl and she admits it :D
  41. And also loves animals. That’s so cute ;v; Remember: she was brought up by the BO!
  42. Her friendship with Ayumi. 
  43. Non-canon 12 OVA was the best in enlightening it :D
  44. Her friendship with Detective Boys!
  45. Non-canon Movie 5 had heartbreaking scene with her making phone calls to dead Akemi ;^;
  46. Also in the same movie she complimented everyone in the end and was really kind it it ^_^ 
  47. Non-canon Lupin movie revealed she had a Harley bike and I’m willing to accept it :D
  48. Oh and also her cat-like behavior in static electricity case was hilarious
  49. Her whole story - even after so many heartbreaking and dark events after she had another chance to live her life again she revealed so many small, funny and cute moments nobody would’ve ever thought she can do after her first appearance (animal loving, cute smiles to Ran’s cooking, letting Ayumi call her Ai-chan…).
  50. That’s it! I wrote 50 reasons why I love Haibara Ai. I am a hardcore ShinRan shipper, I love Ai and fuk stereotypes, although they are so 2011-like :D
50 Reasons Why Rey Is A Kenobi

Or At Least Not A Skywalker Or A Solo

In the following you will find extensive evidence/parallels/deductive reasoning as support for Rey, the protagonist of The Force Awakens, being the granddaughter of the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi. 


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