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Hey! Hopefully this is okay? But you could you please do an RFA+V+Saeran comfort a reader with Nightmares? Thank you so so much!!! <3

Of course it’s okay! And ahhh thank you to everyone who followed me, I woke up this morning to 30 followers & 50+ notes on my first hc post, thanksss ❤

Yoosung :

  • With how clingy he is while sleeping, there’s no doubt he’d immediately wake up if his s/o was having nightmares or if they woke up in a panic because of one.
  • He’d be worried but he’d also be extremely sleepy since it takes some time for him to wake up completely – he’d be a bit slow to understand what happened at first and will be confused as to why they’re awake so early in the morning.
  • Once he does though, he’ll fuss over them and do what his mother did when he had nightmares as a kid; put extra pillows under their head, cover them with two more blankets, he’d bring them some hot chocolate and bring Lisa so they can cuddle with her; he’d even sing a lullaby if they asked him.

Zen :

  • He’s so worried omg his s/o will be the one who has to calm him down because he’ll make a mountain of it; he’ll ask what was wrong, if they had trouble breathing, if they also had psychic dreams like him..
  • Once he’s alright, he’ll wrap his arms around his s/o and whisper comforting words in their ear before singing a lullaby to get them back to sleep.
  • After they’re asleep, he’ll probably spend an hour brushing their hair and trying to make sure they’re not about to have another nightmare again, he feels like maybe if he watches over them, he can protect them from bad dreams.

Jaehee :

  • She gets a little motherly when she wakes up to her s/o trembling from a nightmare; she’ll hold their shoulders and gently hush them, telling them it was just a dream and that everything was fine.
  • She’s not the very talkative type but she’d try to talk to her s/o about anything that came to her mind so they could think of something else and hopefully feel a little better.
  • If they didn’t want to go back to sleep, they’d make mug cakes together and watch tv until they fell asleep – when it’s morning though, Jaehee will spend hours on her laptop trying to find ways to help her s/o so they wouldn’t have nightmares anymore.

Jumin :

  • He won’t wake up right away but if his s/o tries to leave the bed or if they start crying, he’ll be up in seconds. However, he’d be at loss as to what he’s supposed to do to help them since he’s not used to this. He’d just hold them and wait in silence so they can get over whatever happened in their dreams.
  • He’d get them a glass of water and ask them if they want to take a relaxing bath with him, especially if it was an especially bad dream and they woke up sweating and shaking; he’d sit behind them in the bath and gently wash their hair, nuzzling sleepy kisses in their neck until they tell him what’s wrong.
  • If his s/o let him, he’d get an appointment with a doctor so they could get medication or a therapy depending on why the s/o has nightmare.

707 :

  • He doesn’t really sleep at night so he won’t be in bed most of the time his s/o has nightmares but he checks up on them all the time, especially after learning the troubles they have when sleeping.
  • He’s not the best with serious stuff but he hates seeing his s/o distressed and his priority would be to put a smile on their face again. He’d do what he does when he has his own nightmares : build a massive blanket fort, watch funny vines and eat a bunch of stuff. He’d wear a fluffy onesie what a loser and be their cuddle fluff-wearing man.
  • He’d have trouble leaving his s/o alone for the night because he’d be worried in case they had another nightmare; he’ll get some sleep with them and wake up early to finish his work.

V :

  • He’s a light sleeper and wakes up every time they have a nightmare. He doesn’t say anything, he already knows what’s wrong and he’ll just rub his hand on their back until they calm down.
  • He’ll just tell them that he’s there if they want to talk about it but otherwise, he’ll go to the kitchen and come back with a glass of water or a cup of tea before lighting a candle on the bed side table.
  • He won’t let them go back to sleep until they’ve relaxed. He’s willing to do anything they want, be it looking through the photographs on his camera until morning because they don’t want to fall asleep again or hold them in his arms, tracing patterns on their shoulder as he kisses the back of their hand until they’re too tired to stay awake.

Saeran :

  • He has his own nightmares so he understands how they feel and I don’t think he gets to sleep much either so he’s probably already awake when they wake up from their nightmare.
  • He would softly press his forehead against theirs until they calm down and then, he’d talk about his own dreams to persuade his s/o to share theirs with him; he’s never had anyone to talk to about the things keeping him awake, and he’s tired of keeping everything to himself so he’ll want to share his thoughts with them – even the bad ones.
  • He’ll hold their hand and put some background noise to help them sleep, he likes the sound of rain hitting the roof and waves crashing on the shore – it calms him down – so, he’d download one of those apps that lets you choose and combine sounds like these.

so I’ve been on here for almost 2 years now (how??????) and I’m almost at 2k so I’m going to celebrate by doing another tumblr awards!


