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Seeking Refuge

A random one shot that came out of no where. I was working on other things and it bullied its way to the front of the line. Some entry level whump and body appreciation. Nothing too scandalous. Not beta’d. You’ve been warned.

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Out of the corner of her eye Emma Swan spotted something sticking out of the snow. She knew she should press on, but curiosity got the better of her and she changed course to go investigate. Nothing could have prepared her for what she found.

Lying there, with a layer of snow starting to cover him, was a man. Blood was crusted along his dark hairline and had dried in streaks down his face. He was terribly cold to the touch, but she could feel a faint pulse and see puffs of frozen breath escaping his mouth.

She didn’t have time to wonder who he was or how he got there. He needed to get warm before his body shut down.


Out in the cold, with a blizzard moving in, for nothing. All her traps were empty and it was getting dark. She needs to get herself and the dogs back to the cabin before they get caught in a white out.

Guiding her sled over the frozen ground, her lead dog’s attention was drawn to the right. She searched over the expansive white ground to find out what was distracting her, and slowing them from reaching the safety of home. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted something sticking out of the snow. She knew she should press on, but curiosity got the better of her and she changed course to go investigate.

Nothing could have prepared her for what she found.

Lying there, with a layer of snow starting to cover him, was a man. Blood was crusted along his dark hairline and had dried in streaks down his face. He was terribly cold to the touch, but she could feel a faint pulse and see puffs of frozen breath escaping his mouth.

She didn’t have time to wonder who he was or how he got there, and couldn’t just leave him to succumb to the elements, he needed to get warm before his body shut down. With great effort she managed to roll him onto the sled and set course again for her cabin.

What little light that had been left was completely gone by the time she reached home. She unharnessed the dogs and secured them into their kennel before turning back to the stranger, still unconscious on the sled. She wasn’t sure how she’d managed it, but she somehow got him off the sled and into the cabin. Leaving him lying on the floor in front of the fire, she tended to the sled and final tasks before hunkering down for the storm.

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“Obi Wan vs. Vader but every time their lightsabers clash Krennic describes the Death Star” (via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruCViGWQadA)


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What causes a corgi to be a fluffy

Fluffy is a standard Mendelian recessive allele (as is tricolor). It won’t be expressed unless you have two copies, one from the dam and one from the sire.

Different variants of the same gene are called “alleles”. Let’s call the dominant regular-coat allele “N”, and the recessive fluffy-coat allele “f” [recessives are usually denoted in lower-case letters]. You get one allele from each parent (unless it’s on the X chromosome; males get only 1 maternal allele because the Y is largely empty).

NN = regular coat [“homozygous dominant” for biology majors]
Nf = regular coat (fluffy carrier) [“heterozygous”]
ff = fluffy coat [“homozygous recessive”]

Medelian ratios:

NN x NN –> 100% regular-coat pups, no carriers (this result is CERTAIN; all following percentages are PROBABILITIES only)
NN x Nf –> 100% regular-coat pups, 50% carriers
Nf x Nf –> 75% regular coat pups (NN and Nf), 25% ff Fluffies. Medelian 3:1 ratio. It’s actually a 1:2:1 ratio: 25% NN regular coat (“clear”) 50% Nf regular coat (“carriers”), 25% ff fluffies
Nf x ff –> 50% Nf carriers and 50% ff fluffies
ff X ff –> 100% ff fluffies (this result is CERTAIN).

In real life, it’s more complicated because many alleles are imperfectly dominant or recessive. They talk about “incomplete penetrance”. F'rinstance, the sable allele is thought to be an incompletely dominant red-color allele that lets a little black show in sable/tricolor heterozygotes. The blackheaded tri allele is thought to be recessive to the regular tri allele, which itself is recessive to red.

But the 100% true and real answer is that FLUFFIES ARE AMAZEBALLS GIFTS FROM THE HEAVENS HERE TO BLESS US WITH EPIC MOMOS AND FLOOFY LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Also, they don’t shed but a fraction of what non-fluff corgs do.  Just sayin’.

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I am honestly baffled by the misinformation on the internet at times. I should get used to it but i just don't! On the main blog this dumb fucking dudebro said only white males conducted progress whithin humanity but, ffs, like 50% of the philosophy these idiots claim to consume comes from ancient arabic cultures, india and ancient greece. It's simple fucking facts why is it so hard to open a goddamn history book or, i don't know, use the internet for a good intention for a change.

I think a lot of people assume they know anything about history after watching extremely biased youtube videos for like 4 hours and then assume they’re qualified to talk about all of it. 

So a lot of them straight up don’t know who al-Khwarizmi, the Persian who invented algebra, is, and that algebra’s development didn’t stop at him, but continued in Europe, the middle East, and North Africa in a larger trade ecosystem. Or don’t know about the mother of compilers, Grace Hopper, which sucks because that woman was the single most bull-headed person I’ve ever seen- she refused to retire so long they had to force her to, and then came back when they needed her to, and stayed in the Navy until she died, while also doing consulting. Even if she’d never invented something that earned her a place in the computer science pantheon, alongside Ritchie and Torvalds and Hamilton, she’d still have been an absurdly good rear admiral with best work ethic on Earth.

