50 guys meme


multiple triggers apply, feel free to change as needed

  • Will this nightmare ever end?
  • I got a thousand regrets, and now I’m on one.
  • Wake me up if I sleep, ‘cause I’m haunted by my dreams.
  • I’m a moth to a flame and I’ll burn for the hell of it.
  • I push you away until you beg me to stay.
  • But if I find a way to turn it all around would you follow me?
  • I am a man at war and I am fighting for all of the broken people.
  • They say that I’m reckless because I’m relentless.
  • We were born for greatness.
  • The sky is falling and the world has gone mad.
  • Give me the truth, don’t tell me your lies.
  • And I’m growing numb to the violence, sing along to the sounds of the sirens.
  • You’re telling me to keep my hope ‘cause you’ve got a heart of gold, but maybe you should let me go.
  • It’s like I’ve got the whole world tied around my feet.
  • It’s only going to make it worse.
  • I can’t pretend that I ain’t been through hell.
  • I think I need help.
  • I just saw a baby bump in my girl’s waist.
  • I need a drink to feel right.
  • You don’t need to hide in the dark.
  • Don’t want no part of this.
  • They’re speaking in tongues.
  • Take me to church ‘cause I’ve been blessed with a curse.
  • I got shot down by the ricochet.
  • I’m bleeding freedom through the stitches in my skin.
  • Nothing’s ever gonna change if you don’t stand up.
  • Deep down it hurts that I can’t do a thing.
  • Stand at the altar, swear me a promise.
  • If you’ve been kicked down, get back to your feet.
  • But after everything that you’ve been through I know you did the best that you could do.
  • In darkness you’re still beautiful.
  • I know all about the pain you’re feeling.

I havn’t even posted any NSFW yet and I already reached a 50 Follower Milestone? How the #@%* Did this happen all in one day???

50 agents of shield au drabbles!

So I did it guys, I completed the 50 au meme, thank you all so much for sending in ships and numbers. Here is the final list!

  1.  royalty au - fitzward [x]
  2.  domestic au - fitzward [x]
  3. sports au - fitzsimmons [x
  4.  coffee shop au - fitzward [x]
  5.  space au - biospecialist [x]
  6.  pacific rim au - fitzsimmons [x]
  7.  serial killer au - fitzward [x]
  8. neighbors au - skimmons - [x
  9.  dancer au - fitzsimmons [x]
  10.  porn star au - fitzward [x]
  11.  police procedural au - skimmons [x]
  12.  wedding au - fitzsimmons [x]
  13.  superhero au - skimmons [x]
  14.  wizard au - skimmons [x]
  15.   hospital au - fitzsimmons [x]
  16.  summer job au - fitzskye [x]
  17.  college au - skimmons [x]
  18.  pirate au - mayward [x]
  19.  time travel au - skimmons [x]
  20.  divorce au - skimmons [x]
  21.  high school au - biospecialist [x]
  22.  support group au - skimmons [x]
  23.  accidental murder au - skimmons [x]
  24.  zombie au - skimmons [x]
  25.  hunter au - ot6 [x]
  26.  pretending to be married au - biospecialist [x]
  27.  waking up in vegas au - fitzsimmons [x]
  28.  bartender au - torimel [x]
  29.  alien au - fitzsimmons [x]
  30.  library au - fitzskye [x]
  31.  spy au - skyeward [x]
  32.  runaway au - fitzward [x]
  33.  merfolk au - skimmons [x]
  34.  magician au - trimmons [x]
  35.  ice skating au - fitzsimmons [x]
  36.  amnesia au - fitzsimmons [x]
  37.  protest au - torimel [x]
  38.  fairytale au - skimmons [x]
  39.  long distance relationship au - skimmons [x]
  40.  criminal au - skimmons [x]
  41.  genderswapped - biospecialist [x
  42.  jurassic park au - trimmons [x]
  43. road trip au - skimmons [x
  44.  vlog au - fitzsimmons [x]
  45.  western au - mayskye [x]
  46.  model au - skimmons [x]
  47.  historical reenactment au - fitzsimmons [x]
  48.  childhood friends au - fitzsimmons [x]
  49.  vampire au - skimmons [x]
  50. summer camp au - torimel [x]
the signs as bts memes

Aries: really army
Taurus: jikook
Gemini: namjoon mixing milk and gatorade on television
Cancer: hip hop is dead
Leo: you got no jams
Virgo: namjoon’s eye thing
Scorpio: imma beat the pussy like you never ever felt before
Sagittarius: I’m very loser
Capricorn: 4 hymens
Aquarius: taehyung and his elephant moles
Pisces: master with your bra