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Eastman Kodak Pavilion, New York World’s Fair by SwellMap


1947 Pontiac 2-Door Sedan by SwellMap

Spike Chunsoft Monomono Machine Image Masterpost

This is almost everything from the Monomono machine!   Lots of pictures, and I mean LOTS. 



Yes, I know there’s a typo on Saihara’s twitter header. It’s not my fault.

Also: The order is Icon, Facebook Header, Twitter Header, PC Wallpaper, Android Wallpaper, then IPhone Wallpaper.

If it’s not under a certain character, I’ll make sure to say what order the wallpapers/headers go in.

Everything under the read more! Control/Command F the character’s name to find their stuff! (i.e: ctrl+f - then you search ki-bo!)

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Edit: I just got a new special Facebook and Twitter header, it’s Danganronpa V3 x Gravity Daze 2!

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Are you happy @moldypechas?

I did my placement matches for competitive and I rank at 1639, that’s silver right?

It was a nightmare, a bunch of white guys kept yelling at me, some guys couldn’t stop talking about their penises, and everyone had suggestions about what could help the team but no one bothered switching.

It was about what I expected.


[image descriptions: three light brown craft-pine wooden bolts comprised of a wooden head fastened to a rifled thread and a wooden nut screwed on the thread opposite the bolt’s head. First image shows the bolts in a clear plastic package with a label in white and brown in English, Spanish and Japanese text. English text reads “Wood Bolt 12 mm x 50 mm 3 pcs”. Second image shows the bolts out of the packaging: one bolt has the nut screwed halfway down the thread, one bolt has the nut sitting underneath the thread (the two pieces separated) and one bolt shows the nut screwed to the top of the thread. Both photos sit on a red and black watermelon slice pillow.]

I found these in the stationery section at Daiso Highpoint: a pack of three wooden bolts, $2.80 AUD.

I’ve seen many plastic nuts and bolts in kids’ tool kits, and they look … extremely stimmy. Something you can screw back and forth? That has texture for touching and rolling? Sign me up. So I was pretty excited to see these - a small, quiet, pocketable stim toy that looks a little more adult than the child’s tool kit equivalent and lacks the weight inherent in the real thing.

The wood is a little splintery in places; the nuts need a good sanding. (If you look at the middle nut in the second picture, you can see the rough inside edges of the bolt.) But the nuts screw up and down the thread just fine, and considering that you get three of them for pocket change, I consider them a perfectly affordable, portable, quiet stim toy.

(If you need to stim in silence, these make only a very slight noise as you turn the nut or thread. It’s negligible, speaking as someone who hears all the slight noises. I recommend them without hesitation for anyone who’s anxious about the noise made by a Tangle or a good spinner, and I’m glad to have them for this reason.)


Devil’s Gap Rock, Kenora, Ontario by SwellMap


DC-7 Flagship, American Airlines by SwellMap


Very Interesting! Porcelain Backflow Ceramic Cone Incense Burner Holder + Cones!

How much is it?: The holder is $8.99 and the individual cone packets are $2.99.

What is it?: Just as the title says! Burners come in black and in brown. Scents include: Lily, Rose, Ocean, Lavender, Jasmine, Wormwood, Lemon, Strawberry, Green Tea, Sandalwood. Not all are available. there 45-50 pcs per packet.

Seller?: xinyushishang is from Shanghai, China

Site Used?: eBay

International Shipping?: Yep worldwide!

Anything else?: You have to individually add the burner and cones, they don’t come together (so select a burner in the drop menu and ‘add to cart’ then select a cone scent packet and ‘add to cart’)

The order of the pictures of burners on the left side, is the number it is in the drop down menu. So the first picture of a burner is ‘pattern 1′

They ONLY accept paypal!

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The Great Space Race [mixing comparison]

this is something i wrote last year, i decided to try fixing up the mix a bit this eve to show a comparison of how my sound has changed over the past year. (hopefully there is a difference)

mix 1 is May 2016 (00:01-00:50)

  • sounds quite squashed and heavily compressed but it’s not actually any louder for it, just sounds quite muddy and unclear bc over usage of the limiter
  • some crackling in the mix particularly in the right ear 
  • all panned to the centre coming out the same place
  • a bit flat and fuzzy

mix 2 is June 2017 (00:50- end)

  • less compression. PC supporting to thicken texture but not overpowering
  • all orchestra panned according to set-up and audio space in the ‘room’ (adds a bit of a wider plane of sound)
  • better volume but not at the expense of losing audio quality 

i still have a lot of work to do but it’s pretty cool to hear i guess? 

#chipp #skelsuit alt version #lapel pin available Monday noon central playge.net/store edition of 50 pcs. #pingame #enamelpin #collectanddestroy