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i know it hasn’t been that long since i did one of these, but as i’m going to be neglecting my blog the entirety of june, i thought this was the best way for me to say sorry

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so i just hit 1k (thank you all so much ily !!) and a few days ago i made a poll with what should i do to celebrate this, and tumblr awards won so that’s what i’m gonna do (i also have always wanted to do them so i’m really glad they won)


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hey guys!! oh my gods of olympus your local aeshtetic meme has reached 1000 serial killers?! thats so unbelievably mindblowing and i dont know what i did to deserve you guys <3 since school is starting i cant promise full activity but im definitely going to try and die trying lets be honest now. IN ANY CASE ive decided to hold awards for all you lovely gods and goddesses

rules. am i getting better at this?

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categories. shh i love greek mythology

  • adonis award: best url
  • anteros award: best icon
  • eros award: best theme
  • hades award: best mobile theme
  • hermes award: followers favorite**
  • poseidon award: best content
  • thanatos award: best original content*
  • asteria award: best writing*
  • athena award: best aesthetic blog
  • eos award: personal favorite ( no runner up )
  • nyx award: best hp blog
  • persephone award: best multifandom blog
  • romaana award: nicest blogger
  • selene award: best overall

* - please put your creation/writing tags in the tags when you reblog

** - send me an ask with up to three of your favorite blogs. submissions will end october 17th, and a poll will be posted with the top nominations which will end on october 31st.

prizes. i know you want em

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I Forgot // Park Jimin

Park Jimin Highschool AU

Summary: After your parents divorced and your last relationship didn’t work out, you decided that love was fake- as real as the tooth fairy. It was something created to make people feel for each other an emotion that they only believed was real. However, upon meeting the intriguing newbie in school; he slowly begins to change your mind. 


“Listen, Y/N. The new kids are arriving later, how are you not excited? They moved here from Korea, how cool is that?” Aspen squeals, squeezing your hands in her own.

You never really understood why people freak out when there are new kids, obviously it’s a bit exciting to see a few new faces for a couple days but then everyone gets used to them and they become the same as everyone else until the next batch of newbies appears. It’s like clockwork: arrive, everyone freaks out, have attention for 3 days, gets forgotten about. It’s the same thing every time yet nobody seems to get bored of it- well nobody but you of course. Aspen doesn’t, she sees them as fresh meat; these new kids being even fresher meat as it’s a whole new country for them. Fortunately, you’ve lived in Korea so it’s not really exciting for you.

You sigh, removing your hands from Aspen’s strong grip. “Aspen, I’ve told you many times before- it isn’t exciting after the 50th time we’ve had new kids and for god’s sake, Aspen, I’ve told you before that I’ve lived in Korea so the excitement isn’t here.” You roll your eyes, tapping your fingers on the dirty cafeteria table.

“Oh. Yeah. I forgot, sorry.” She chuckles sheepishly, turning to her phone which has just flashed with a text. “oooh, sorry, gotta take this- it’s Xiumin.” She grins like a Cheshire Cat, grabbing her phone and running out of the cafeteria before you could even respond to her. You smile to yourself, drawing shapes on the table with the top of your index finger. Xiumin and Aspen are adorable together, well as adorable as people who aren’t in a relationship can get. The difference between Aspen and Xiumin is that Aspen loves to flirt and isn’t ready for a committed relationship whereas Xiumin is shy and wants to settle down instead of dating many people. Sometimes it feels as if she’s leading Xiumin on, although that isn’t something Aspen would intentionally do. It’s sad to see Xiumin so sad when Aspen is so oblivious, you love your best friend but sometimes she’s a bit of an airhead.

Suddenly, you feel something hit the back of your head and you screw your eyes up in pain.

“TAEHYUNG.” You growl, turning around on your seat to face Taehyung- his box grin at full force.

“Hey I need money.” He says as if it’s the most casual thing to ask anyone ever, walking around the table and plopping himself on the seat that Aspen was previously sat on.

“Did you really need to slap me?” You glare, hand flying to the back of your head to soothe the stinging pain.

“Y/N, I am one of your best friends since you were just 3 years old. I have the right to lightly tap you on the back of the head when I request an income- now pay up, child.” He says, hand flying out in a giving motion.

“You require income for what service, may I ask? Because if I remember correctly, the last time I saw you, you had set my bin on fire and blamed it on the dog. What kind of dog tries to set off fireworks, Taehyung?” You say sassily, wafting his hand away and leaning your head on your palm.

