50 distraction


50% I’m too tired & sad & don’t want to be here
50% Glad for the distraction

My students are sweet. A few of them asked why I had been absent. A few more asked if it was because the kids were sick. I teared up every time someone asked. The kids were respectful and didn’t ask any more and some gave hugs. My immediate coworkers though? They didn’t ask. They didn’t mention it. The Midwest is weird, yo.

There are 2 buildings where I work. I am in the smaller building, and work in the same space with 3 other women. The other building is larger, houses the admin offices and has about 12 teachers. A number of people in the other building asked how I was doing. The head of school is a former foster parent and family therapist. He sent a lovely email. But seriously, the 3 women I work with most closely basically ignored me yesterday.

Nicole Kidman reading in costume for American Vogue, August 2015. Photograph by Peter Lindbergh. 

Kidman is photographed in Morocco, where she filmed the Gertrude Bell biopic Queen of the Desert. Kidman does give a nicely moderated performance and she’s engaging to watch as ever. However, the film’s insistence on making the actress portray a woman in her mid-20s to early 50’s is distracting.