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I saw a post with almost 50 notes arguing that Bellamy is white because the show writes him in a white role. They were claiming that because he carries out the show's theme of colonization, something they associate with white people, that it's 'their opinion' he's a white character. Also that when we call him a moc we are invalidating the 'half of him that isn't white'. Idk why I'm telling you, I just legit almost cried a little bit reading their blog.

me when anyone calls bellamy “white” :

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Why is there always a fucking break? Can't you just make a post once a week or something?? I'm honestly tired of having to wait 3 weeks for just one post I think I'm going to unfolllow

I noticed a lot of these messages buried in the inbox wow

Okay, so the SNK fandom is kind of dead right now. The long wait for season 2 has kind of killed off a lot of the fans that only watched the anime, and nobody really looks at the SNK tag except for one week of the month in particular when the manga updates.

Now, we could make posts every day, but they each will get about 50 notes or 100 notes at best and that’s not good for our little attention seeking hearts. (Well I’m happy with it but Hugo and Oaks aren’t) So what we do is make posts the week we know there’s going to be a new chapter/the week the raws come out so we can mooch off the notes as much as possible!

“Wow that’s pretty stupid” Well! Making an SNK post any other time besides that one special week, is like making a winter post in the summer. 

tl;dr Oaks and Hugo are doing their best, so just unfollow if you’re going to complain??? 


Huacachina, Peru.

Huacachina is a village in southwestern Peru, built around a small oasis surrounded by sand dunes. It is in the Ica Province, about five kilometers the city of Ica in the Ica District. The oasis features on the back of the 50 Nuevo Sol note. Huacachina has a permanent population of around 100 although it hosts many tens of thousands of tourists each year.

Allie deleted her blog a few months ago (& then immediately called me abt it) & I’m about to hit my next hundred so we decided to do our very first joint tumblr awards!! (s/o to allie for the banner, what a babe)


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→ richard gansey iii award: best url
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→ renee walker award: nicest blogger**
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→ luna lovegood award: best harry potter
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entries close sep 10. thank you, please enter and have a lovely week xo 

Dear friends with AD/HD (and others with Initiation/motivation problems),

I have struggles about putting stuff away, and also feeling guilty about it, since I feel like I should be able to do this stuff, especially considering I’m almost 21. The biggest tip that I have learned/absorbed this year is this: make it easy.

Sitting on your bed and making garbage? Put the garbage bin next to your bed. Folding laundry feels like a huge task? Don’t do it. You’re going to unfold it all anyway when you try and find a shirt you want to wear in your drawers. Have trouble ironing? Get your stuff out of the dryer right away, and then hang it up.

This has honestly made me so much better at cleaning up behind me, has stopped my room from being so messy, etc. and also has let me be realistic about my strengths. It’s helped my guilt levels, and let me put more of my focus and motivation towards other things, like things I want to do more.

Every time I have a task that I know I will typically avoid or have trouble doing, I think to myself “how can I make this easy?”


first of all, bipolar is nothing like hormones at all. bipolar causes long stages of mania and depression. your mood doesn’t just change all the time, that’s a huge stupid fucking myth perpetuated by people like you that don’t know shit about psychology. you go through long phases, weeks at a time, of mania, depression, or both. nobody gets diagnosed with bipolar because they have hormones. as someone who’s bipolar that offends the fuck out of me.

secondly, the reason mental disorders are getting diagnosed more in children is because we’re more aware now of what constitutes disordered behavior. guess what? that “loner” is probably suffering a lot. in 1980 he was probably suffering a lot too, but no one bothered to diagnose him because he was just “being a kid” or whatever the fuck you call it and because people didn’t take depression seriously.

people are occasionally misdiagnosed, but increased awareness and diagnosis in childhood has resulted in so many children that could’ve had much more difficult childhoods getting the help they need. it is so much better to diagnose more than less, because people getting no help for years of their life or even being told they don’t have a disorder and thinking that for the rest of their life and never getting any help at all is so much more of a problem than not “preserving childhood” or whatever the fuck you’re worried about. we’re talking many people’s entire lives being on the line. that’s much more important than your nostalgia-obsessed bullshit.

the rates of diagnosis have increased because there’s more awareness. more people that really need help are being diagnosed and helped because of it. parents are actually taking their children to get psychological evaluation now. and you know who diagnoses them? psychologists WHO HAVE BEEN STUDYING THE SUBJECT FOR YEARS. do you really think you know more than them about what disorders a kid has??? who the fuck made you an authority on psychology that’s somehow better than a person with a fucking college degree in it??? i know you’re all afraid of anything changing and so you try to find a way to make it evil and wrong but you don’t know shit about this subject and you’ve never studied it at all, so take this pretentious bullshit and shove it up your ass.

i’m sure asian people are really torn apart by americans making bubble tea. i bet impoverished south asians are just constantly crying all the time about those evil white people taking their tea, and know that this is really the most important thing they have to worry about.