“Listen, princess, I need money because I’m going on that date remember? Do you want me to have a relationship and stop being really annoying to you? If you think about it, you’d benefit more from my relationship because I’d stop bugging you for things and I’d stop being clingy and I’d stop showing up at your house all the time and blowing stuff up and-”

You slam a $50 note on his hand before he could finish his sentence-no- paragraph.

“I never have to deal with your bugging again? Deal. Now leave please you’re already annoying and it’s been 5 minutes, Tae.” You laugh at the surprised look on his face that slowly turned into a grin as he leaps up and kisses you on the cheek before hugging you.

“I love you so much, Y/N. I’ll come and see you after the da- oh wait I promised I wouldn’t bug you.” His smile suddenly drops as his head hangs low. Although he’s extremely annoying, you can’t stay mad at Tae- or ever actually be mad at him in the first place.

You smile, holding his hand. “The key will be in its usual place.” His face lightens up again.

“Under the flower pot?” He says hopefully.

“Under the flower pot.” You confirm with a nod of your head. Suddenly, he begins to giggle uncontrollably whilst walking backwards.

“Taehyung are you on drugs.”

“Hey- maybe ‘under the flower pot’ will be our always.” He says whilst making finger guns- still walking backwards. Unfortunately, Tae doesn’t have eyes at the back of his head- but you have eyes at the front of your head and can see as clear as day that there is about 3 possibilities that he will fall.

1. There is a person carrying food who is stood talking to their friend

2. There is a banana peel on the floor- which would be typical classic comedy if he fell over that one

3. There’s a bin

You sit staring, waiting for one of those 3 options to happen. He avoids 1, the person stood talking moving to go and sit down to finish their food much to your disappointment. It would’ve been great to see the food fly into the air and hit him, it would be even better to see happen in slow motion.

He also avoids 2, which really disappoints you. Before he had made it to the banana peel, someone came to pick it up and throw it away in the bin. Speaking of the bin, there was no way he could avoid that one unless he stopped walking backwards and you doubt that’s gonna happen. 

 "Bin.“ You simply say, he’s still looking straight at you and the confused look on his face confirmed that he certainly heard you.

“Bin? What’s that even supposed to mea-” Food covers the ground as Taehyung is sprawled across it. His back is bent against the bin and his arm is nicely positioned in some out of date yogurt. Nice. 

Everyone was looking. Tae usually loves attention, but by the glare on his face which is aimed directly at you, you can tell that he prefers it when the attention is praise; not erupting fits of giggles from everyone in the cafeteria. You try to stifle your own giggles but as Tae tries to stand up; falling over the banana peel that was previously thrown in the bin, you give up. Your hand flies to your mouth and you’re sure you actually start crying with laughter as you clutch your stomach along with the 2000 other people sat eating.

Your laughter, however, is cut short by a deep yet sweet voice coming from the direction Tae is laid on the floor.

“Taehyung-ah, are you okay?” 

You’d recognise that kind of accent anywhere, you did spend 10 years living in that country.

The guy was extremely attractive, he had plump lips that were way bigger than your own which isn’t fair at all- how come guys get the bigger lips; his black hair was parted in the middle and framed the delicate, slightly tanned skin of his face; his almost black eyes were beautiful, you’d never seen a man as perfect as that. And don’t even mention his body, although his clothing doesn’t give away much- the black button up with short sleeves shows off his biceps perfectly; and man his thighs, they strained against his tight black jeans as if they were going to burst. Whatta man.

“Ah, so you’re one of the new kids. May I ask how you know my precious Taehyung?” You ask after you finally stop gawking; in that time he had managed to help Taehyung up.

“We knew each other back in Korea, may I ask for your name?” He speaks softly, his Busan accent being present even in his English which is something you didn’t even know was possible. It wasn’t that he had a strong accent, a normal person wouldn’t be able to tell- but you could and it just made him even more attractive.

“Y/N, and you are?” You cock an eyebrow, Taehyung just standing to the side and watching the whole thing go down.

“Jimin.” He smiles.

And with that, he turns on his heel and walks out of the cafeteria; leaving you still dazed by his beauty and Taehyung trying to ignore whatever just happened.

“There was way too much sexual tension for a first encounter, are you sure you’ve never met before?” Taheyung asks as he returns himself to the seat in front of you.

“Yes Tae, I haven’t met him before and there was no sexual tension. Why does everything have to be sexual with you?” You scoff, collecting your rubbish and going to the bin to throw it away; chuckling at the memory of what happened moments ago.

