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They know enough who know how to learn. 

- Henry Brooks Adams

At some point in our lives we’ve all had to learn and therefore memorize something. Sometimes learning, memorizing and understanding a particular topic can be hard. The question that pops in our minds before we have to study for an extensive exam is: How do I make it easier for me? How do I learn more efficient and quicker?

Hopefully, this post will provide you a partial answer to two questions mentioned above. 

The pyramid below shows how much we remember by participating in certain activities. To quickly sum it up: We learn the most by teaching others. 

Learning is a skill. It can be acquired and improved. Following methods and tips have been proven to be efficient when it comes to learning:

  • Do not learn by heart, sooner or later you’ll forget what you’ve learned
  • Have a positive approach
  • Take good notes (write neatly, use colors)
  • Use more or all of your senses
  • Underline only key words and cruical terms (approx. 10% - 20% of text)
  • Make a study plan
  • Do your homework
  • Divide topic into groups, systems, visualize it, make it more familiar
  • Make associations
  • Try to understand what you are learning
  • Participate in class if you can
  • Ask your teacher if you don’t understand
  • Be focused when studying
  • When studying take breaks (30-50 mins)
  • Write questions and then answer it
  • Be active when studying - make mind-maps, graphs, tables, summary of notes …
  • Repeat, at first more oftenly and then less.
  • Make sure you study somewhere where there are minimal amount of distraction and where you feel comfortable.

Every person has its own unique style of studying, so not everything will work for everyone. You have to figure out what style suits you. What I’ve written above is only a few of things you can do to memorize and learn things easier. In the end the outcome of learning is dependant on learner’s mental abilities, motivation, feelings, phyisical state, environment, family, friends and school. 

*This post is a short summary based on notes I’ve taken in my “Learn how to learn” class last year

The GOM + Kagami Sleeping Head Canons


  • Sleeps for a healthy 8-10 hours a day
  • Likes to cuddle a small penguin plushie when he sleeps
  • Sleeps on his side and doesn’t move around much so how he gets his bed hair is a mystery, even to him.
  • “Goodnight everyone and goodnight to you too,  Mr. Penguin”


  • Sleeps for 4 hours but takes 30-50 min naps throughout the day
  • Sleeps on his back. Also isn’t picky about where he sleeps and can even sleep without a pillow 
  • Honestly prefers to sleep outside than in a proper bed
  • “Tetsuya, you’re sleeping already?”

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As Requested: Workout Hygiene and Beauty Routines! 👟💦💅💄

Pre Workout:


  • cleanse with a gentle cleanser
  • if working out at the gym: moisturize with a non spf moisturizer
  • if working out outside: moisturize with a spf moisturizer


  • I didn’t previously wear makeup to the gym but my skin got quite bad recently (due to poor skincare routine - will talk about later) so I sometimes put a dab of concealer on especially red marks.
  • I leave other pimples/eye bags alone - just cover the healing red spots from popping pimples that stick out like a sore thumb.
  • I’ve also started applying soft eye makeup to enhance my eyes (bit of dark brown shadow in the upper eyelid crease with a small line of eyeliner on the top outside corners of my eye, and along the upper waterline) as I’ve noticed it makes me feel super put together at the gym and is awesome for post gym selfies!
  • no mascara so removing is a breeze. which brings me to…

Post Workout:

I jump in the shower! but of course its never as easy as that…


  • I use a gentle cleanser to get rid of all of the sweat/concealer and most of the eye makeup
  • then I just wipe the excess makeup under my eyes post shower and leave the remaining makeup above my eyes for the rest of the day! it leaves my eyelashes looking really long and black and looks like a totally effortless smokey eye!
  • I then moisturize with a gentle moisturizer all over, followed by an antibacterial moisturizer along my hairline, on pimple threatening areas, and on the back of my neck/upper back. prevention is key!


  • For my body I first use a soap bar - as they remove more bacteria than most body washes.
  • I then (if I’m not being lazy) use gentle moisturizer to nourish my skin after being stripped from the soap.

