50 days of yoga

Announcing the FIRST ever @witchyoga-blog challenge!
Starts May 1st!

I’m  so excited to launch my first challenge, that I made at the time when I was bored and had nothing better to do. 

This challenge follows along with my daily writing about every day’s challenge, how I did it and what did I feel at he moment.

Join me on May 1st and lets try to make better versions of ourselves.

How to participate in this challenge:
1. Follow oddenjo (instagram)   @witchyoga-blog 
2. Reblog / Repost  this post, make sure more crazy people will join me to this.
3. Give your best on the challenge!

You can send me questions, troubles and experiences with this challenge, I would really appreciate it!!

the truth about deception

“My cholesterol level and blood pressure is great, I run 5ks all the time and can do 50 push ups. I’m super flexible cause I do yoga every day. I also eat very healthy foods and only consume like 1200 calories a day. But I’m 300 lbs. I just don’t lose weight. Because losing weight is a myth.”

How many obese people have I heard this from? A lot.

How many are telling the truth? None of them.