5.5 million

The new Young American Tracking Poll (YATP) is a first-of-its-kind quarterly survey and report that focuses on the opinions and behaviors of Americans between the ages 13 and 25 on topics in politics, policy, and civic engagement.

From its annual surveying of young Americans conducted since 2013, DoSomething.org and TMI Strategy launched the YATP in order to elevate the voices of young people in discussions of national policies and priorities. The poll brings attention to the distinct ways young millennials and Gen Z participate in their civic communities, which often contrast from beliefs and actions found in the general adult population in America.

Most often, young people are defined as 18–29 and so thinly sampled that additional segmentation within the group is impossible. And for the voices of those under 18? Nothing.

Specifically, the YATP provides an alternative to the standard approaches taken by traditional polling towards young people. Most often, young people are defined as 18–29 and so thinly sampled that additional segmentation within the group is impossible. This approach mutes the nuances of youth experience and opinions. The circumstances of someone in her late teens are very different than someone in her late twenties. And even with more narrow age-bracketing, there are major differences between urban and rural youth, male and female, and so on.

And for the voices of those under 18? Nothing. Most national polls omit 13- to 18-year-olds entirely from sampling, thereby silencing millions of young people who disproportionately rely on and are impacted by policy decisions.

Summary of Key Findings

The YATP finds that young Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of Donald Trump and his policies. For all areas where a direct comparison is possible, youth disapproval of Trump exceeds that of the general population. Specifically, American youth disproportionately disagree with Trump’s actions regarding immigration and border security.

In the months since the election, young people significantly increased their participation in organized protests, their use of technology to take and promote positions on social issues, and their use of social networks to organize others to take action.

This strong disapproval of Trump corresponds with a perceptible increase in civic participation from young Americans. In the months since the election, young people significantly increased their participation in organized protests, their use of technology to take and promote positions on social issues, and their use of social networks to organize others to take action.

Self-identified young “liberals” — one third of all young people — are driving the increase in civic participation almost entirely. This group has been two to three times more likely to take action than self-identified “moderate” or “conservative” peers since the November election.

Additionally, across a broad set of issues and policy areas, America’s young people are increasingly taking sides. On nearly every issue/policy asked about in the YATP, the percent of young people with no opinion decreased following the election.

The biggest gains in agreement went almost exclusively towards traditionally liberal positions. On topics ranging from climate change, to immigration reform, to the legalization of marijuana, a new consensus is forming among young Americans.

On topics ranging from climate change, to immigration reform, to the legalization of marijuana, a new consensus is forming among young Americans.

On several issues and policy areas, young liberals diverge from young moderates and young conservatives. The Women’s March in Washington, D.C. and identification with feminism are resoundingly unpopular with young moderates and young conservatives but are popular with young liberals. On issues of religion and security, young moderates and young conservatives are noticeably more skeptical of refugees and concerned by terrorism than are their young liberal peers.

In this report, we’ll take a deep dive into:

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Now that I have more time, I want to talk about the new rumors and news that recently came out about the third season of Sense8. The other day a rumor was started in regards to the third season due to an interview with an executive producer who worked on the show - this rumor was a bit malicious.

The rumor determined that the series has been a huge investment for Netflix - especially the second season, which doubled compared to the first season’s expense at $ 9 million per episode - and that the audiences were not as good as other Netflix series - Jessica Jones, OITNB, Strangers Things - which also have big budgets.

It is also rumored that SOME of the protagonists of the series have not signed the new contract yet and that the absence of Lilly Wachowski affected the production because Lana was alone with the project.

Okay, this is all garbage.

JMS is one of the creators of the series so Lana is not alone - He said on twitter that nothing is known at this point, but said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the series renewal. It must be clarified that this rumor has been given by an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER of the series and that this can not be certain after only a few days since the premiere. And on the other hand, NETFLIX is who will make the decision on the subject anyways, not a producer as JMS has said:

Everything is uncertain at this point, and there are many factors that we did not consider before. Netflix expanded to Asia in 2016, and many viewers have recently watched season 1 of Sense8, which will create new viewers in Asia. The same effect can happen for all those new / old global subscribers - which increased to almost twice as much since the first season premiered in 2015.

