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“Te va a destruir de la manera más bella.Y cuando se vaya,finalmente entenderás por qué los huracanes tienen nombres de personas.”


A lot of boys and girls think their lives will have meaning if they find a partner who wants nothing else in life but them. That’s not healthy. That’s falling in love with the idea of a person, not the actual person.
—  Joseph Gordon-Levitt, on his character in “500 Days of Summer”

—Te quiero más o menos. —¿Más o menos? —Sí, más conmigo y menos sin mi.


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      oh, we can talk about my family. i am an unplanned only child. my mom is a sexologist, my dad is a psychologist. they never loved me. they were only concerned about one another and their sex life. i come from a shit town called mjøndalen, and fled as soon as i was fifteen. fled to madrid. i talk to them once a month. they are happy without me. i am happy without them. i don’t have siblings. i already told you that, so…your turn.

an authentic cyberpunk setting uses cryptocurrencies for their minarchist future dystopian hellscapes why pay $5 for a latte when you could pay between Ƀ0.000432 and Ƀ0.004333 or roughly $50 and like $500

Did I Wake Up Like This?

Pedi: 60

Acrylics: 100

Blowout: 30x5: 150

Waxing: 100

Beauty Store Shopping: 100

Haircut: 150/3: 50

Facial Care: 500/6: 85

Fillers+Botox: 1500/6: 250

Gym Membership: 1200/12: 100

Personal Trainer: 4000/12: 333

Nutritionist: 750

Some expenses occur once in every 3-6 months but the rest is monthly.

When it’s divided the result is easily over 2k per month.

Makeup, gym gear and clothes isn’t even included here so you do the math.

Right now I don’t have nutritionist and personal trainer but hopefully soon. 

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Based on some of the stuff I've read, Kara does something awful with Mon-ew. That aside, how was the episode? How does it rank compared to other episodes?

this was the gayest thing i have ever watched in my entire life. basically the entire episode was dedicated to Kara and Lena confessing their love to each other?? Iconic™

“kara danvers believes in you”? what kind of gayass shit??

THE FLOWERS? if her office was overflowing with flowers that means that lena sent them more than once. probably 50 times. or like 500 bouquets at once. probably with a note or two or 5. signed with a lipstick mark and a heart.

YOU’RE MY HERO? WHAT KIND OF GAY SCHEISSE, LENA?? like, she didn’t even say it to supergirl she said it to Kara Danvers.

“don’t hurt her” i’m????????

like, i don’t even know what else tbh i’m still in shock, literally every word that came out of their mouths was gay as hell?

i don’t get people who bathe in salt like, i’m just here for the good shit, man. look how much good shit we have here i’m so pumped. mon-el is gay for winn and kara and lena are dating, that’s all i know.


OMG This took forever to do the wings!!!! Sorry if I took forever cause I wanted to finish this drawing to make this as an official art for Melody/Shining!Jenna from ShiningTale!~~

Hope you all like this!~~

Reference Sheet:

Name: Melody(Shining!Jenna)

Nicknames: Gale.

Age: 17

Height: At the ostrich size.(I can’t count height. ;A;)

Weight: like holding a falcon!

Level: ???

HP: 7000/7000
ATK: 50/50
DEF: 30
SPD: 500% faster
MGC: Completely uses Wind Magic!

Element - Pure Wind 100%

Likes: Blankets that are puffy soft and silky soft and will build a fort out of the fluffiness~, flying to feel free, someone who has the best color that their outfit has, really likes to hang out with Diana and her son Shard, cute things that she would want when she wants something, adventurous, and SUN BATHE!!!~~

Dislikes: Being in a bird cage, her wings torn off completely, her feathers cut off or pulled, beaten badly, staying in one place she can barely stay at, hitting into walls when she doesn’t see what’s in her way, mostly fighting.