Washing Hair

  • Since my hair is so long, I don’t always wash it after - it depends on how sweaty I got/where I am in my hair wash cycle.
  • If I got very sweaty all over my scalp, or it has been about 2-3 days since I last washed it, I’ll wash it.
  • If I got semi-sweaty but just washed it yesterday, I’ll clip it up and only wash the sweaty bits- around my face and behind my neck and ears.
  • For shampoo I use any brand and focus on lathering my scalp (not actually the easiest task) but make sure you’re getting to the scalp and not just the hairs above it.
  • For conditioner, again I’m not loyal to one yet :) I focus on applying to to the ends, but apply it all over my hair even my scalp a little bit. Shampoo can be so drying, and stripping it from all moisture is pretty rough, so I let the conditioner apply a little bit back. think about it - you can either wash it more often (2-3 days) and apply moisture to your scalp each time so its clean and nourished and not over producing oil, or wash it less often (3-4 days) and not apply moisture to your scalp, but this is still stripping it and waiting for your body to produce sticky oil to make it nourished again. I know which I prefer!
  • I then use a wide toothed comb to comb out knots, then a thinner toothed comb to make sure every strand of hair got nourished :)
  • Then I leave it in for 5 mins before rinsing with cold water to lock in the moisture and keep it soft :)

Drying Hair

  • This is different for everyone, but my hair type is long, thick, brown but highlighted-to-blondish hair.
  • I leave it in a towel turban for about 5 mins to remove excess water.
  • Then I apply a leave in treatment and (leave-in) for -10 minutes depending on whatever I do in that time (find an outfit for the day/check emails)
  • Sometimes I just leave my hair to dry naturally, but its kind of like Russian roulette as to whether its gonna look cute, or look like Hermione from earlier harry potter films (still cute, but not the cute I’m going for)
  • So if I decide to dry it, I always first spray hair protector all through. Make sure you’re hair protector is good quality - some have oils in them that actually cook your hair if you apply heat! so props best to find one that makes your hair soft afterwards, not burnt.
  • Then, after combing out any knots, I dry it to the bone - no moisture leftover otherwise we’re back to Hermione again (sorry Hermione, again, just not the look I’m going for)(why do I feel the need to apologize to a fictional character) ok back to drying hair - I find clipping up sections helps a tonne here (must-not-pun) and allows you to dry the roots without burning the top layers too much.
  • Once dry, I style. different for everyone, but one time my hair dresser put curls in my hair for my birthday and since then I’m addicted. they look super cute and bouncy on the first day, then drop and look even better on the second, and then on the third it looks like long natural waves. It is a bit of effort on the first day, but being able to just wake up on the second and third, even fourth, with effortless soap opera hair is fab!

Styling hair

  • I do it in 3 sections: bottom, middle and top
  • I first clip up the middle and top sections so I’m left with the bottom third, part in the middle and bring the sections to the front on each side and apply more hair protector, comb out any knots, and curl in the direction away from my face. this opens your hair out and back which I find looks better than curling in towards your face :)
  • I then repeat for the middle and top sections, tying the already curled sections behind my head to keep them out of the way and avoid mixing sections.
  • And voila! ready for the day!

This looks like it takes a lot of time but I can assure you that’s just my writing style and me going off on tangents haha. Takes about 30-50 mins to go from sweaty beast to effortless beauty, depending on the extent to which I wash/style my hair.

Hope I helped! and let me know any other workout/routine/vegan/beauty related stuff!

Disclaimer: all products I use are vegan and not tested on animals. Even if I say “any product” I mean any vegan & not tested on animals product. :)


Services Price List


Reiki is a traditional Japanese energy therapy that uses spiritual energy to help balance and heal the body. It is good for a huge number of things (though some energies like void and possibly death energies do clash with Reiki); it can help stimulate healing and balance on all levels. 