On the other hand, it is possible that some actors have not signed the new agreement for several reasons. [Not confirmed 100%] We could know that Jamie, Tina, Toby and Miguel Angel all came together at the end of February to extended their contracts until June - So in June they will need to sign on for the new season if the second is a success. Brian, Max, Tuppence and Doona were not at that meeting. 

But Max was at the Berlin headquarters at the time, doing press for Sense8 and another project - and perhaps signing the agreement as well. 

The same could go for Doona - she could have signed at the Netflix headquarters in Asia. And we know she loves working with the Wachowski and has been training a lot in the gym - which is a good sign. It is true that we know nothing of Brian or Tuppence yet, but Brian recently said on twitter that he would be happy to do 20 seasons because he never wants it to end - so you can assume that he has signed on as well. Only Tuppence remains as the outstanding cast member, but she has been working hard and perhaps the lack of time has been a problem to be able to sign.

Personally I think that both during the shoot, and ever since production wrapped, that all of them have shown an extreme amount of love for the show. Everyone is fascinated with the project and I do not think any of them have any problems with renewing.

So what are the drawbacks? Time, for example. For instance, Miguel Angel had to ask for time off during production to return to Spain and record Velvet in it’s second season. They gave it to him without problem and adapted to his schedule. Doona also had to take some time off to do some work for Louis Vuitton. Another problem would be money, but I honestly do not think there are problems with that issue and they will come to an agreement if there is one. - So I think the subject of SCHEDULING is something that takes time to figure out, since they have to take into account so many things like nudity, action scenes, project time, recording time to combine with other projects, etc … Everything is still being decided.

About the rumor that the THIRD SEASON will be the last one is also LIE. The producer from this interview - who I think seems a little silly - speaks from his personal opinion as if it were a confirmed truth. JMS has said that has never determined the duration of a series before - That is, if they make the third season the last, he will make a final adaptation as the last season. The executive producer in the interview never even determined that they were five seasons planned, which JMS has said repeatedly. This tells us a lot, especially since the end of the second season left on a cliffhanger, we can assume that Netflix wants more Sense8.

It is true that Lana did not have her sister during Season 2, but we know from Miguel that Lilly has been very involved in the project and has supported Lana even though she has not participated in it. The reason she took time off in the first place was to go through her transition after she came out as a transgender woman. Her absence probably won’t be permanent, and she may come back for the possible renewal. Besides, Lana loves the series, the characters and her work, so I do not think that LANA was a reason for the third season to be the rumored last. By the way, LANA IS WRITING the new season - possibly finishing writing - which is fantastic news.

Now about the show’s RATINGS, I have been doing calculations. All are mere theoretical facts based on instagram accounts, followers and comparison with other series - Game of Thrones, Orange Is The New Black or House of Cards. I’ve had a lot of data taken into account to get these numbers, but I REPEAT, it’s all THEORY.

Based on different data, Sense8 has an average of 3.2 million viewers in the US per episode - and added 6.4% subscribers to Netflix. With this percentage I have added the rest of countries giving me a total of: 5 million viewers globally per episode - without regard to ASIA, since there is no exact data on this territory yet. So maybe we could be talking between 5.5 or 10 million viewers. Are they bad figures? Well since Jessica Jones has 4.8 million viewers per episode in the US, then this is not bad at all. Not the best, but not bad either.

All of this is a mere theoretical study. You have to take into account the data that I do not even have access to; like the opinions of each region, exact number of subscribers, advertising, improved product visualization, etc. … A prime example of what I’m talking about is in regards to MASTER OF NONE. In spite of the fact that in Spain it had a bad review - or had (the stars on Netflix disappeared) - it was still renewed. In the US it has been seen by 3.9 million people per episode and is considered a success. This shows that in each country a certain show works differently, In Brazil with fewer subscribers there are more viewings of Sense8 than the US.

On the other hand, Netflix releases all of the episodes at once, but this does not mean that everyone watches all of them at the same time. There are some people who take months to watch a series. A good example of that is the fourth season of OITNB. In its first month in the US it was only seen by 664 thousand people, yet now it is supposed to be one of the most watched series on Netflix.

