50 favourite writers

Favourite writers (in no particular order)
22/50 Jean Genet, 19 December 1910 – 15 April 1986

“I leave you free to imagine any dialogue you please. Choose whatever may charm you. Have it, if you like, that they hear the voice of the blood, or that they fall in love at first sight… Conceive the wildest improbabilities. Have it that the depths of their beings are thrilled at accosting each other in slang. Tangle them suddenly in a swift embrace or a brotherly kiss. Do whatever you like.”

Actor. Writer. Strangler.

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Favourite writers (in no particular order)
23/50 Annemarie Schwarzenbach, 23 May 1908 – 15 November 1942.

“Perhaps my sense of reality is not very highly developed, perhaps I lack a sound and reassuring instinct for the solid facts of our earthly existence; I can’t always tell memories from dreams, and often I mistake dreams, coming to life again in colours, smells, sudden associations, with the eerie secret certainty of a past life from which time and space divide me no differently and no better than a light sleep in the early hours.”  All the Roads Are Open: The Afghan Journey.

Favourite writers (in no particular order)
21/50 Georges Simenon, 13 February 1903 – 4 September 1989.

“I would like to carve my novel in a piece of wood. My characters—I would like to have them heavier, more three-dimensional … My characters have a profession, have characteristics; you know their age, their family situation, and everything. But I try to make each one of those characters heavy, like a statue, and to be the brother of everybody in the world.”