50 øre

Tokyo Ghoul:re chapter 50 Nimura Furuta?

Alright so I was looking at the spoilers for this chapter… when I find this:

Now did you see that, let me show you again:

Doesn’t this sound familiar, well that’s what I thought and there is a very good reason for that.

Why does Furuta know tsukiyama’s alias in the ghoul restaurant? Is he realy Souta, as many wish to believe? Or is it something else? One thing is certain, there is something hidden in Furuta’s character (since he is speculated of appearing in chapter 117 of Tokyo ghoul) he is definitely hiding something and clearly deceived as all with his simingly innocent personality

one thing I’d like to say to Furuta (that hypocritic little shit) would be:

Anyways the question remains: Who is Nimura Futura, and what is his role in this Tragedy?