To add onto the list of potential problems, THE DUBBED VOICES could be one. In Spain there is a protest going on at the moment, and the series is not being completely understood because the dubbing is in LATIN AMERICAN and not in SPANISH (Castillan). This is probably the main reason why the Spaniards will have to wait until the protests cease.

Finally, I do not like the idea that NETFLIX does not promote Sense8 as it does with other series. I don’t know why this happens. Maybe Sense8 takes care of its own advertising.

This budget is also influenced by the income of product placement. This is a form of advertising, where a brand appears incognito in the series as part of the plot. Examples: Fuchs team is Nike or Joong-Ki’s car is a Mercedes or the kind of Whiskey that Felix drinks. - That type of advertising is sometimes based on giving the product out for free, or at a lower price. There are even brands that pay for them to appear in the show. Sense8 has many expenses, but a lot of them are covered by this kind of advertising.

How about the renewal? For me all of the factors involved indicate that yes, we will have a third season. But we will probably have to wait a couple of months to find out. This month will be the observation of social media & reviews, in June the agreements and presentation of the project will be discussed, and in July we should get the official statement. Netflix has acted like this for other series as well, and I think this will not be the exception.

If you have more doubts like these, or about the plot, characters, or Kalagang … You can always ask me here: https://kalagangspain.tumblr.com/ask

Thank for all @ww-n-double-d you are my favorite american sensates!

Wednesday, March 8 is International Women’s Day

“Women have been cut out of history, treated like property, and kept out of power. International Women’s Day celebrates women rising above the inequality that they have been handed. It also reminds us that we need to continue fighting. For black women, for Latina women, for native women, for Asian women, for Islamic women, for Jewish women, for LGBTQ+ women, for ALL women.” — Janet, 21-year-old DoSomething member, New York

What is A Day Without A Woman?

On International Women’s Day (Wednesday, March 8), women and their allies are joining in a one-day demonstration — A Day Without A Woman — to recognize how valuable women of all backgrounds are to our socioeconomic system and to call attention to the economic injustices women and gender oppressed people continue to face. According to the official site:

Anyone, anywhere, can join by making March 8th A Day Without a Woman, in one or all of the following ways:

  1. Women take the day off, from paid and unpaid labor
  2. Avoid shopping for one day (with exceptions for small, women- and minority-owned businesses)
  3. Wear RED, the color of the labor movement, in solidarity with A Day Without A Woman

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Top 10 Facts Of The Day (March 27, 2017)

10. Volkswagen was sued by Czechoslovakian car maker Tatra before WWII because the original Beetle was so similar to the Tatra T97. After Germany invaded Czechoslovakia in 1938 the lawsuit was cancelled by the Nazis.

9. When Paris fell to the Nazis in 1940, French soldiers cut the elevator cables to the Eiffel Tower. This meant that if Hitler wanted to hoist a swastika flag, they would have to climb hundreds of stairs to get to the top.

8. Carlsberg beer used to have a Swastika (as a symbol of purity) in its logo. They removed it in 1940 after the Nazi’s appropriated it.

7. When men don’t masturbate for 7 days their testosterone levels increase by 45.7%.

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The NHS Hack

The Government decided to end their IT support agreement with Microsoft, leaving the NHS vulnerable, running out of date software and security. All to save just £5.5 million a year. How much is it going to cost to restore the encrypted files and subsequently upgrade the NHS’ IT infrastructure to make sure this doesn’t happen again? Much more than £5.5 million I’m sure. Just another example of poor Tory management. And the fact Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, is nowhere to be seen is appalling. The Tories continue to avoid the press and hold the country in contempt.

HOV fact of the day:

Jay-Z originally finished his eleventh studio album The Blueprint 3 in November 2008, but he held the recordings back so he could continue negotiations with Def Jam Recordings and owner Universal Music Group. According to The New York Times, he still owed the label at least one more album, and they wanted The Blueprint 3. In May 2009, after their offers weren’t in accordance with what he felt he deserved, Jay bought out his contract with Def Jam for $5 million, freeing him up to release the album through a joint venture between Atlantic Records and his new entertainment company Roc Nation. One of the negotiations Hov made with Def Jam when signing up to be the President and CEO of the label in December 2004 was that he would earn full ownership of his master recordings after ten years. While they still owned some of his music Def Jam utilized the opportunity to release a compilation album titled Jay-Z: The Hits Collection, Volume One in November 2010.

