The Math Teacher (Part 42)

Pairing: Student!Y/N/Teacher!Luke

Rating: R

Request: Yes

Summary:  Previous Parts (Masterlist)

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“Okay, on the count of three?”

“No.” You shook your head with wide eyes, a towel wrapped around you tightly while you embraced your arms around your shaking body. The snow beneath your cold feet were affecting your whole body, making your teeth clasp and your body shake.

“Come on,” Matty grinned but his voice didn’t sound as convincing as he wanted too. His long legs were shaking just as yours and the bun on top of his head was covered up from the snow falling down. Safe to say, none of you were ready on the count of three.

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Days of Desolation


Here is my contribution to these lovely, beautiful days before Christmas. :) I hope you cry. :)

Also thankyou to madartiste who did a quick checkover!:)

Have you ever wondered what happened to our beloved Natsu after Igneel left him? During those lonely days where he had no one to keep him company but himself? No father, no friends, no Fairy Tail. Well, I wondered too. Here’s my take on it.

I have called you children, I have called you son. 
What is there to answer if I'm the only one? (x)

On the first day, which was a day like any other, young Natsu Dragneel woke up with love in his heart and adventure in his veins.

Igneel was gone. Natsu wondered what he might be up to, and what great feats he had planned for today. Would he teach him some new moves when he returned? Would he bring some food? Meat, hopefully.

Natsu’s little stomach growled with an appetite far ahead of his years. He had to become strong, after all. He would be a dragon just like his father.

After he had scrambled to his feet, he stretched his tired limbs, and a big yawn slipped from his mouth. He scrunched up his nose. There was still enough food left for him, but the stacks of dried meat and the occasional veggie didn’t tempt him much. Fresh meat, roasted dangerously black beyond recognition by Igneel, that was his favourite.

He would wait until he returned.

Only when the sun was beginning its descent did Natsu finally grab one of the dry, stringy slabs of deer.


On the 3rd day, Natsu started to worry. Igneel had never been gone for so long. One day, sure. Two days, maybe. But three? It had never happened.

Of course, he was alright. Nobody could hurt Igneel; it was a fact to Natsu, as sure as the sun rose behind the mountain each day anew. It did so now, too. The first rays of light were already filtering through the thick branches of the forest and deeply into the spacious cave.

But then, what was he up to? What was keeping him? Why had he not returned?

An uneasy feeling settled in his stomach, and whatever he did to distract himself, he couldn’t seem to shake it. Nonetheless, he decided to start his training alone, as he had done the two previous days. It just seemed to be so much less fun without his dad to give instructions and to praise him if he managed a particularly strong attack.

The weather was sweltering, and soon sweat dripped off his small body and onto the dusty ground beneath. But Natsu persisted, his feet stirring up dust as he moved arduously, following his routine like the hand of a perfectly manufactured clock.

It proved harder than usual to keep going, but he blamed it on the lack of fresh meat. Really, Igneel should hurry. When he returned, Natsu wanted to surprise him by how strong he had gotten. This time, when he challenged him, he would definitely win.

The sun shone into his eyes, merciless and bright.

At some point, he didn’t know anymore if what was covering his face was sweat, or his tears.

That evening, Natsu fell asleep beside the crackling fire - a poor substitute for his father’s hot scales - mumbling Igneel’s name as sleep carried him away into hopeful dreams, where he woke up to his father’s golden eyes and wise smile.

It remained nothing but that - dreams.

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