50 favorite ships


Top 50 Favorite Ships of All Time: 

#44 Wolverine & Mystique

While I guess it was a bit of an off relationship, Mystique clearly had a thing for him and they could have been hot. Well, in the tent she was all over him, so they clearly could be hot. I thought they could have had a lot of chemistry together. Since she was the bad girl and he was the good guy that was a bad boy. Plus she can change into anyone…that would be fun :P 

Attack on Titan Manga Volume 12 came out in English Book Stores as of April 29, 2014.

Here are the official English translations for EreMika’s scene in Chapter 50:

Mikasa: Listen to me, Eren. There’s something I want to say. Thank you for being with me. Thank you… for teaching me how to live. Thank you… for wrapping this scarf around me…

Eren: I’ll wrap you up in it again… again and again. Forever.

He said, “Forever.”


Hate all you want, but the ship is real.

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  • 1. Favorite PJO/HOO ship?
  • 2. Least favorite PJO/HOO ship?
  • 3. Grover?
  • 4. Percico or Percabeth?
  • 5. Jasico or Jasper?
  • 6. Valdangelo or Solangelo?
  • 7. Is Gaia or Kronos the better villain?
  • 8. Did Luke deserve Elysium?
  • 9. Favorite character?
  • 10. Least favorite character?
  • 11. Favorite scene in the books?
  • 12. Favorite book?
  • 13. Least favorite book?
  • 14. Most heart-wrenching moment?
  • 15. Best canon fluff moment?
  • 16. Cabin you're in?
  • 17. Cabin you'd like to be in?
  • 18. Coolest demigod powers?
  • 19. Caleo or Percy/Calypso?
  • 20. Leo/Hazel or Frazel?
  • 21. Percy/Rachel or Rachel/Annabeth?
  • 22. Pipabeth or Pipazel?
  • 23. Annabeth/Reyna or Reyna/Piper?
  • 24. Jeyna or Jasper?
  • 25. Do you ship Thaluke?
  • 26. If you went to Camp Half-Blood, what would be your favorite activity?
  • 27. Least favorite CHB activity?
  • 28. Who would you want on your team for Capture the Flag?
  • 29. Hunters or Amazons?
  • 30. Demigod most likely to stab another in the back if it would benefit them?
  • 31. Demigod most likely to die for another demigod?
  • 32. Best demigod parents?
  • 33. Best demigod siblings? (Can be actual sibs like Percy and Tyson or more like Piper and Leo)
  • 34. What would a prophecy about you say?
  • 35. Would you rather be mortal or demigod?
  • 36. Cinnamon Roll demigod?
  • 37. Most hardcore demigod?
  • 38. Most underrated demigod?
  • 39. Best demigod team?
  • 40. Most "WTF" moment in the series?
  • 41. Demigod most likely to survive the apocalypse?
  • 42. Demigod most likely to die first in the apocalypse?
  • 43. Demigod with the most awesome name/nickname?
  • 44. Metalest way a demigod has killed something?
  • 45. Cutest way a demigod has killed something?
  • 46. Favorite thing about BOO?
  • 47. Most "wtf" moment in Blood of Olympus?
  • 48. Least favorite part of BOO?
  • 49. Favorite minor character?
  • 50. Favorite minor ship?
  • Bonus Question: which character's death was totally unnecessary and should not have happened as they didn't deserve to die like wtf