While he did make $10 million from his time at the head of Def Jam, when looking to launch a new business venture Jay had stopped seeing a future with UMG. This choice to leave his label home of over ten years dated back to a conversation he had with the label’s executives in 2005. He revealed to Billboard in 2009 how they had passed on the opportunity to develop him into the kind of mogul he wanted to be: “You have to figure, this is like four years ago, and to them it was just like, ‘Are you crazy? No! Make a song!’ To me it was like, 'I’ve sold companies for huge amounts of money. I’m an entrepreneur-that’s what I’ve been all my life. I can’t just sit here and make records and not do anything else. Why wouldn’t you want to do this with me?’ I felt underutilized.” Jay’s $150 million deal with Live Nation and the formation of his Roc Nation venture was revealed in April 2008.

Hindsight would be upsetting for Universal Music Group, knowing that The Blueprint 3 featured “Empire State of Mind”—one of Hov’s most popular singles that has sold over 5.5 million copies in the United States alone and has become the new New York anthem. Add that to Hov’s 2018 $200 million touring re-up with Live Nation because of his record-setting touring ability, and the huge successes of the Roc Nation entertainment company and its various ventures, we can definitely add UMG to the list of people who “Lost One.” 

Enhanced color view of Saturn’s ring system was assembled from clear, orange and ultraviolet frames from a distance of 8.9 million kilometers (5.5 million miles) by Voyager 2 in 1981. The difference in color is attributable to chemical and physical variations. [752 × 960]

Archaeologists Still Scrambling To Save Mes Aynak

Over a decade ago, the world was outraged when the Taliban destroyed two massive Buddha statues in Afghanistan’s Bamiyan valley in a vendetta against all Islamic art. Today, an even larger and older collection of artifacts is under threat, but this time the conflict has more to do with economics than religion.

Mes Aynak is a 9,800-acre archaeological site in Afghanistan’s Logar Province. It was once a major city on the ancient Silk road, and is home to structures dating back more than 2,600 years. Archaeologists say it’s a cultural goldmine, but others are more concerned with what lies beneath it – 5.5 million metric tons of high-grade copper ore. Read more.

Diphalia, or having two penises, occurs in 1 out of every 5.5 million American men.
That means guys in the US with two dicks currently outnumber people in the US with Ebola by a 10 to 1 margin.

NEWS - “Goblin” Stars Gong Yoo And Kim Go Eun Dominate January 2017 Brand Reputation Rankings

Riding the popularity of “Goblin,” Gong Yooand Kim Go Eun took No. 1 and No. 2 respectively in January 2017 rankings of ad models’ brand reputations, while Park Bo Gum held strong as No. 3, following his 2016 drama “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.”

Gong Yoo recorded a participation index of 5.5 million and communication index of 1.7 million, for a total reputation index of approximately 7.2 million. Kim Go Eun recorded, respectively, 5.1 million and 2 million for a total reputation index of 7.1 million. Park Bo Gum recorded 3 and 1.5 million for a total of 4.5 million.

Here are the top 20 celebrities from January 2017:

1. Gong Yoo
2. Kim Go Eun
3. Park Bo Gum
4. Yoo Jae Suk
5. Song Joong Ki
6. Jun Ji Hyun
7. Baek Jong Won
8. Kim Tae Hee
9. Kang Dong Won
10. Lee Min Ho
11. Hyun Bin
12. Kim Yoo Jung
13. Ryu Jun Yeol
14. Kim Hye Soo
15. Suzy
16. Honey Lee
17. Kim Soo Hyun
18. Seolhyun
19. IU
20. Han Hyo Joo


Latin artist J Balvin and Univision just sent 2 big middle fingers to Donald Trump.

Balvin was scheduled to perform at the Miss USA pageant in July, an event that drew 5.5 million viewers last year. But when he heard Miss USA-owner Donald Trump’s speech, he swiftyl canceled his performance and gave a powerful explanation via Billboard.

In related news, Univision, the largest Spanish-language media company in the U.S, is not letting this one go either. The network announced Thursday that it will end its partnership with the Miss Universe Organization. Univision anchor Jorge Ramos had some particularly biting words for Trump.