- Ahri Foxtails
- Darkjira
- Diana(MistyMidDiana)
- Shard
- Ocs!Zane
- Most of those who are her friends!~

- Nightmare!Sans
- Killer!Sans
- Murder!Sans
- Horror!Sans
- Luminous and Descorda
- Demi!Jenna and Umbra!Jenna(UD!Jenna)
- anyone who’s evil!!!

For those I included by their names:

@mistymiddiana @jokublog @godzillaandco @sour-apple-studios 

The Big Bang Challenge by the Numbers:

So 50,000 words seems like a lot at first glance.  Especially when you’re looking at it all in one go.  But when you break it down into more manageable parts, we hope that you’ll consider taking on the challenge!

Days to first Check in:
    March 1st - March 31st - 30 days
    25% complete
    (~12,500 words minimum)

Days to second Check in:
    March 1st - April 30th - 60 days
    50% complete
    (~25,000 words minimum)

Days to third Check in:
    March 1st - May 31st - 91 days
    75% complete
    (~37,500 words minimum)

Days to fourth Check in:
    March 1st - July 15th - 136 days
    95-100% complete
    (~47,500 - 50,000 words minimum)

Still seem to be too big a commitment?  Let’s break it down a little further.

There are almost 20 weeks from the end of signups until the fourth check in.

That amounts to ~2600 words per week (2574 words to be exact since there’s 19 and a half weeks total). 
    If you write 5 days out of the week, that means you should aim to write ~520 words a day.
    If you write 6 days out of the week, you should aim to write ~435 words a day.
    If you write all 7 days out of the week, you should aim to write ~370 words a day.

By sticking to these numbers, you would find yourself just over the 50,000 word mark by the fourth check in.

(keep in mind that the NaNoWriMo requirements are 1,667 words a day)

Originally posted by scarecroe

Hopefully this makes the total goal seem a little bit easier to manage.  We hope you’ll give the challenge a chance.  Sign-ups for authors are open until February 28th. 

You can sign up HERE.

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Which lip products would you recommend for a wedding? I.e. something kiss-proof and able to survive an entire day.

When it comes to important events in ones’ life, the last thing anyone wants to be doing is worrying about their lipstick coming off, fading or in the case of a wedding, ending up all over your significant others face. Here’s some of my favourite longwear lipsticks.

L’Oreal Infallible 2-Step Longwear Lipstick

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now you’d know that this product is my ride or die. It wouldn’t matter whether it was 5, 50 or 500 dollars I’d rave about it either way - that’s how good it is. 2 Step Lipsticks often cop a lot of flack but in recent years they have become reformulated with new technology, the key is just to use them right. When using this you need to apply the colour side first onto completely dry lips and then smile for a minute or so until the lipstick sets (do not smack your lips together, they will stick) once the lipstick is touch dry then apply the moisturising balm top-coat and you are good to go. These have amazing pigmentation and last, I mean LAST. I’ve worn these from 9am to 9pm with eating and drinking and there are no signs of wear, they even last through Christmas dinner. (Full review and swatches here)

Rimmel Provocalips 16HR Kiss Proof Lip Colour

A cheaper, slightly less better version of the L’Oreal Infallible Lipsticks. I personally find these ones a little more drying (perhaps because the topcoat is more of a gloss than a balm) and they can start to fade a little throughout the day, but either way they’re still a good option and sure beat your regular lipstick (plus they run cheaper than the L’Oreal)

Sheer Lipstick

Your other option is to wear a soft, well moisturising sheer lipstick that you can re-apply throughout the day as though it were a lip balm, if you’re not going to wear a bold or long-wear lipstick than this is your best bet. They need maintaining but they’re not “high maintenance” as such. I love: *YSL Volupté Sheer Candy Lipsticks and *Essence Sheer & Shine lipstick

And of course, make sure your lips are in tip-top condition! No lipstick will look good if your lips are dry, chapped and flaky (check out my top tips for well hydrated lips here)

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