50 favorite scenes

“What is it about elevators?“

okay but how are there still ppl who don’t understand that Arthur Pendragon is a ridiculous awkward puppy after watching him fling a bowl full of apples at a door just so he could use the bowl to hide something


every day is a battle i face, strange life i live but it’s what you’ve decided.
i’ll give it all into your hands, do what you will with me, and oh
i’ll smile when you speak. remember those times i was hoping for something
and shaking my head from all I have done, but you never left me.

         i would give it up for you, i’d do anything for you.
Hometown Heroes; National Nobodies
All Time Low
Hometown Heroes; National Nobodies

Day Two: Favorite song off of The Party Scene

I like Circles as much as the next All Time Low Hustler, but there’s something about this song that cheers me up and makes me want to dance. I also love that it’s about the guys getting a start. 

“Can you hear the crowd is calling, ‘Hey, sing louder now!’ You’ve got to show them what it means to be alive! Dancing through the night has never been so rock 'n roll, you’ve got a good thing and it’s time to let them know!”

plus that guitar solo at the end is unf


I had to make an edit from last night’s clip from The Today Show. After all, IT’S MY FAVORITE SCENE FROM THE FIRST BOOK!!!!!!

Dakota is so cute in this scene! It was so amazing getting to watch an actual clip with heaps of dialogue!!

~ My Own Edit