“Well, you know how I am. When you get this much action it’s kinda hard to get your mind out of the gutter,” He smirks. Cocky bastard.

“Leave before I tip the bin on you.” At that, his eyes widen and he rushes out of the cafeteria.

Maybe you’ll stick around with Taehyung more often if you get to see Jimin again, something about him is intriguing and it makes you want to get to know him a lot more. 

Okay so I feel like this is terrible but I spent so long on it so I hope it’s okay, this was a request from @hope-is-hoping-for-some-jibooty so I hope you enjoyed this :)

(why the only pictures i use for banners are pictures of flowers????) helloooooo, so recently i put here a poll for you guys to vote on what i should do to celebrate 2.2k 2k and tumblr awards got the most amount of votes to that’s what i’m gonna do!!! i also want to thank everyone for sticking with me, no matter if you’ve been here for a week or 5 months, 2k might not seem like a lot to most people, but it damn sure is to me, so again thank you (and i’ll try to do more of these kinds of things, i’m just socially awkward as fuck, even online,  and it’s hard to get to know your mutals when you think they hate you haha)


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  • padme amidala award - best creations*
  • bellamy blake award - best writing**
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Fan Theory: Perception of Time in VK/VKM

Hello VK/Zeki Fam, long time no see! *Hugs everybody*

Originally posted by zechs

I’ve been offline for a millennia due to a new job and family life stuffz but I I finally have some free time to go into the VK meta I’ve been dying to sink my teeth in to! (beware, there may be terrible puns ahead.  You’ve been warned.)

From what I’ve seen in the Vampire Knight meta-sphere, reactions towards the past two chapters are mixed, leaning towards the Hino-san, what the fruitcake are you doing to us now? end of the spectrum. 

@getoffthesoapbox​ @soulisthirsty@zerolover66​ and others before me have written some excellent analyses & theories, and I don’t plan on doing a full rehash.  Instead, I’d like to propose a different theory…

I’ll start this fan theory with a question:  
Do Yuuki and Zero perceive time differently?

This may seem like an odd question, so let me break it down.  

Do people perceive time differently?  

It can be argued that they do.  You often hear folks talk about “life changing experiences” or how a near death experience alters their perspective.  If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness, and know that you only have a few months left to live, your perception of time will likely be very different than that of a healthy teenager.  Even though both individuals could theoretically die in a freak accident at the same time, or the sick individual finds a miracle cure, the way they value their time, more likely than not, differs.  

You can also look at it this way: one year to a 3-year-old is 1/3 of their life, whereas one year to an 80-year-old is 1/80 of their life.  Time passes differently for children versus adults.

Which leads me to another question: 

In Vampire Knight, do mortals with finite time perceive time passing differently than immortals with infinite time?  

From what we’ve been shown canonically, I believe there’s a chance that the answer is yes.  

Let’s take a look at a scene from VKM chapter 10:

In this panel Yuuki comments that 60 months feels like 1 month.**

60 months = 5 years

That means 5 years feels like 1 month of “normal life” (basically 1 month to the rest of us.)

Take your age and divide it by 5. If you’re 20 years old, that’s the equivalent of 4 months.

(More under the cut!)

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Hey guys ! I just reached 3k followers today (I love you all so much) and to celebrate this I will make these tumblr awards ! This are my first tumblr awards ever, so let’s see if it will work or if it will be a total flop


  • mbf this multifandom trash
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  • one winner and two runner-ups for each category
  • must get at least 50 notes or this will never happen and I will cry
  • you can enter until sunday 5th of march

categories and prizes are under the cut: 

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Earth Birthday - Supergirl One-shot

Pairing: Sanvers/Supercorp

Word Count: 1,885 words

Rating: M

Summary: Alex, Maggie, Kara and Lena celebrate Kara’s Earth birthday at Alex’s Place until an innocent comment turned into an adventure.

Can also Read on AO3 if you wish

Alex was setting up monopoly in the living room when Maggie came through the door with both hands filled with food, struggling to keep them from spilling over her short arms.

‘Ah! Yes you’re here!’ Alex rushed over to help her put the bags on the kitchen counter.

‘I missed you too Danvers.’ She laughed when Alex completely ignored her for a second unpacking and organising the snacks and wine. The only thing Maggie managed to keep in her hands was the scotch… not that she had an issue with that. Alex, breaking away from her focus, looked at Maggie for a second and smiled. She leaned in and kissed her lightly.

‘I missed you too.’ They both wore dazed grins on their face when there was a knock on the door. Alex set back into her organising panic ushered Maggie to get the door.

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