Bishop’s Palace by Steve Lange
Via Flickr:
The Bishop’s Palace, also known as Gresham’s Castle, is an ornate 19,082 square feet (1,772.8 square meters) Victorian-style house, located on Broadway and 14th Street in the East End Historic District of Galveston, Texas. The Gresham mansion was made all of stone, and was sturdy enough to withstand the great hurricane of 1900. The Greshams welcomed hundreds of survivors of the hurricane into their home. The house was built between 1887 and 1893 by Galveston architect Nicholas J. Clayton for lawyer and politician Walter Gresham, his wife Josephine, and their nine children. In 1923 the Roman Catholic Diocese of Galveston purchased the house, and, situated across the street from the Sacred Heart Church, it served as the residence for Bishop Christopher E. Byrne. After the diocesan offices were moved to Houston, the diocese opened the mansion to the public in 1963, with proceeds from tours used to help fund the Newman Center, operating in the basement, serving Catholic students at the nearby University of Texas Medical Branch. The home is estimated to have cost $250,000 at the time. Today, its value is estimated at over $5.5 million.

The Mediterranean Sea once dried up almost completely

Geologists think this event, which happened around 5.5 million years ago, was caused by tectonic shifts that closed off the sea’s connection to the Atlantic Ocean. Over hundreds of thousands of years, the sea dried up from evaporation. Later, the Straight of Gibraltar re-opened, rapidly refilling the basin in an epically named event called the Zanclean Flood.


Frankfurt am Main in Hessen, Central Germany is the 5th-largest city in Germany, population ~700,000. Its metro area has a population of over 2.2 million, the larger Frankfurt Rhein-Main region has 5.5 million and is Germany’s 2nd-largest metropolitan region. Since the enlargement of the European Union, the EU’s geographic center lies 40 km east of Frankfurt. In 2011, the human-resource-consulting firm Mercer ranked Frankfurt 7th in its annual “Quality of Living” survey of cities around the world. According to The Economist’s cost of living survey, Frankfurt is Germany’s most expensive city, and the 10th most expensive in the world. A unique feature of Frankfurt is its significant number of skyscrapers and high-rise buildings in the city center which form the Frankfurt skyline. Frankfurt is one of only a few cities in the European Union that have such a skyline. In the area of the Römer (old town), Roman settlements were established in the 1st century. Frankfurt already was one of the most important cities in the Holy Roman Empire. From 855, the German kings and emperors were elected in Frankfurt and crowned in Aachen. The Frankfurter Messe (Trade Fair) was first mentioned in 1150. Book trade fairs have been held in Frankfurt since 1478.

Investments // Calum Hood - CEO

ok i know i’m supposed to be writing 7 Minutes of Who Pt. 2 .. but I kinda got carried away…

Requested: Nah

Rated: Idk just assume that there’s smut in it.


Four years. That’s how long it took to get over him. It was a college fling. You thought it would be easier to get over him, but it took you four years. You were 6 years out of college and was already on your path to becoming a powerful business woman. You see, while you were in school you had an internship at this corporation hat you never really took the time in remembering because it was such a long name… Or you were just a college student who just wanted to please your parents.

After four years of working for these people, you were finally offered a job today. You and two men were brought to the bosses office. You were brought in, Mr. Williams looking down at his papers. Once you were all in he looked up at you all and smiled.

“I’m glad you guys made it to work today!” He said cheerfully. He was always so cheery.. Almost too nice. You believed to be a powerful man like himself, you had to be serious. “We have one more person who should be here.. where is he..” He started to mumble to himself.

Just as he finished, a man struggling to fix his tie came rolling in. You and the two other men looked towards the door trying to see who it was. Your eyes widened immediately.

“What’s he doing here?” You said aloud by accident. The man looked up at you as you were looking at Mr. Williams

“That’s my nephew.. Ms.Y/L/N is there a problem?” He asked, motioning for Calum to come closer. You looked at the two of them shaking your head. Inside, you were nodding. It’s not like your nephew made my heart break into ten thousand pieces. You wanted to say, but you would sound like a clingy ex girlfriend. How come you never knew Mr. Williams was Calum’s uncle? 