In my Reiki healing sessions I will assess your energy systems giving you a detailed account of what is going on in each area, as well as allowing my empathic abilities to give me greater insights. I will let you know if I find any troubling areas; such as parasites, blockages, holes or tears, etc within your energy body. If I do find any troubling things I will talk with you to create a game plan for your healing session. (I have experience with energetic surgery if the need arises.) Then I will either implement the plan we create or I will give you an overall Reiki healing session. 

$35 for 30 mins

$50 for 45 mins

$65 for 60 mins

$95 for 90 mins

I also offer 2 additional services you can add to your Reiki Session for $5:

*Crystal Grid

I will create a crystal grid tailored to your healing session which will enhance the energy sent to you in your session.

*Tarot Reading

3 card tarot reading to give us better insight into your situation. 

Energy Reading $15

I offer a general energy reading of your 7 major energy centers. This does not include any healing services, this is only an overview of what is going on in your energy body at this moment in time. 

Tarot Reading $1 per card

You can choose from my Shadowscapes Tarot deck, Ostara Tarot deck, Dragonfae Oracle deck, or The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle deck.

I retain the ability to decline to read for any question that I am uncomfortable about. 

Rune Reading $1 per rune

Again as above, I retain the ability to decline to read for any question that I am uncomfortable about. 

If anyone would like to talk about learning Reiki please contact me for pricing regarding Reiki 1, Reiki 2, and Reiki 3 levels. I am a Reiki master who has been practicing Reiki for almost 4 years and has been a Reiki Master for over a year and half with multiple level attunements and students. 

Männer für GB gesucht!

Hallo liebe 3Beiner,

uns hat mal wieder eine Suche erreicht in der

für eine nette 18 jährige Dame ein paar

Männer gesucht werden um die Gute mal

ordentlich ran zu nehmen.

Bedingungen sind max. 5 Männer, Alter 30-50,

min. 18cm.

Ort wird Düsseldorf sein und wahrscheinlich

im Hotel van der Falk am. Flughafen.

Datum wird noch abgestimmt, angedacht ist

Eine WhatsApp Gruppe zu bilden und der

Dann alles weitere besprochen wird.

Also Männer meldet euch!


Week 1 (May 28- June 4) / workout 30 minutes daily

Week 2 (June 5- June 12) / 50 squats daily~ run/walk 5 miles 3Xweek

Week 3 (June 13- June 20) / 1 minute plank daily~ 50 mock pushups~ 50 jumping jacks~ 30 min walk/run daily

Week 4 (June 21- June 28) / 10 calf raises daily~ 10 lunges each leg daily~ 150 squats daily~ 30 min walk/run 3Xweek

Week 5 (June 29- July 6) / 10 burpees daily~ 150 squats daily~ skater workout (youtube) ~ sprints daily.

Week 6 (July 7- July 14) / Blogilates: 6 min sexy booty daily~ 30 min run/walk daily~ 200 squats daily.

Week 7 (July 15- July 22) / 5 minute toned arms daily~ step ups 1 min as fast as possible~ sprints daily~ 20 burpees daily.

Week 8 (July 23- July 30) / 1 min froggy jumps 2X daily~ Pop pilates muffin top massacre daily~ plank 1 min daily~ sprints daily~ 20 squats daily

Week 9 (July 31- August 7) / 30 min walk/run~ victoria secret angel arm workout daily~ Youtube ‘Fat burning HIIT cardio workout daily~ 1 min plank daily.

Week 10 (August 8- August 15) / pushups daily~ 100 jumping jacks~ 20 burpees daily~ 20 calf raises daily~ 10 lunges each side daily~ 200 squats daily.

anonymous asked:

Where can one find information on commissioning you for audios? How does that work?

Just go into my tumblr page and there is a page all for it but just message me and we can sort it out, here are my prices

actions such as… (£5/$6 each)
•mommy/daddy kinks
•Blue balling
•deep throating
•strap on
•add another partner

10 mins (£25/$31

15 mins (£30/$37)

25 mins (£50/$62)

30 mins (£70/$87)

Kinks such as..