Also people just forget that, like I said, there was a HUGE trade ecosystem, and that people are motivated way more by the desire to make a shitload of money and secure prestige than they are about some vague idea of race and nationality.


2015 白馬の夏 by Shinichiro Saka
Via Flickr:
小蓮華山から 2015:07:27 05:00:55 八ヶ岳、富士も見えています。 以前の写真を見直してupします。 2015年の7/25・26・27の白馬大池付近の撮影行です。 I will review and update the previous photo. Photography trip to 7/25-27 Hakuba Ooike in 2015.

Hellenic Polytheism 101: Aretê

Let’s talk about Aretê. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, mulling it over in my head and really trying to pin down what Aretê is to me. Aretê is a couple of things actually. It’s a pillar of Hellenismos, but Aretê is also the daimon of virtue, excellence, and valor. 

Simonides, Fragment 579 (trans. Campbell, Vol. Greek Lyric III) (Greek lyric C6th to 5th B.C.) :

“There is a tale that Arete (Virtue) dwells on unclimable rocks and close to the gods tends a holy place; she may not be seen by the eyes of all mortals, but only by him on whom distressing sweat comes from within, the one who reaches the peak of manliness.”

Timotheus, Fragment 789 (from Plutarch, How the young man should study poetry) (trans. Campbell, Vol. Greek Lyric V) (Greek lyric C5th B.C.) :

“Have respect for Aidos (Shame), the helpmate of spear-fighting Arete (Valour).”

Quintus Smyrnaeus, Fall of Troy 5. 50 ff :

“I then contended, but for Arete’s (Honour’s) meed, which alway is for all right-hearted men the happy goal of all their rivalry.”

Quintus Smyrnaeus, Fall of Troy 14. 195 ff : 

“No man shall attain to Arete’s (Honour’s) height, except his heart be right within: her stem is hard to climb, and high in heaven spread her branches: only they whom strength and toil attend, strain up to pluck her blissful fruit, climbing the Tree of Arete (Honour) glow-crowned.”

 What exactly is Arete?

As a concept, Arete may be best described as “reaching your full potential.” That can be a daunting thing to look at though, especially in our culture where we tend to value our achievements in relation to the achievements of others, rather than letting them stand on their own merit. 

It’s important to remember that achieving our fullest potential does not mean that we overshadow others in our accomplishments. Instead, it means that we perform to the best of our abilities, testing our limits when applicable, and growing beyond what we thought initially within our reach. This means that excellence is not the same in all areas or for all people. Additionally, due to the limitations of being human, our best may not be the same on every given day, or even any recognizable form of upward growth; instead being sporadic due to influencers beyond our control.

By this standard, I propose that excellence and arete are fluid, rather than static benchmarks we need to reach. Rather than striving to be “the best”, “better than yesterday”, or “better than others”, we should strive to do all we as individuals are capable of in order to grasp arete.

How do we practice Arete?

As mentioned above, Timotheus mentions shame as a partner and companion of Arete. I believe an important part of arete is modesty in our achievements. This ties in with Delphic Maxim 114, “Do not boast in might” which suggests that while we should be aware of our achievements and capabilities (Delphic Maxims 6 & 8), it’s potentially unsightly before the theoi to boast and seek praise beyond what we are freely offered. So then, arete is not achieved by bragging about our accomplishments.

I have wondered myself, how can I include arete in my life and practice in a meaningful way, when that idea of “being the best that I can” being equal to “being the best” is so ingrained in me from our society. There are more than seven billion people in the world. That means I have less than a one in seven billion chance of being the best at anything. I have things I’m good at though, and I can do my best at those. I don’t need to be better than anyone else to practice arete; I simply need to try my hardest and put in my best efforts.

Arete may be achieved through working to improve yourself and your abilities. Studying, working out, practicing at any given art or talent, working to increase your skills may very well be contributing to arete within your practice.

Why practice Arete?

There’s no one answer for this. You may decide to include arete in your practice because you want to be honored by the theoi for your accomplishments in life. You may decide to practice arete because you hope to be remembered over time for your achievements. You may, like me, decide that arete is another way to honor the theoi; by training the talents they have gifted us to the best of our abilities.

I view arete as another way to honor the theoi. I feel as though I’ve been blessed by Techne with my passion for creating art. In working to improve my skills and create art, I feel as though I honor the theoi by show casing the skills they’ve given to me. 

“Trump & Clinton are equally bad!”

Translation: I don’t know how the U.S. Supreme Court works. 

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Imagine Bones using a dictionary before and after bantering with Spock, to make sure he has a wide variety of interesting, fancy-vocab insults to throw, and also to understand all the damn words Spock uses. He swears that some of what he says isn't even English. He enjoys it very much, of course. It's quite educational, as well as amusing

Bones sending emails to Spock ten minutes after a fight.

Dear Mister Spock,

My anecdote about Egyptian rituals was not apocryphal you abhorrent dick head!


Doctor McCoy

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