“Great.. Then, you two will be working partners. As for you guys as well.” He said, pairing you and Calum and then the other workers with each other. You internally groaned, but kept a smile on your face. “Each pair will share a office and will be given a department to be in charge of.” He continued, “You may leave now..” Mr. Williams finished.

The four of you guys walked out of his office. The two other men walked off with a lady who would be showing them their offices. Nobody came for Calum or you yet.

“So.. Hey.” Calum said, looking at you.

“Are you doing this to get on my nerves or something?” You asked, crossing your arms.

“If I were doing this to get on your nerves I would have been here in my skinny jeans and t-shirt.” He scoffed. “Not everything is about you.” He rolled his eyes.

“You knew I had this internship since college.” You stated, and Calum nodded.

“Why do you think you got the job?” He rolled his eyes then covering his mouth. You weren’t catching on to what he meant. But then it hit you like a bus, your boss is Calum’s uncle. You started dating Calum and then you got the internship. 

“Are you fucking kidding me?” You seethed through your teeth.

“I was only trying to help you out.” He said in a calm voice.

“Why didn’t you tell me! Is everyone here pretending to like me too! For all I know I could suck at everything I do here and nobody would have the heart to have told me to not come back because you are telling your uncle to keep me?” You were clearly mad. Maybe you wouldn’t have reacted like this if Calum had told you before you guys broke up, but now you couldn’t help it.

“You’re overreacting.” He rolled his eyes for what seemed like the millionth time to you.

“Because everything could be a lie for all I know.” You tried to calm yourself.

“Yeah just like our relationship.” You could have sworn you heard Calum mumble but you brushed it off. Honestly, that only hurt you more. Suddenly everything started to replay in your head the day Calum broke up with you.

Someone eventually came to get you two. You were brought to an office that was rather large. There were two glass desks, one on each end of the room. The man explained to you two that you guys can decorate it however you wanted. When he left, he shut the door, leaving you and Calum inside the room, alone. 

“Pick a side.” He said just above a whisper. You walked straight to the side that had the glass wall on both sides. You sat down at the glass desk, and looked up at Calum who had sat down at the other desk already.


Weeks passed by. You had grown to feel apathetic to him again. Whenever you saw him, you would simply nod your head. Even in meetings, you managed to weave your way out of speaking to him. You guys were in charge of the marketing department. Calum had taken most control, but you had about the same amount as power as he did. Other than being a part of the marketing department, Mr. Williamson gave both of you some weird promotion that said you guys in charge of the corporation whenever he was not there. 

Both of your incomes started to raise. By the time three months passed, you two were the wealthiest workers in W&V Corp. This also meant, you guys made your appearances in magazines and the newspapers often. Suddenly all these luxuries were thrown at you. Mr. Williams got both you and Calum had stylists, publicists and many more workers working for you. Life was good.

Calum and you were now both sitting in your office, going through papers for the next investment. As much as you didn’t want to talk to him, the time had to come.

“I think we should invest.” You said to him, still looking down at the papers.

“I don’t think we should.” He said back briefly.

“Why not? They are offering 5.5 million dollars and is run by very powerful men and woman as well.” You reasoned.

“Exactly, they are powerful. If we fuck up anything with them, they will not hesitate to take our names and drag it in the dirt.” he said back as if it was obvious.

“Then we tell our people not to fuck up. You can’t just turn down 5.5 million dollars, Calum.” You started to raise your voice. Even if you weren’t talking to him directly, at meeting, Calum would always find a way to disagree with you. 

“How about we ask my uncle.” He said sighing. With that, he picked dup his phone and called your uncle down to our office. Within minutes, Mr. Williams was in our office, sitting on the couch we had bought three months ago.

“So what was it you wanted?” He asked, taking a sip of the water Calum had gave him. Calum looked at you as if he was asking for you to explain.

“So.. The Clifford’s want to invest with us.” You started, “They are offering us $5.5 Million and I don’t think that we should turn it down.” You told your boss.

“The Clifford’s are a very powerful company, Ms.Y/L/N…” He started, “However, 5,5 millions dollars is the highest investment we got all year. This just proves how hard you are working.” He complimented you.

“So we are investing?” Calum asked and his uncle nodded.

“I don’t see why not, it will only give publicity to our name as well.” Mr. Williams said. “Are we done here?” He asked and you nodded. With that he left the office.

