50 models


my 50s diner is done! there are still some issues with the lightmaps, but I can’t be bothered, lol. I’ve been working on this on and off for more than a month, I’d say I’ve put maybe 30+ hours into this environment? I used blender for the first time so I’ve learned a lot!

I had a lot of fun with this and I really like working with 3D environments! (and I’m looking for a job, hint hint)


So basically, I wanted to really surprise Seán with his gift, and hear him yell ‘Toriko’, so I was like ‘oh I’ll ask him to close his eyes, yell Trico, and then ask him to open his eyes, and like BOOM! Trico.’ As soon as I asked him the words ‘close your eyes’, I knew it sounded really creepy (fuck), but he humoured me, and it was lots of fun. I’m really happy he likes it! 

This is that moment:

I hope derka-derk is happy in Ireland with @therealjacksepticeye!

(also I’m almost 27 so it’s fine that he called me a girl, you think I’m an adult yet, hell no)

(and can I just say that I love that Seán’s voice for Trico in the unboxing video is the same voice Felix gives Edgar his pug, LOL)