50 ja

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: we allowed 50 Cent to single-handedly ruin Ja Rule's music career. Sure their beef started long before the diss tracks came out because Ja Rule got robbed by 50 Cent's friend and he associated him with the act of theft, but would you be mad at people who associate with known thieves? and half the times the jabs at his musical style were so low-- people went on and on about how Ja Rule was weak because he sang, but now rappers like Drake as well as many local rap artists have careers predicated on half-hearted singing along with rapping. Ja Rule was ahead of his time, if you ask me.
- Hello.

- Oh.
Just half a loaf and some cheese.
I’m not going to be here, so…

- You shouldn’t have.

- Waste not, want not.
Well, see you.

- Yeah.
Thank you. :)
Just For the Hell of It: My Top 10 Modern Fighter Aircraft

Number One: Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor

Number Two: Sukhoi Su-35 Flanker-E

Number Three: McDonnell Douglas/Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle

Number Four: Sukhoi T-50/PAK FA

Number Five: Fairchild Republic A-10C Thunderbolt II

Number Six: Lockheed Martin F-16C Fighting Falcon

Number Seven: Mikoyan MiG-35 Fulcrum-F

Number Eight: Eurofighter Typhoon

Number Nine: Dassault Rafale

Number Ten: Saab JAS 39 Gripen

Jay-Z and Eminem, photographed together during the “Moment of Clarity” recording session by Lenny Santiago in September 2003.

In a July 2015 interview on Shade 45, Em spoke to Sway about making music with Hov: “Making beats like ‘Renegade’ and ‘Moment of Clarity’, that shit is just fun for me. Just to even hear Jay rhyme over a beat that I did is like a fucking dream to me. I’m a stickler for chord progression, and I always try to make shit that feels like something. Jay is so good at picking up on that—what the feel and mood of the beat is—and writing shit to say to that beat, because it’s that mood.”

In a feature with Interview magazine in 2010, Jay told Elvis Mitchell how this studio time with the Detroit rapper influenced his perception of him and his success: “I never even told him this, but I remember that Eminem came into the studio when we made ‘Moment of Clarity,’ which he produced, on The Black Album. So here’s Eminem. It’s 2003, The Eminem Show had come out in 2002 and he was like the biggest rapper in the world—he sold like 20 million records worldwide or some ridiculous number. But when he came to the studio, I remember I hugged him, and I could feel that he had on a bulletproof vest. I couldn’t imagine being that successful. I mean, he’s a guy who loves rap and wanted to be successful his whole career. Then he finally gets it, and there’s this dark cloud over him. There’s this big beef between 50 Cent and Ja Rule—and between real people, too—so he has to worry about that. He has to be afraid to walk around New York freely. I was like, ‘Here it is. You’ve gotten everything you wanted, and now you’re a prisoner of your own fame.’ That’s sad to me—that you have to walk around in a bulletproof vest after you’ve sold 20 million records. So, the point being, what I’m interested in is the thing under the thing. You can think you know where he was at when he said those raps, but I saw another level of it personally, and I found it sad.”