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Dean, 24

Luckily for all, Dean’s days of writing in his bedroom and keeping the music to himself are over. He’s currently the most hyped act in his native South Korea. Previously known as Deanfluenza - Dean as in James Dean, fluenza as in the viral impact he hoped to have on the music industry – the R&B star currently dominating the Seoul music scene has unleashed his tunes onto the world stage to critical acclaim. His London show in June of this year sold out in just three minutes.

I woke up to these two hanging together at the most romantic Altissia right, so I decided to stalk with the camera to see if I caught any fluffy romance.

Ya know cause OTP but while I waited I realized

I wasn’t the only one staring

ALL those NPC were lined up back there just watching?

So now you know all Altissia NPCs secretly ship Gladnis 

You know, I love you, Gladio, but it’s hard spending the while together with all those people staring. Can everybody please stop? I can see you.

Hilly the tadpole

Hilly the Tadpole

an OC created by @nomorelonelydays 

* Elliot Hill aka the cutest and smallest out of all the tadpoles. He’s not shorter than Bitty but he’s no where near 6 ft either
* Hilly is part of the #melaninpoppin squad with Ransom and Nursey. Their selfie game is so strong its broken Samwell’s social media scene on multiple occasions. Then when Hilly got his septum pierced he made it to Samwell’s 50 hottest, which had never been done by a freshman in all of Samwell history
* Being from North Carolina, Hilly has been adopted under Bitty’s protection like he did Chowder when he was a tadpole. When Bitty found out that Hilly could cook he squealed for two days
* Whiskey, Tango, and Hilly are the new trio and they are constantly in a prank war with the frogs. R&H are proud of their kids
* He goes couponing with Dex because he understands the addiction coming from a family of 7
* Hilly is the only one, besides Lardo, who knows Bitty and Jack are dating and occasionally refers to him as Dad when taking to Bitty about him
* Jack occasionally sends him things, just to give bitty a break from all the gifts he’s sends, and signs them as Dad to keep the Haus from suspicion
* He’s fluent in spanish, because he took it from elementary all the way through high school and is minoring in it at Sawmill, and watches telenovelas with Tango. They also probably argue in Spanish when they get mad at each other
* Hilly was really into boxing when he was younger, he wanted protect himself since he was so much smaller than all the other kids in his grade. He has a mean left hook that he really put to use when he was in middle school, so now he’s calmed down a little and doesn’t fight as much anymore he really enjoys the element of surprise when he puts drunken guys in their place at kegsters.
* He’s the new person in charge for Nursey patrol
* Hilly has one secret that he has kept from everyone except for Whiskey, Bitty, and Jack. He has a boyfriend, who’s on the Lax team, and his name is Brady aka Bunch, because the Lax Team is shit at making up nicknames. And they are so cute tbh
* Bunch calls Hilly, “Ellie the Wellie”. Hilly tries to act indifferent but it totally makes him blush
* And yeah Hilly is the cutest tadpole in the history of the Haus

based on this post http://nomorelonelydays.tumblr.com/post/148034626777/edible-arrangements

【'Vogue UK’ names DEAN, Nam Joo Hyuk, and Jang Sung Hoon as one of the 50 hottest boys of 2017】

With K-Pop becoming more influential around the globe, ‘Vogue UK’ recently compiled a list of the '50 Fittest / Hottest Boys of 2017’ from around the world.

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In the midst of numerous famous actors, models, artists, and musicians, three Korean celebrities made it on the star-studded list.

R&B singer DEAN:
“Luckily for all, Dean’s days of writing in his bedroom and keeping the music to himself are over. He’s currently the most hyped act in his native South Korea. Previously known as Deanfluenza - Dean as in James Dean, fluenza as in the viral impact he hoped to have on the music industry – the R&B star currently dominating the Seoul music scene has unleashed his tunes onto the world stage to critical acclaim. His London show in June of this year sold out in just three minutes.”


This is the best description I’ve ever seen.

The time Tom’s got a decent number #15 (among 50) in Elle Girl’s “Hottest Guys in Rock, early 2000s” .