•Water sports
•Spit roasting
•Fisting of any sort
•Anything that involves ass play on the females end

Are not acceptable so please do not ask.

I dare you to.

Can you do a V smut where you come home from a rough day at work and start to get into with v? 😝

~Thank you for requesting darling~

~I hope you enjoy~

You came back home from you shift. You were already in a crappy mood. Your back hurt, you had a headache. You expected to be greeted by your boyfriend Teahyung box smile. Instead you were greeted by a note on a torn piece of paper.

Went out with the boys 
                                       Love Tae

 Typical. You never got to see him between his job and him just not being home for what ever reason. You sighed and took your shoes off. You went to get something to eat since Taehyung was supposed to grocery shopping. You open the fridge to see it empty. “Of course he didn’t.” You said under your breath.  You sat down on the couch about to turn on the TV when Taehyung and the boys came in. Making you feel even worse. They were loud, which felt like a thousand bricks hitting your head. “HELLO Y/N!!!!!” J-hope yelled, which felt like two thousands bricks being thrown at you. “Hi Hoseok.” you said weakly. 

“Are you okay Y/N?” Jin asked.

“I’m fine.” you said while looking around for Taehyung.

“I think he’s still outside.” Said Jin noticing “Are you sure you’re okay? You don’t look that well.” he said while putting his hand on your forehead. “You’re burning up. Please go lie down. I’m worried about you.” Something you’ve never heard from Taehyung before. “Okay maybe your right.” You said while standing up, Jin helping you. 

“Can you remind Tae to go grocery shopping he must of forgot.” 

“Of course. You just go and get some rest.”

 Soon as you closed the door to the bathroom you heard the rest of the guys bursting threw the door yelling. You heard Jin shush them “Y/N isn’t feeling good, she’s burning up.” 

“Oh.” Jungkook said the guilt showing 

“Oh, Taehyung she told me to remind you to go grocery shopping.”

Taehyung let out a long sigh. “Fine…but first….I want popcorn.”

You waited for Taehyung to come and check but it never happened. You heard him laughing, telling jokes but never a “I hope Y/N, is okay.”. Finally after a hour Jin came and checked up on you. “Hello~” He said quietly making sure not to bother your migraine.

 He spoke in soft whispers “The boys just left and Taehyung left to go shopping for food. I asked to pick up the stuff for soup. I’ll stay here so if you need anything just call okay?”

“Thanks, you’re so nice, but I’ll be fine you don’t have to do this i’ll be fine.”

“It’s no problem Y/N, you’re family now.”

“Thank you again.”

He flashed you a smile then started to close the door behind him. “Wait Jin..”


“When Taehyung comes back can you tell him to come in here I haven’t seen him all day.”

He looked surprised. “Of course I will.” He said before softly closing the door behind him.

You loved how Jin made you feel. He made sure you knew you were loved. He thought about his plush lips, how they would feel against yours. You quickly dismissed the thoughts. Feeling awful for even thinking about it. 

Taehyung cares about you. You love him and he loves you. You can’t do that to him.


Y/N, Y/N wake up~”

You open your eyes expecting to see Taehyung but all you was was Jin holding some home made soup. 

“Taehyung came in to see you but you were asleep and he decided best not to wake you.” He said while putting the bowl on the table to help you sit up.

“Where is he now?” You asked with sleep in your voice.

“He went to Jimins house.” He felt your forehead before he handed you the soup “You’re feeling a lot cooler now but you still look pretty sick.” He handed you the soup. The crackers were neatly laid out on the bowl and the smell of the soup filled your nose.  

“It smells so good!” You said

“Thanks.” he said about to leave 

“Can you stay, I like to talk while I eat.”

“I’ll love to.” He said while sitting on the bed.

