my album’s here!!!!!!!!!!!

Isn’t it so fucking great when I try to reblog my art only like 5 people acknowledge it and when i reblog something that is isn’t after that it gets like 50 fucking notes from my reblog????????

Like, I’m reblogging my fucking art for you to notice it and hopefully reblog it. I have 2,000 fucking followers man like….seriously???????? Do you people just follow for the fucking reblogs of other posts I fucking make????????

For @magitek 

The voice actors of Prompto, Ignis, and Noctis from FFXV, along with the voice of Luxu from KH 2.8 singing/beatboxing “Stand By Me” from today’s stream.

Highlights of Dan and Phil Do Pastel Edits In Real Life

• Punk edits was 2 years ago jesus

• “Like inhaling a cloud”

• “Like a breeze through a cherry blossom tree”

• Tbh all of the pastel metaphors they used

• Dan saying pastel is the opposite of his personality but then at the end saying he would have pastel if he wasn’t wearing black



• Phil’s pastel pink bedsheets

• Dan winking when Phil said he washes his bed sheets a lot

• The pastel underwear that Phil saw when he searched male pastel

• Dan wanting to embrace cole sprouse

• Dans little jumps when he was trying to get into his overalls

• “Wow Dan you look so soft”

•Phil getting dans straps on ;)))

•Dan doing the sleeve thing with his pastel jumper




• Also the sexy music playing when he was changing

• Phil’s tight jeans and Dan blatantly checking out his ass

• Those lush flower crowns jfc

• The absolute lack of personal space

• “I’m obsessed with your curl, Dan”

• Dan and Phil blowing on Dan’s tattoo

• “Look at that meaty bicep, Phil”

• Dan complementing Phil and making a gagging noise immediately after

• Dan screaming while Phil sponged his tattoo

• Phil’s voice getting so high pitched when Dan was sponging his tattoo

• Phil’s fuckin pastel umbrella

• Dans snuggly unicorn

• All the casual hair touching w the wigs

• Phil’s idea of a pastel name: fredericko 9

• “Curly Dan is here to stay”

• This entire video was a fuckin treasure tbh

what producers don't understand about queerbaiting

You don’t have an iron grip over the story. The story happens. GOOD producers would go with what makes sense instead of what pushes your anti-gay agenda. Your story? Your story says it’s canon. People see it because it’s there. The ship is real. If there are legitimate other reasons why the ship isn’t canon? Fine, but there never is. It’s just you trying to deny something the story puts a fucking spotlight on. So maybe I’ll still follow the story even if you’re queerbaiting. You know why I’m still here? Because the story says the ship is THERE and the ship is REAL. You created the story, but you are no God of it. Fuck you for stifling a compelling story with your ugly homophobia.

The Rock Lobster is one of my favorite Mother 3 enemies. Just look at him.

Not only is it a nice visual pun, but it’s also very likely a song reference.

Plus, when you turn it around in battle, that thumbs-up definitely doesn’t look like a thumbs-up anymore.