50 gifs of 30 seconds to mars

Imagine telling Constance about your engagement

The whole room is a mess, the bed is covered with clothes, and the floor with shoes. Jared walks in trying not to step on any of my stuff. He’s already dressed, a simple plaid shirt and black pants.

“It’s just dinner, wear whatever you feel comfortable with” He says, holding one of the dresses from the bed to hand it to me, “You’ll look lovely with whatever you choose”

“I’m meeting your mom, of course it’s not just dinner” I take another dress from the closet and discard it throwing it to the bed, “I have to look like the perfect daughter-in-law, she deserves a good impression of me”

“You already are the perfect daughter in law” I feel his hands holding my hips from behind, and in a quick move, Jared turns me around to face him, “You’re the one, and this dinner is to let her know that. Everything will be great”

I leave a small kiss on his cheek before choosing a dress that I already discarded before. Jared helps me with the zipper and hands me a pair of shoes that he thinks would look great with the dress. My hair and makeup take me a few minutes more and I’m ready to go.

A calm autumn wind runs outside, so I run to the car before I get too chill. Jared looks really calm, but I’m not. I met Constance once a few months ago, when Jared and I were just friends. It was something quick, and she was super nice to me. Now, a few months later, we were meeting at her place in order to tell her I was marrying her son. Shannon would be present, and that helped calm my nerves a bit. Constance was really protective of Jared, and I always heard stories saying how she never wanted to meet Jared’s girlfriends for different reasons. Mainly, because they never last. For Jared, I was the one, and he was the one for me, reason why Constance agreed to have a family dinner. She didn’t knew about our engagement, and I was really scared she wouldn’t like the idea. Or she wouldn’t even like me.

I play with my ring the whole way to Constance’s house, while Jared just hums to the songs playing on the radio. I wish I could be as chill as he is.

When we finally get to the house, I notice Shannon’s car parked outside, and he’s the one opening the front door for us.

“You look lovely” He mutters while giving me a bear hug.

“Thanks, buddy”

“Oh, you finally got here”

Constance’s voice fills the air and I gasps when she gets closer to us. I receive a hug from her before Jared reaches his mother to hug her like he hasn’t seen her in years. Shannon smiles at me, showing me that everything will be alright, and I smile in return, thankful that he’s here with us.

“Come on, dinner is ready”

The whole dining room is decorated with Christmas decorations, it’s only the beginning of November and I feel like it’s the day before Christmas.

“Oh my god, everything looks so beautiful, did you do all this?” I ask her sitting next to Jared.

Constance looks proud at all her decoration and nods with a big smile on her face.

“It took me the whole weekend, Jared called and said he wanted to have a family dinner. I was supposed to decorate everything next week, but since you guys were coming, I wanted the house to look perfect”

“And it does” Jared says, holding her hand with a big smile on his face.

We start eating while Constance tells us all about her friends, how this friend said something about this other friend, and so on. Noticing how relaxed she is makes me feel calmed, wondering why I was so nervous to meet this amazing lady. Even though, I don’t talk too much during her stories, I feel part of the family and whenever she asks my opinion about certain topic she’s discussing, I feel like I belong.

The whole topic about the engagement doesn’t revolve around the table. Shannon tries to come up with the conversation, but Constance always end up talking about something else, and I get the feeling that she already knows and it’s delaying the news.

“Mom?” Jared tries to get her attention, but she’s too into telling us about her new book she’s reading.

“So the guy can’t move anything besides his head, and he’s really stubborn, but the girl tries to cheer him up and…”

“Mom…” Shannon tries this time, but she doesn’t budge.

“And she falls in love with him, can you believe it?! It’s amazing, and the girl has a boyfriend, but…”

“Jesus, mom” Jared looks like he’s giving up, so I hold his hand and he just ends up dropping the news, “We are getting married”

Constance shuts up in a second, her eyes widen while she just looks at Jared and then at me. After a few seconds in which she looks like she’s watching a tennis game, her eyes lay on Shannon.

“Did I heard him right?” She asks him pointing at us, “I heard marriage?”

“Yeah, that’s exactly what he said”

Her eyes come back to us, and after what looks like an hour, she finally laughs, her hands on her cheeks and what appears to be a tear coming out of her eyes.

“I thought… God, I thought you were going to say she was pregnant!” I freeze on my seat and I hear Jared’s laugh, Shannon looks at me raising his eyebrows, maybe waiting for me to drop that news next, “That’s why I didn’t want to shut up, I’m too young to be a grandma!”

“Yeah, right” Constance slaps Jared’s hand playfully.

“Have you thought of a date? What about spring? You could marry by a lake covered with flowers and birds singing in every tree…” She starts talking again, fantasising about our wedding, “We have to let your father know, maybe invite some of your siblings”

“Mom…” Shannon tries to stop her again.

“What about you, honey?” She asks, turning to face me, “Do you have any siblings? A large family?”

“Not really” I answer in the second she gives me to speak.

“Oh, you’re an only child! I am too!”


“Oh, Jared, I’m so happy!” She almost screams out of excitement.

“We are too” Jared says, with a big smile on his face.

The rest of the dinner consists of the same: Constance already planning our wedding, Shannon trying to convince his mother of letting us speak too, and both Jared and me agreeing to all of her suggestions.

When dinner is finished, the four of us move to the living room. Constance offers us tea and coffee, and we all accept. When she comes back, packed with all sorts of tea and biscuits, she informs us that she wants to know more about me.

“I don’t really know what to tell you” I mutter, with certain nervousness invading my voice.

“Well, let’s start by talking about your hometown”

I can see Jared’s smile as I talk about everything that’s part of my life. Constance continues with her questions, and I’m not sure if I’m being tested before joining the Leto family, or she’s just curious about the woman who finally won her son’s heart.

By the time we decide it’s time to leave, Constance insists that we should come back the following day, or maybe during the weekend. My heart warms as I realize that I passed the tests, the hardest one. Jared’s mother accepted me.

I hug Constance as tight as I can, leaving a kiss on her cheek as we say goodbye. Jared holds me tight when Constance shuts the door, and I feel his hands caressing my head as I finally start to breath calmly.

“She loved you” Jared whispers in my ear, “I told you everything would be alright”

“I guess we’ll have a Spring wedding” I laugh, moving away from him.

“We don’t have to do everything that she told us” He laughs too, holding my hand to start walking to our car.

“Thank God, I really don’t want to have a child’s choir at the ceremony!”

“We’ll do whatever we want, don’t worry” Jared leaves a quick kiss on my lips before opening the door for me, “Let’s go home now”.