Thank you for 5.5k followers!! I would have never dreamed of becoming this big when I first started this blog, so thank you all! ❤️

I reached 5,000 followers at the beginning of this year, and I’m already at 5.5k followers. I really want to say my thank to all my friends that I’ve met here on Tumblr. 2-3ish years ago, I started this blog and never would of thought to have so many followers. It’s an unbelievable milestone for a blog that only reblogs cute/lewd/nsfw/badass anime girls. I love you all for letting me spam your dashboards. I do want to shamelessly plug my NSFW blog, give it a follow if you want to see more NSFW stuff!

Here are my mutuals, go check out their blogs! (I apologize for the long list!)


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I do want to give a very huge awesome thanks to @t0zu for making the FF header! He did an awesome job and he deserves more followers! Thank so much for it!

This will probably be the last FF for a while, maybe I’ll make one at 10k or 15k or maybe 20k followers. Again, thank you so much for all of your reblogs and likes, I love seeing my activity be full of them. Thank you to all my friends that I have met on here and I hope to make more! Until next time!


Hello my sweet followers!!! I’m sorry I’ve been gone so much lately! I went to a music festival and I went on a backpacking trek so I’ve not been on social media lately. While I was gone, this lil blog hit 5.5k followers!!!!!! I always get ridiculously excited about my blogs milestones and am so confused about why so many if you find me interesting tbh? I’ll post a vid tomorrow babes 💖😚✌💥

Eliza Does Blog Rates

Holy shit! So last night, I hit 5.5K followers, which was a big moment to me and I’m not sure why, but I’ve never really celebrated a milestone before, so I decided I wanted to do blog rates this time! I just… I can’t believe so many people would want to follow my blog at all, and support me in what I do on here, so thank you so, so much. I appreciate every single one of you, and I just wanted to do something that might make you guys smile!!

100% stole this format from @snow-phan whose awesome and sweet so go follow them <3 I will be doing these based on desktop themes!


- follow me or don’t follow me, whatever
- reblog this post
- send me an ask telling me about something that makes you happy


season: summer // spring // winter // fall  

color: pastels // dark colors // neon // specific color? - 

scent: fresh bread // flowers // backyard in the summer // generic candles // coffee // tea

time of day: sunrise // morning // afternoon // sunset // night 

vacation in the: city or country 

hogwarts house: gryffindor // ravenclaw // hufflepuff // slytherin -  (I definitely don’t know enough about hp for this)

extra compliments:

blacklist #elizabr if you don’t want to see these on your dash!

hey guys! so in celebration of finishing my first year of college as well as reaching 5.5k followers, I thought I should do some archive moodboards for all you wonderful people ✨


  • mbf me
  • must have at least some aesthetic/photography content on your blog for me to work with
  • reblog this post (likes are for bookmarking)
  • send me an ask with your favourite quote
  • these might take me a while depending on how many people enter so please be patient and keep checking under my tag #archive moodboard

that it! for examples of my previous moodboards go here

No more please ✨

5.5k Promo!

I’m almost at 5.5k followers and I thought I would do a promo to celebrate!


Mbf me

Reblog this post LIKES DO NOT COUNT

You can also check out my Instagram @ hazeltail420 to get noticed but it’s not required

This will go until I actually hit 5.5k

5.5K followers!! yay guys, thank you, thank you, I have no time of lately between work, personal life and games but I had to do something to mark the occasion.

I was thinking about how much I was on autopilot while doing this image, it lacks so many things. I would classify it as a LEVEL 2 in depth. Level 1 depth is an idea, this is a robot character, level 2 is combining 2 ideas, this is a robot geisha, so adding geisha motifs to it should do it… ..  but I want to strive for more.

A level 3 would be the character doing something, not just standing and being cool, level 4, 5 , etc. is adding depth, is there a setting, a feeling another character, is the image making you feel or think something. All of this takes work and preparation … . and time. 

Hope everyone is doing ok, enjoy your life guys.-Gabo

In honor of hitting 5.5k followers and having this blog for 2 years, we’re doing a long overdue follow forever.  So without further adieu, here are some of our favorite blogs we’re constantly looking at and fangirling over.

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Hey language lovers!
We now have over 5.5K followers. Thank you all! Hope this blog helps you in your studies.
We’re looking for someone who could join our team. Someone who could create illustrations and help out with the redesign. If you’re engaged in digital design and would like to practice your skills, you’re welcome to PM us or leave a message in the askbox.
Spread the word!

