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I was tagged by the lovely @persephones-deadgirlwalking :) to do this little shindig here

Name: Sara

Nicknames: Susu, Lulu, Salili, Sarita

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Capricorn

Height: 5′4″ (or 5′5″ I haven’t checked in a while haha)

Sexuality: Hella straight, hahah

Hogwarts House: Idk??

Favorite animal: Tigers

Average Hours of Sleep: It always depends but 6 is about the average

Current time: 2:50 PM

Dog or cat person; Both! But I do have a kitty

Blankets you sleep with: Two

Dream trip: Gaud there’s so many, I don’t know where I’d start haha.

When I made my blog: A year ago!

Followers: I still can’t believe I get to type out this number, but 2,084 followers (*squeals in disbelief*)

Why I made a tumblr: I really needed a creative outlet and once I discovered fanfiction was a thing and that I had some talent in writing, I decided to put all the story ideas in my head onto a site. :)

Reason for my URL: Cause I go on adventures of imagination haha

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Jesper released a growl of frustration. “If this is your city, what’s left of it? You gave up your shares in the Crow Club and Fifth Harbor. You don’t have a gang anymore. Even if you escape, Van Eck and Rollins would sic the stadwatch and half the Barrel on you again. You can’t fight them all.”

“Watch me.”


“Listen to me, Eren.
There’s something I want to say.
Thank you… for being with me.
Thank you… for teaching me… how to live.
Thank you… for wrapping this scarf around me.”

-Mikasa Ackerman, Chapter 50

SNK Ch 50 | Redraw


Close enough