You told him all about your day. About how your boss messed up and you blamed for it and about all your rude co-workers. Everything you wanted to tell Taehyung. Jin sat a listened he laughed when told a joke, he agreed with you when told him something wasn’t fair, he even added things. After you were done eating you tried to get up he stopped you “No, no I got it. You can catch up on your reading.” He said while nodding his head towards the half finish book on the your nightstand. You lied back down “Okay.”. He laughed at how quickly you obeyed as he walked out the room. 

 About 30 minutes later he came back. Wearing his jacket and putting on his gloves “Sorry to be bothering you while you’re reading but I have to go. Taehyung here is though! He’s about to to come up here and give some rest.”

“Okay, bye! Thank you for taking care of me.” You said extending your arms for a hug 

“You’re welcome.” He said accepting your offer.

You stared at the clock waiting for Taehyung to come to bed

10 mins….

30 mins….

50 mins….

by an hour you were fast asleep.


You woke you woke up to an empty bed. You sleepily got up and went to the living room. You saw Taehyung sitting there watching his shows. 

“Hey.” He said not even looking away. 

You started to get annoyed with his behavior. “You know I was feeling like shit yesterday.”

“I know you boyfriend told me.”

Boyfriend. “Tae, your my boyfriend.”

“You don’t treat me like it.”

You had enough. “I don’t treat you like it? How about you don’t treat me like your girlfriend,” Your voice started to raise “At least Jin acts like he cares about me! Unlike you who doesn’t even try to act like he cares about. I thought you cared about me. I guess I was wrong.

“I dare you to say that again.” his voice deep with anger.

“You don’t love me, and I don’t think I love you.” You said in an angry whisper

Taehyung shot up from the couch. Without even trying to walk around you he went to the bedroom and came back with a jacket. Pushing you to the side once more he snatched up his keys off the small table you guys keep by the door. Slamming the door behind him so hard that the picture of you and him went a little crooked. 

  You sank to your knees crying. Staring at the now crooked picture of you and Taehyung smiling together while he had his arm around you. 

It was all lies.


You phone rang you slowly went to answer it. 


“Jin!” You had to admit hearing his voice made you feel better

“I heard about the fight…are you okay?”

“Yeah, is he there with you or have seen him any at all today?”

“No, Namjoon just told me about it.”

“I see…..” You said trying to hold back tear,s of course Jin noticed.

“Y/N i’ll be right there.”

“Okay.” you breathed.

Within an hour Jin was at your door with a box of tissues and a paper bag of other stuff you couldn’t see what was in it.

Handing you the box of tissues he started listing off the things he had in the bag “So I got some popcorn, some bad 80′s and 90′s movies and candy. I also you some gloves because I thought you would like them.”

You couldn’t help but to giggle “I love them.” you said taking the pink and black gloves from him and letting him in.

“Okay I’ll start the popcorn and you pick out the movie.” he said handing you the bag.

You fished all three movies out of the bag. All of looked them equally terrible.

“Jin!” You yelled while walking into the kitchen “Which movie is the worst?”

“I don’t know I just looked them up online to make sure they were bad.”

“I want to watch the worst one though.” You waited for an answer but it never happened. You look up just to see Jin looking at you. He suddenly pressed his lips against yours, giving you a passionate kiss. His soft lips tasted sweet and you melted in to the kiss instantly. He pulled away from the kiss “Y/N i’m sorry I shoud-” You interrupted him giving him a hungry kiss. He pulled you closer to him so he could feel your body against his. He picked up carrying you to the bedroom never once breaking the kiss. You gently put you on the bed. He lick your bottom lip asking for permission. You granted him permission. There was no battle for dominance. Your tongues danced together like this wasn’t the first time you guys did this. He tugged at your shirt. Getting the hint you pulled it off. He undid your bra letting your boobs hang freely. He gasped at your beauty  “Taehyung was an idiot for not treating you correctly.” He took your hard nipple in his mouth, drawing circles with tongue making you moan his name. He started massaging your other boob. he kissed down to your core feeling how wet you were. “Damn.” he cursed under his breath. He pulled his pants down. Rubbing you with his tip before pushing in. Making you gasp. “Jin~” you moan. “Fuck, Y/N your so tight.”. He pushed into you slowly letting you adjust to his length. A long stream of curses and moans came from your mouth. He went out slow then came back hard hitting that spot over and over again. Causing you to moan his name. “Yes baby moan my name just like that.” He moaned. “Come for me darling.” He said while bringing you into a kiss. You felt you juice flowing freely over his long length, He pulled out squirting his seed all over you chest. He gave you a small kiss and resting his forehead against yours. “Y/N, you felt so good. You should get cleaned up.” You nodded in agreement and started towards the bathroom.

