50 days of film projects

A Season in Hell: The Life of A. R.

50 Days of Film Projects

Project 12: “A Season in Hell: The Life of A. R.”

A film about the poet Arthur Rimbaud–played by Louis Garrell–the great French poet. I want it to be fragmented, poetic, harsh and very intense viewing. When he dies at 37 from cancer, there should not be a single dry eye in the house. But Rimbaud will not be kept looking like a 16 year old forever, and when he dies we can’t pull the same shit they did with Jim Morrison at the end of Oliver Stone’s “The Doors,” keeping him young and beautiful in the bathtub rather than looking like he was 45, overweight, unclean with a revolting beard. All of the cast must read at least one long work of Rimbaud’s… they should know the feeling of the poetry and incorporate it into their performance. If she were younger, Patti Smith would be called upon to play Rimbaud in some scenes.

Suburbia (one)

50 Days of Film Projects:

Project 22: Suburbia (One)

A woman (a drag queen) stands under a lamp post, smoking, lit from overhead and underneath by a flashing strobe. Dressed darkly. A dark bedroom with nothing in it except a half-deflated smiley-face balloon, which is beaten up by the ceiling fan. The music is jarring, establishing only a general theme, not a tune altogether. A sound effect of a car crash, an empty street, animals in the grass at night. A dead deer, if possible–perhaps even better a plastic deer or a reindeer that’s been modified, smashed up a bit and put in the road. Trees & wind at night. Lots of strobes. No dialogue. A crucifix shot through a fish tank. A man behind the wheel of a car, a man walking towards the woman, moving his hands at odd angles.

Untitled Chloe Sevigny Documentary

50 days of Film Projects:

Project 10: Untitled Chloe Sevigny Documentary

This isn’t exactly something I could script out or design, it would probably take a massive repositioning of the stars for it to happen.

Pretty much I would just follow Chloe Sevigny around for a week or two. I think she’s a fascinating actress, a great fashion designer and all around a cool person.

I really want to work with Chloe Sevigny.

Just Kids

50 Days of Film Projects:

Project 7: “Just Kids”

(based on the memoir “Just Kids” and the book “The Coral Sea” by Patti Smith)

This would be an adaption of “Just Kids,” Patti Smith’s memoir of her life with Robert Mapplethorpe, incorporating, at the end, most of the text of “The Coral Sea,” which would represent the last days of Robert Mapplethorpe. Smith’s memoir is lovingly executed, visual and verbal at the same time. It is unlikely that a film will do it justice, but if the script is strong enough, it could work.

There is, apparently, talk of an adaption already…

The Threepenny Opera

50 Days of Film Projects: Day 3

The Threepenny Opera

(based on the opera Die Dreigroschenoper by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill)

An adaption of the Threepenny Opera in Italian Neorealist style, with dashes of Fellini because it’s a fucking opera, so there has to be  a trade-off somewhere.

Mackie “Mack the Knife” Messer, the infamous criminal, has come back to town, a Newspaper boy tells the town in a song and dance sequence which ends with him running afoul of Mackie’s gang and being killed. Peachum, the Master of the Beggars, suspects that his daughter Polly, who did not return home the night before, has become Mack’s lover. Polly is returned to her parents and tells them that she and Mackie have been married. Peachum tries to have Mackie arrested before he leaves town, and he is found at the brothel of Jenny, his former lover. Mackie is to face the death penalty when there is a swift reversal of fortune (a pardon, a title and a castle in the original, mere banishment in this version).

Elements of Cabaretand Moulin Rouge!mix with the style of The Bicycle Thief and Germany, Year Zeroin an attempt to introduce the most influential of the Brecht/Weill operas to a new audience.