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how can you hate ron weasley? how can you hate ron “sneak out in the middle of the night in a flying car to rescue you” weasley? how can you hate ron “sacrifice himself at the age of 11 to do the right thing” weasley? how can you hate ron “make you part of my family because I know you don’t have one” weasley? how can you hate ron “stood up in a broken leg to defend his best friend” weasley? how can you hate “followed the spiders even if it was his biggest fear just to be there with his best friend” weasley? if you disagree im ready to fite you

i want some positivity posts for people with moral-obsessed ocd

shout out to people who worry over small/“meaningless” things

shout out to people who can’t listen to prayers or go to church because the very idea of committing a sin upsets them

shout out to people who have intrusive thoughts like slurs or other offensive terms that make them worry they really are bad (which they’re not)

shout out to people who overanalyze every decision they make so as to make sure it’s not morally wrong

shout out to people who have to recite prayers or other phrases in their head when they make a “mistake”

you are not dirty, you are not sinful; your “bad” thoughts and decisions do not define you

  • My child: mommy why is my cousin called diamond
  • Me: bc your aunt loves diamonds
  • My child: what about me?
  • Me: be quiet April 25, 2017
Lotte and Sucy will be playable characters in Little Witch Academia for PlayStation 4
The most recent edition of the magazine Dengeki Playstation has announced more details about "Little Witch Academia: The Witch of Time and the Seven Wonders".

So I’ve read through this article and here are the highlights!

  • The action and adventure game is planned to be released in Japan some time in 2017.
  • In the side-scrolling game you can control Akko and her friends to overcome obstacles and enemies while completing stories.
  • The stories will contain switches that can open secret doors and treasure chests and more
  • The controls for the game: 
    • Circle: light attack
    • Triangle: strong attack
    • Square: fireball
    • X: jump
    • L1: defend
    • R1: run
    • L1+R1: sing
  • Furthermore Akko’s friends, Lotte and Sucy, will appear as playable characters, and you can use attacks that will give advantages to each character in their area of specialization.
  • The magazine included an interview with producer Yosuke Futami that confirmed Andrew and Croix will not appear in the game, basically every person in the history of the anime will appear except for those two.
  • The nameless characters in the background of the anime will get names. Some of these students will have important roles that will change the way you view them.
  • A DLC after the release is in consideration.