I reached 5.5k followers a few weeks ago (thank you all so much!!!) <3

Here is a new follow forever to send some love to all the amazing people out there and their wonderful blogs <3

(no favourites this time because you are all hella dope and wonderful <333)

((i hope tumblr won’t mess this up again and tag some blogs a billion times in this post!))

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Thank you for such an amazing year. I started this blog around march and since then I have grown so much. From 10 followers to 5.5K in just those months. I am wishing you all a wonderful and healthy 2016! Thank you again for all the amazing times.

Sorry, if I forgot you I am doing this via my phone..

who I admire:


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who I admire from afar:

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anonymous asked:

Hii can u rec me the darkest fics you have read? Thanks

Oooh darkest fics you say :D I love them very much! I think they are quite rare in our fandom, but maybe I’m wrong? (I only focus on reading Larry fics from 2016 so I don’t know much about those before.)

Frozen by @thebookofjacinth​ [M, 5.7k]

Despite being forced into an arranged Mating, Omega Louis sees the opportunity for happiness when he first looks into the eyes of his intended. However, the naive Omega quickly learns not to judge a book by its handsome cover when his Alpha, Harry, turns cold-hearted, indifferent, and sometimes utterly cruel, leaving Louis to wonder what he’s done wrong. When an accident occurs six months into the miserable Mating, Louis is forced to care for a man who so clearly despises him. ~ 01.2016

Stalker. by @iamnoteternal​ [E, 5.5k]

Louis being followed who leaves rose petals and fragrances in his home for him to find. ~ 01.2016

nothing’s gonna hurt you, baby by @kingsoftheimpossible​ [?, 9.4k]

Things were a lot easier before Louis’ hallucinations decided to give themselves a body and a name. ~ 02.2016

For You by WreckedPrincess [M, 17.8k]

Harry is Louis’ neighbor that he sometimes sees when he collects his mail. Louis is Harry’s prime obsession for which he crosses all boundaries.
But the truth is, Harry really just loves Louis. Can love have limits too?
~ 02.2016

Converging Fates by ForeverRememberLarryStylinson [?, 82.9k]

The one where the world has mutated and become far more vicious, harsh, and deadly than ever before. It’s a survival of the fittest world, and only those whom are able to conceive children are kept to live. Most who aren’t, are left out to die.
Louis Tomlinson can conceive. Harry Styles is the leader of a cult. Together, there is fire. ~ 

Lockdown by caballero78 [E, 93.4k]

Making the move from the City to a small town should’ve been the best decision for Louis; urban to rural, busy to tranquil. Pursuing a Masters degree in Architectural Design, he’d secured an internship and needed to escape to somewhere smaller that will allow him to focus and build a life. However a local, elusive criminal turns all that on its head when he learns a bit more about the six foot something monster that lives on the hill. ~ 07.2016

Only Natural by @louisovermyknee [M, 6.3k]

It might have been the latex. It could have been the leather, the bondage, the corset—Either way, the captor took his prisoner’s breath away. ~ 08.2016

The Werewolf by @iamnotfranca [E, 25.6k]

It’s hard to know what love is when you’re damaged inside. ~ 09.2016

So I’ve had this blog since around January and I got 5.5k followers some time  lat month. I never expected to even get 100 followers, let alone 5.5k. I’ve met so many amazing and sweet people and they’re so awesome to talk to. I’d love to get to know everyone of my followers, because I love getting to know everyone.

I’d like to thank you guys for following me, after the amount of times I was annoying, a bitch or just rude in general. (Wasn’t everyday but I did have my days) So yeah thank you (:


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Even if you’re not on this list, I still love you okay? I love talking to new people so don’t even worry about me thinking you’re weird while messaging me. I love everyone I talk to, and that’s one of the many reasons why some of them are on this follow forever.

Sirenja says - thank you -

It’s the end of the year and this blog is now a little over 1 year old and reached 5.5k followers - I want to thank everyone for the support,likes and reblogs.

Let’s stay strong for Hannibal S4 while we watch the new projects from the cast and I’m looking forward to meet some of you at RDC3 in London!

Happy New Year  - 2017 can only get better! (✿◠‿◠)

hello everyone!!!! sooo i recently hit 5.5k followers :o and i wanted to acknowledge my amazing mutuals! thank you all for making my dash a wonderful place. i love and appreciate you so much and i wish you all happy holidays! 💕


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