Calum went back to sit at his desk, resting his arms on his desk, his head in his hands. He looked through the papers as you watched him intently. Out of nowhere, Calum took the papers and threw them in the air. He stood up from his seat and put his hands on his hips. He was very angry.

“I don’t get why you’re this angry. I just got us the best investment for the company.” You told him.

“You or my uncle aren’t thinking rationally! This just puts ten thousand blocks on our shoulders! We are nothing compared to The Clifford’s!” He started to raise his voice. You stood up, walking over to him carefully.

“So what? We are quickly on our way to meeting them at the top. You should be thinking that we are lucky they even want to invest into our company.” You said, now standing in front of his desk.

“You.. You drive me fucking crazy.” Was all he said. He was breathing heavily, his hands still on his hips.

“You drove me crazy.. Now I can’t help but feel nothing when I think of you.” You said, speaking in a monotone voice.

“I just wanted to give you the world.” He spoke. You were no longer talking about this investment.

“I would have never let you.” You managed to crack a smile.

“I know.” He chuckled.

The two of you looked at each other. You were now behind Calum’s desk with him. You were leaning on the desk, as Calum stood in from of you. No words were exchanged. 

“I could still give you the world.” He said, moving closer to your body.

“I have the world.” You said back, now looking up at him.

“I could give you the galaxy then.” He chuckled. Calum placed his hands on your hips. The familiar feeling his hands on your hips was nice. For some reason, you longed for this moment.

“I don’t want to galaxy. I just want you.” You whispered. You let the words fall out of your mouth. He was your drug. He could make you feel like you could say and do anything. 

Calum smirked as if he heard what he wanted to hear. He brought one hand to your cheek and the other to spread your legs apart so he could stand between them. He walked closer and leaned his head down, coming close enough to simply brush his lips against you. He was waiting for you to give in. So you did, you crashed your lips to his. It was a hungry kiss. There was no passion. It was simply for both of your own enjoyment. 

Calum tugged at your hair lightly, making you whimper in pleasure. He slipped is tongue into your mouth and took full dominance. He used his hands to lift you up on the desk. You used your hands to balance yourself, so you wouldn’t fall back from the force Calum was using. 

“I could take you right here.” He mumbled against your lips then pushing his tongue back into your mouth.

“Lock the doors.” You said back. Calum detached himself from you and quickly walked to the door, locking it. When he walked back, he picked up his office phone. He quickly told your secretary not to send anyone in. When he hung up, he did not hesitate to attach himself to your body. 

There was nothing sweet or passionate about this. Immediately, your dress was teared off your body, as Calum’s shirt was making it’s way off. You were sitting on his desk in nothing but your bra, panties and your feet with your 5 inch heels dangling. Once Calum was shirtless, there was not a second that passed that your hand made it’s way to his crotch, unzipping the material and tugging the nice pants down. His hard on was very evident in his tight boxers.

Calum kissed down your chest, stopping at your breasts and letting them spill from your bra. He took both of them and sucked on each of them, then letting this leave his grip. He moved further down your chest, stopping right above your crotch. Chills ran throughout your body when he pressed a kiss right to your heat. You tugged at his hair as he licked up your clothed slit. Calum looked up at you. Your head was thrown back, soft moans escaping your lips. When he detached his lips from you, you whimpered, wanting more.

“Calm down, baby girl.” He chuckled. Calum pulled down his boxers, enough to let his member out. He pushed your panties aside, and took no time to push himself into you. 

Your body instinctively brought itself closer to Calum’s as you readjusted to him. You have to admit, you have never met a man who was as big as Calum’s. He thrusted into you, both of your moans filling the room. He quickened his pace, wanting to make this last, but also wanting to make it a quickie unless someone actually needed to see the two of you. You were holding onto Calum so you could keep yourself steady. He brought one hand to the small of your back, keeping your pressed against him as he continued to thrust faster. He hand another hand on your wait, bringing it’s way to your clit. Once there, he applied pressure to the nub, making you reach your climax within seconds. At the same time, both you and Calum released your loads.

Heavy breathing. That was all you heard. 

“I think I have another investment.” Calum breathed. He was really thinking abut investments at a time like this?

Tell me, Mr. Hood.” You breathed back.