“Where are you going, ma’am?”

Anywhere the wind blows me, I thought to myself.

“Uh, Venice,” I responded instead. I gave the woman as warm of a smile as I could muster before running my hand through my new do. It had become a habit since I cut inches off of my hair, getting used to the spiked extremely short cut I wore. It was a dark brown tint that nearly shimmered black with hints of dark blue accenting the ends.

It was new. It was so opposite of the old me. The old me?

She was restricted. Shy, reserved, afraid to take risks. She would never be in this airport right now. Instead, she would have been stuck in some class studying some subject she didn’t like at all like medicine only because her parents were successful doctors and she had to follow ‘the family name’.

The new me?

I was daring. I didn’t give a care in the world about what others thought about me. I was able to move without inhibition and that included taking a flight to a random place.

I didn’t know why I had chosen Venice. Looking at the board behind the airport worker, I gazed with interest at the various destinations that lit up behind her. I had thought of many times just closing my eyes and using my finger to select one of those places but even though I had turned into this new personality, the fearful me still resided deep down inside that wouldn’t let me just show up to an airport and hours later have a plan to land in a place I had never been with no hotel reservation or directions.

Venice was the safer choice and hey, maybe I could graduate to the riskier course one day but for now, I was headed to a place where one of my childhood friends now lived. I had the stability of her presence but still the instability of placing myself in a foreign land with no family beside me.

I placed my suitcase, filled with very little items, on to the deck and watched as it began to slide away on the carrier. I didn’t bring many prized possessions. The most expensive thing I owned was my laptop and that was tucked safely under my arm to entertain me as I waited at the terminal.

I grabbed my remaining things and headed for that area, letting my eyes fall in admiration at the various shops along the walkways and the strangers as well that decorated the halls with their conversations and boisterous languages.

I envied them. I wished I could just break out in a language many couldn’t understand. Instead I was stuck with three very popular languages under my belt.

Once I arrived to the gate I would be exiting out of, I found a seat and immediately put my headphones in to seclude myself from the world. I wanted to get up and make conversation with a random stranger but I was still her. I was still a bit too enveloped in my insecurities to do something as wild as that.

Plus Arsenal was playing a match and I couldn’t just not watch my favorite team. I imagined my friends were all at the match right now, screaming their lungs out as they followed each and every chant passionately and were probably sending me messages right now to say how much they missed my presence. I would have been able to read them if I hadn’t set my phone to airplane mode long ago. I was mainly trying to avoid the emotional messages my father was currently sending right now.

I logged into my account and pulled open the stream for the game, the team immediately flashing upon my screen. I smiled to myself and got comfortable in my seat, now prepared for the wait until I could board now that I was comforted with a piece of home, a piece of me.

I sat that way for a while until I felt a tap on my shoulder. When I looked over my shoulder, the sight was a bit surprising.

Rafinha Alcântara.

He was standing right there. He was easily recognizable even without the proud crest and colors adorning his skin. He had a dashing smile on his face as he looked down towards me, pointing to my computer screen. I realized I couldn’t hear a thing he was saying with the headphones in my ear so I quickly yanked them out.

“What did you say?” I repeated. It came off a bit more blunt than I wanted. I guess it was the new personality.

“I was asking what it was you were watching but I see the red now. Who are they playing?”


“Would you mind if I…?” He let his question trail off as he just pointed to the seat next to me, currently housing my carry-on bag.

“Oh! Yeah! Sure.” I dropped the bag to the floor and he quickly dropped into the seat, leaning over so he could see my laptop screen and I pushed it further down my lap so it was more visible to him.

“So you’re an Arsenal fan?” A smirk caused me to pay more attention to his lips than I wanted to admit as my eyes drifted from them and up to his eyes. “Yes. I am.”

“Ah, that explains the calm reaction when I walked up unless you don’t know who I am.”

“I know who you are. I don’t just know the attractive, popular footballers.”

An amused, shocked expression came across his face as put his hand to his chest. “I’m not attractive or popular? I’m more offended at the attractive part.”