When you returned you saw Jin with a grave face like he was thinking hard about something. “Whats wrong?” You asked.

“I don’t think we should do this again.”

“What why not?” 

“Because Taehyung loves you.” you started to protest “If he didn’t love you he wouldn’t of gotten so mad.”

You paused to think “…I understand.”


“Y/N! Y/N! Wake up!”

You opened your eyes to see drunken Taehyung standing there. “I want to talk you about something.”

“Not now. You don’t what you’re saying, your drunk.”

“I admit I’m having little bit a trouble walking straight but i’m not drunk, I know what i’m saying.”

You let out a sigh “Okay, talk.”

“I heard you had sex with Jin.” 


“Y/N FOR ONCE IN YOUR DAMN LIFE SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO WHAT I HAVE TO SAY.” His sudden outburst scared your mouth shut. “Thank you. I never remember saying I want to break up or saying something along the lines of have fun fucking my best friend!”

“You walked out.”

“And? Do you know how many times you walked out. Not coming back for days, weeks, But I never once slept with someone else. ”You looked down remembering all the times you walked out after a fight and stayed at your friends house. “Now I have to remind you who’s better.”

“Wait, what?” 

You smashed his lips into your lips. Channeling all his anger for that kiss. He didn’t waste any time taking off you shirt. He sucked harshly on your nipples making your back arch. “I bet he did you slow and gently. He doesn’t know you like I know you. He doesn’t know that your a little slut.” He suddenly sliding his hands down your pants. He slipped to fingers into you never breaking contact with you hard nipple. He pulled down your pants and started licking your clit never breaking eye contact. He started sucking on your clit making you scream. “Taehyung!!!” He started to finger you once again this time with 3 fingers. He curled up his fingers to hit that spot, making you scream once more “Louder.” he commanded. Pinching your clit with his free hand. Your vision was blurry from all the sensations. “Louder I said. I want them to know who’s making you feel like this.” You screamed louder. “Tae please.” With a smirk he pulled down his pants taking his length in his hand. “What? is this what you want?” You nodded. He slipped into you with ease and started pounding you. Your moans mixed with each other. “Who else can make you feel like this?” 

“No-no one.” You manged to say tears streaming down your cheeks because of all the pleasure.

“Damn right no one. No one will ever be able to make you feel how I make you feel, remember that.” 

You felt the knot in you stomach began to untie. He stopped, denying you. Making you whine. “Before I keep this going promise me you’ll never sleep with Jin or say those things to me ever again.”

“Okay i’m sorry.” You breathed 

“Who’s my good little slut?” he started pounding into you once again abusing your G-spot making you see stars. Your powerful climax took over you making you scream his name. He soon came into you saying your name under his breath.

“Does this mean you forgive me?” You asked

He stared a you for what seemed like forever. “No.” he said while getting up.

Thought I would share these studying tips! I went to a study workshop, and these papers were passed out towards the end. Last semester, my GPA wasn’t where I wanted it to be, so I plan on using these tips this semester. 

The lighting in my dorm isn’t that great, so I’d just write down what’s on the paper, in case it’s hard to read.

