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Sunshine Girls and the Swear Jar

Dia: Swear Jar Monitor™ but is not to be trusted. Will make exceptions constantly – especially for herself. After all, if ruby sees her putting money in the jar, she’s a bad influence!

Kanan: Only swears when angry and that’s very rare. Usually she’s angry at Mari anyway so Mari’ll just drop her fee in the jar as an apology. Doesn’t mind when people curse around her but overzealous cursing from someone other than a close friend is uncomfortable for her. Don’t be That Guy. Watch Your Mouth.

Mari: Is one of Dia’s exceptions, only because Dia knows she’s filthy rich and won’t mind paying. She doesn’t curse that much anyway though? Sometimes she’ll swear but she’ll just laugh it off with a little “oopsy” and keep going. Nothing too harsh. Usually just “dick” or other sex-related words.

Riko: biggest hyprocite of all damn time. ALWAYS criticizes others for swearing but curses casually on a regular basis. Tries to argue Dia down about the swear jar but ultimately ends up paying.

You: curses like….well, a sailor. Is one of Dia’s exceptions because of her eerie persuasion skills. She’s not to be trusted.

Chika: curses when with other 2nd years but eventually stopped around Riko because Riko started to tell on her. Usually only says “damn” and then corrects herself to “dang”.

Yoshiko: only curses in her long tirades and pays up after, and even then it’s usually only “damn”. She doesn’t think it counts but Dia does.

Ruby: one of Dia’s exceptions but she doesn’t need it because she has never cursed…but she thinks she does. One time she said “darn it” and cried for three hours and thrust some crumpled up bills into the jar which Dia returned. Surprisingly doesn’t mind others cursing but will alert them if Dia is near.

Hanamaru: didn’t even know curse words existed until she joined Uranohoshi. Just interpreted them as regular words until she got detention. She sat down and wrote down every curse word she had used, calculated her total, and payed. Dia gave her a 50 percent discount and she hasn’t cursed since.

Everybody listen up!

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BTS in Dubai Diary: Suga

Title: Desert

Date: Saturday, 26th March, 2016; The first day of trip; Sunny

Writing: We went to the desert today. The weather was really hot. Could we find some oil if we dig? I should definitely comeback here again with a boring expert. I want to get rich from drilling oil. That’s it for today!

Title: Dubai market

Date: Sunday, 27th March, 2016; The second day of trip; Sunny

Writing: We went to a Dubai Market today. It was a 10 hour flight, but it felt just like Korea. Merchants touting on the street looked just like what I usually saw in Dongdaemun. I got a 50 percent discount. It was a great day.

Title: The last day in Dubai

Date: Monday, 28th March, 2016; The third day of trip; Sunny

Writing: Today is the last day in Dubai. We did a photo shoot in the morning, and then we went sightseeing. We went to the Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa. We ate at the restaurant in front of Burj Khalifa, but it took so long for our food to come. I was really mad, but the fountain show made up for it.

(Rap Monster, Suga, Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook)

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During a month of renewed Israeli-Palestinian violence, one hummus restaurant is paying Jews and Arabs to sit down together for a meal.

On Oct. 13, Kobi Tzafrir, owner of the Humus Bar in a shopping mall in Kfar Vitkin, north of Tel Aviv, advertised a 50 percent discount to Jews and Arabs who eat together on his restaurant’s Facebook page. It read:

“Are you afraid of Arabs? Are you afraid of Jews? By us there are no Arabs, but also no Jews. We have human beings! And real excellent Arab hummus! And great Jewish falafel!”

His post was shared more than 1,900 times, and news of the deal has made headlines around the world.

Tzafrir says he cooked up the promotion as a way to wipe away some of the gloom of the current Israeli-Palestinian animosity. “We hear a lot of extremists on the news, on Facebook, on TV, and it seems like everything here is very bad,” Tzafrir tells NPR’s The Salt. “But I wanted to show that everything here is not so bad. Things get out of proportion.”

Hummus Diplomacy: Israeli Cafe Discounts Meals Shared By Jews And Arabs

Photos: Daniella Cheslow for NPR

At Saint Laurent, “I have a 50 percent discount worldwide,” Ms. Ferreira said. “It’s pretty expensive, though. On tour I have to use my business card for everything, like gas, but I also I buy my clothes on it.” Describing a trip to Saint Laurent, she said: “I go there and it gets rejected, and I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, this is embarrassing.’ I didn’t tell them my name until she was like, ‘You’re Sky, you’re in the ads.’ And I said, ‘This isn’t working right now, I’ll come back in an hour. I swear there’s money in there.’ ”

via NY Times