50 books of summer

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I was tagged by the lovely @littlestartopaz so here we go.

Name – KiannaLeigh

Nicknames – Kia, Leigh

Zodiac Sign – Cancer, Horse

Height – 5’6”

Orientation – AroAcePan (long version I would date anyone but platonically)

Nationality – Black

Favorite Fruit – Apples or grapes, I cannot choose!

Favorite Season – Summer! Summer clothes, summer vacation, hot nights, no having to wear 50 layers! Summer!

Favorite Book – Umm, Peeps probably. It’s good. No! The dispossessed. And A Clockwork Orange. And Black Butler for manga.

Favorite Flower: Roses and Spider Lilies.

Favorite Scent: Roses, Cucumber Melon lotion, Pizza, Barbeque Bacon Cheeseburger.

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Animal: Dragon, Fox

Coffee, Tea, or Cocoa: All of the above.

Average hours sleep: like 8 – 10?

Cat or Dog: Dog

Favorite Fictional Character: OMG so many! Sebastian Michaelis, Gaara, Youko Kurama, Sares Victoria, Connie Maheswaran, Garnet.

Number of Blankets: 3

Dream Trip: Tokyo or London

Blog Created: Four or five years ago, so I could follow My Candy Love guide blogs. Yep, this whole mess I call a blog is because of that shitty dating game.

Number of followers: idk, I’m not going to check

Tagging: all my tumblr pals. If you follow me and see this, you’ve been tagged.

Also @sumilong you specifically.

I’ve decided that this summer, before I go off to college, I’m going to be super active on here and do unique things I haven’t done as much in the past. I’m going to stop slacking and collab with a bunch of companies, and show you guys some cute products. I’ll take videos during my trip to Greece/Turkey/Israel and make a short little film and take loads of pictures. I’ll do ‘packing for college’ and ‘college decor’ master posts, summer bucket lists, book lists, movie lists, ’50 things to do this summer if you have no friends but want to have fun,’ ‘back to school tips’ just lots and lots of what would be youtube videos, but on here… u guys catching my drift?! WHO’S EXCITED (me)