Preview (Preview before class)-

                   *Skim the chapter

                   * Note headings and boldface words

                   * Review summaries and chapter objectives

                  *Come up with questions you’d like the lecture to answer for you

Attend (Attend class)-

                      * Go to class!

                     * Answer and ask questions

                    *Take meaningful notes

Review (Review after class)-

               * As soon after class as possible, read notes, fill in gaps, and note                 any questions


             * Repetition is the key

             *Ask questions such as ‘why’, ‘how’, ‘what if’

            *Intense Study Sessions: 3-5 short study sessions per day

           *Weekend Review: read notes and material from the week to make                connections

Assess (Assess your Learning)-

          *Periodically perform reality checks:

                      *Am I using study methods that are effective?

                     *Do I understand the material enough to teach it to others?

[Intense Study Sessions]

1) Set a Goal

                           * 1-2 min

                         *Decide what you want to accomplish in your study session

2) Study with Focus

                     *30-50 min

                    *Interact with material (organize, concept map, summarize,                            process, re-read, fill-in notes, reflect, etc.)

3) Reward Yourself

                       *10-15 min

                      *Take a break (call a friend, play a short game, get a snack)

4) Review

                    *5 min

                   *Go over what you just studied

Hopefully, this was helpful for anyone starting their new semester or quarter! Good luck, and happy studying :-)


heads up; I have no chill, this will be a long one. 

My dad is visiting from home, so I pulled my ass out of bed at the crack of 9:30 to be a good tourist and show him a day on the town. We went to chinatown, we went to get deep dish. And by 4:00 I was DONE. I tried to convince him to let me go home and nap, but he was being all “whatever you want to do, my lovely daughter” aka “I came all this way and we’re going to go to your apartment to nap?” so in a last ditch attempt to be a good hostess, I decided to take him home by way of the riverwalk. On the riverwalk I found a suitable patch of grass, and sat my ass down to nap as he went around taking photos. An important thing to note is that my dad has one of those large ridiculous cameras, that are so not subtle, and he loves taking candids of me (which I love that he does too). So I’m laying on the grass and a guy with a camera walks up and sits next to me (there’s not a lot of grass where i was sitting, there’s just a bunch of weird benches and grass and shit). I completely ignore him, assuming he’s a newscameraman or something. Then suddenly there’s a bunch of people, all lounging about and chillin. 

My dad comes over and signs “hey what’s going on here?” and I translate, turning to the chillest looking mother fucker in the group, to ask “hey whats up?” And the conversation goes as follows;

“We’re shooting for a tv show here, it’s called Sense8; it’s on netflix. Have you heard of it?”

“YES I mean, yeah-” I turn to sign/talk to my dad (note that I’m very verbal when I sign”) “it’s that show we were watching last night, they’re filming it.” 

“Yeah this is our 3rd of 4 locations.” 

“Which actors are going to be here?” 

“I can’t tell you that, but you can hang around for a bit until we clear everyone out.”

So of course, I turn to my dad and sign “we’re staying here until they kick us out.” 

I figure it’d be best to be chill and not take a million photos (I do have photos but they’re on my dad’s camera). For the 30 to 50 min that they’re setting up, I just get increasingly anxious and nervous. And then LANA WACHOWSKI SAT NEXT TO ME. part of me wanted to shout “I LOVED JUPITER ASCENDING” but I forced myself to not say anything (mostly for fear of throwing up) 

then TUPPENCE MIDDLETON AND BRIAN J SMITH SHOW UP. which you know, makes sense. It’s on the chicago riverwalk. As soon as I heard that they were filming I figured it’d be a make out scene by the river (spoiler alert; they were filming a makeout scene by the river)

Chillest motherfucker comes back and asks me if my dad and I want to be an extra”if you guys just want to sit in the background and sign and stuff.”

to which I say “YES”

He gives us a place to sit on the terraced  steps. near some other extras. For a minute I thought he was only making us sit there so I wouldn’t be staring from so close up. As the place he sat us at meant we couldn’t see SHIT. But then he let us move up further. 

