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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: we allowed 50 Cent to single-handedly ruin Ja Rule's music career. Sure their beef started long before the diss tracks came out because Ja Rule got robbed by 50 Cent's friend and he associated him with the act of theft, but would you be mad at people who associate with known thieves? and half the times the jabs at his musical style were so low-- people went on and on about how Ja Rule was weak because he sang, but now rappers like Drake as well as many local rap artists have careers predicated on half-hearted singing along with rapping. Ja Rule was ahead of his time, if you ask me.

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50 nervous Jas

hope this is okay :)

“Why is security there?”

Jasmine could practically feel the anxiety seeping through her blood as she stands with Anthony and some other members of the cast at an event, an event that had people more than excited to see some of their favorite Broadway stars. When she had agreed she was ecstatic about the thought of performing and getting to meet some people who had supported her, but now that it was happening, there was nothing she wanted to do more than to crawl into bed under her covers.

Jasmine presses her back against Anthony’s chest as she tries to focus on the conversation he had been having with some of the guys, her eyes scanning the room as she did so. She freezes when she notices a crowd of people off in the distance, her eyebrows furrowing when she notices the commotion.

“Why is security there?” She asks, turning back to look at Anthony as he looks in the direction she had been staring at, pulling her closer to him as he sighs.

“They’re just there to keep everyone safe, nothing is happening baby, you’re fine,” He assures her, kissing the top of her head. Jasmine looks uneasy but nods anyway, trying to calm herself down after Anthony had assured her that everything was fine.

Anthony can practically feel the apprehensiveness at his answer seeping through her bones, her demeanor changing. He catches her glancing towards the gathering of people where security had been hanging out every so often, excusing them from the conversation as he brings her over to a place that was a little more quiet and secluded from everyone else.

“You’re fine, baby. Nothing is happening with the security, I promise you,” He reassures her, holding her hands out in front of them. Jasmine takes a deep breath and nods, pulling herself back to his chest, letting her head fall against it. She listens to the way his heart beats rhythmically as it should, calming her breathing so it soon matched his.

“Thank you for dealing me and my ridiculous theories on what’s happening,” She laughs when she finally calms herself down, Anthony laughing as he leans forward, kissing her forehead.

“You know I’m always here for you. I’ll always protect you if something were to happen, you know that right?” Anthony questions, Jasmine smiling as she nods, leaning against the wall as she enjoys a few minutes of quiet away from everyone.

Eventually they do return to the party, and while her nerves do begin again and she feels like something is going to go wrong she sticks by Anthony’s side, distracting herself enough to steer away from a panic attack. She just prays that the security was just an extra measure, and there isn’t anything that she needed to worry about.

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10 19 50 200

10. Vor was hast du Angst?
Vor zu vielem. Verlustängste, Angst vor der Zukunft, Angst zu versagen,… Aber am meisten habe ich Angst vor mir selbst.

19. Wieso bist du bei Tumblr?
Hier kann ich so sein, wie ich bin und meine Gedanken raus lassen.

50. Bist du schüchtern?
Ja, leider.

200. Gefällt dir mein Blog?
Habe ihn mir noch nicht angeschaut. :D