A high-pitched laugh escaped my throat. It was truly awful how loud I could laugh sometimes. “No no. That’s not what I meant. I just…most people assume women only know the big players that have their own commercials or make it on the ‘Hottest 50 Players in the World Cup’ list. I actually watch football for the sport though that’s not to say I don’t enjoy the physical features at the same time. And you are attractive.”

“Hm, okay. So you know me but I don’t know you. What is your name?”

I paused. I didn’t know whether to introduce myself as the old me. The one with the name I had grown up with, the one that was attached to the calm memories or if I should just find a new name to go by for the trill of it all.

I decided to go with the second option. “Natalia. My name is Natalia.”

An amused laugh sounded from him. I narrowed my eyes at him, now becoming even more distracted from the match. “Why are you laughing?”

“Your name is not Natalia,” he said between small laughs. I froze. How in the world did he know I was lying?”

“Oh my. I’m already terrible at this,” I covered my face in shame.

Rafinha was holding something up to my face when I re-opened my eyes. My boarding pass. Well, that explained everything.

He placed it into my lap with a smile. “So where are you heading, Y/N?”

My name sounded so exotic leaving his tongue. It was less…blah. It wasn’t boring. It was like he had given new life to an old identity.

“Venice. And you?”

“It’s back to Barcelona for me. What’s in Venice?”

I thought to lie and just say my friend was there. It wasn’t technically a lie but that was far from the reason I was really going there. I decided to be honest for once. I was trying to be less reserved, right? “To get away from my old life. I wanted a new setting for a few months. I wanted to see new things and escape the monotony of my birthplace. New faces, new experiences, new things to love.”

I stated my reason in such a romantic way, as if I was rehearsing it as a line in a script. Was Venice going to be as ‘romantic’ as I had made it? I wasn’t sure. What if for the first few weeks I could barely digest the beauty of it all but then after that everything became…bland?

What if I longed to go home because I reverted back to the old me and I was stuck in my friend’s place crying my eyes out over Skype to my old friends because I missed home, I missed the boring moments, I missed the monotony, I missed living with inhibition?

I couldn’t have that outlook. I had to think that Venice was going to change me for the better and I had to start thinking that now.

Rafinha seemed interested in my answer as he took a moment to digest it before responding. “That actually sounds really fun. I wish I could just do that, hop on a plane to a new place.”

For a moment I thought of that scene in ‘Just One Day’ where Allyson makes a split second decision of instead of joining her friend to go back home, deciding to join a boy she barely knows on a one day trip to Paris.

Was Rafinha my Willem? Was I going to make the random decision at this moment to follow him to Barcelona for a day?

No. Way too creepy. That could only happen in a Gayle Forman novel.

We found ourselves deeper in conversation, halting our talk whenever a team crept closer and closer to a goal. He was pretty attentive to the game in between sharing laughs with me. He even offered to share his small bag of fruit snacks with me which I thoroughly enjoyed.

But the time came.

The time came for me to board my flight and head off on my new journey.

I closed my laptop though the match was still going on, looking over and smiling at the man who sat next to me.

“So I guess this is goodbye?”

He shook his head. “I don’t think goodbye is a fitting word. I don’t like it.” He held out his phone for me to put my number in which I gladly did.

“Is my number going to get lost in your hundreds of contacts?” I giggled. He seemed amused with my joke as well.

“Never, Natalia. I will definitely remember you and besides, I’m expecting you to visit Barcelona one day and attend one of my matches since you love football so much.”

“It may be sooner than you think,” I playfully hinted. I stood up from my seat and placed my laptop in its protective sleeve and then into my carry-on bag. I was reluctant to leave Rafinha but also anxious to board my flight.

“I guess I will be seeing you soon then?” He questioned as he looked up at me.


“I sent Jamie the Hottest Hunks copy to South Africa where he’s filming,” Jim exclusively tells heat.

“Winning these sort of things doesn’t mean an awful lot to Jamie, but I knew he’d be pleased. When I called him, he told me, ‘There be must be some kind of mistake!’ But that’s his usual modest self-effacement coming through.”

—  Jim Dornan @heatWorld