At this point, my dad is getting annoyed. We’re sitting in the sun, very visibly not on camera at all, and I keep freaking out. So he whips out his huge camera and starts taking photos. The extra behind me is an annoying mother fucker who calls Lana a “transvestite” which JUST NO BUDDY. he also won’t shut up about chicago med/fire and another show that he was on. NO ONE CARES BUDDY. BRIAN J SMITH TOOK OFF HIS SHIRT NOT 20 FT AWAY FROM ME. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT ANYTHING BUT SENSE8 RN.

Chillest motherfucker returns and says “hey, apparently they’re not turning the camera this way, want to walk with all the extras?” To which I drag my dad down. The first time we fuck up epically, and kinda just walk a bit and get confused. The second time we walk right in front of the camera- btw I’m looking rough as fuck. my hair is a mess and I have farmer’s tan like no one’s business. BUT I WALKED LIKE TWO FEET FROM THE PAIR OF THEM. 

I don’t want to post any spoilers (other then the one about them making out) but they basically filmed the same thing over and over again. Where they’re talking to one of the other sensates they alluded to. It was hot as balls (my farmer’s tan will definitely be replaced with a burn). Brian J Smith was wearing a sweater (and Tuppence was wearing a weather appropriate tank top) and they kept taking breaks to wrap a wet cloth around his abs (and I was THANK YOU EVERY MOMENT THAT LED TO THIS ONE). My dad thinks Tuppence has a “Really expressive face” and now he’e excited to watch the show. Getting him to watch 5 min last night was like pulling teeth. And now he’s sitting here watching the Lito fuck up his lines. it’s great. 

Anyways. Tl;dr I spent two hours hanging around set to be an extra. I probably wont be on screen. Photos to follow. 

Zalfie diary - June 2nd

Monday = Simsday

The 15th episode was about throwing a party for the burrito baby because (i am still not sure why) Zalfie cannot wait “their” baby to turn into a toddler. I mean the “Fajita toddler”! This episode was a bit shorter, around 25 minutes. Once you get used to 30-50 min episodes, there is no turning back :)

Alfie, the roof designer, was in action in this episode. Damn it Zoe, I also liked the mushroom one too.

Also, I love how they are trying to compensate what they are lacking in real life through sims (not talking about proposal, engagement, baby, wedding) :)

Alfie: Should we make a gym? Make them healthy?

Zoe: Come on!

Alfie: I feel like because we dont do anything like that in real life we should make our Sims healthy.

From Sims we learn how much they love late night snacks and hate exercising. Ok but, Alfie Deyes, can you please explain this body? 

(gif from toremyyellowdress)

Apart from Sims, Zoe and Alfie were off to London today. Alfie snapchatted on their way back. Zoe was not impressed with Alfie’s legs taking too much space :)

But Zoe impressed us all by announcing that daily vlogging will contiunue in July too. Too much excitement!

🐢 Żółwiowe promo homo nie wiadomo 🐢

Z okazji ze w końcu mam moje dwa wymarzone zolwiki ( Franka i Irinę ) a także obserwuje mnie juz 2,5 tys osób postanowiłam zrobić szybkie promo.
Zasady są taki:
🐢 nie trzeba mnie obserwować ale było by miło
🐢 blagam nie dawajcie ❤ bo to strasznie utrudnia
🐢 czas macie do 14.10 ( godzina 12:30 )
🐢 min. 50 notek
Będę promowała ok. tydzień
Powodzenia wszystkim 🐢

what sucks a butt load is that im on absolute struggle street as a personal trainer right now. i have only 5 paying clients, im struggling with rent, im struggling with fuel, with enjoying myself. i feel nothing but guilt when eating out with ryan because im spending money i dont have.
i dont know if ill make it; im not a bad trainer at all, but im a beginner with selling myself as a trainer, i dont have the balls to talk someone into paying 50 bucks for 30 mins of my time
this industry is so difficult right now for me