Kayla's Party!

Best. Shit. Ever.

Omg I had so much fun.

Roxanne Crisostomo and I were like drunk, laughing at every little thing. We laughed at ice, songs, videos, volleyballs, bags, mustaches, goatees, pinatas, racist stero types, singing songs about suns, singing songs about ducks, wearing our unique mustache styles, etc. haha omg. This girl got hit in the face with her own volleyball serve.

Sadie Agliam, Grace *last name*, Sabeaner Quiapo & Jerome Padilla were bomb at volleyball and Sadie decided to take pictures in a dirty bathroom, Jerome hit Esther in the face, Sabrina and Grace were just the volleyball captains! lol. Jerome, Sadie, and Sabrina were all wet from the little fountain shooty thingy muhbawbs!

Esther and Madeline were always smiling. D'awwh. Esther was such a sweetheart cleaning up, even when it was everyone elses trash :’) Madeline didn’t put her mustache on! But she looked so stunning. Aha.

Sienna Placenta, we ate and ate and ate! She elbowed me off a cliff. DEAR LORD THAT WAS SO SCARY. OMG. Haha, this girl is so funny and can throw a football. I swear. Lol.

Kayla Almodovar got caked! Geeez, Esther and I had to clean her with a water fountain, paper towels, and a comb. Her party was the besttttttt. I loved the mustache, hello kitty pencils, hello kitty stickers, and hello kitty bags she gave us! Oh and my unclaimed princess/gnome hat! Happy Birthday dear, we loved your party :’)

fun day bro. fun. day.

Day 41: Katy and Pokebra

So today was a magnificent day! One of the best days I have in a while. I woke up around 7, then went back to sleep untill 9, took a shower and got dressed. I watched the new Shane Dawson Music Video and then went to meet Katy to get coffee. We went to the starbuck and just catched up for about 2 hours. I missed her so much and I hope I can visit her this summer. Then I texted Darren when we were talking and asked him if he wanted to help me with a Pokemon Bra I’ve been wanting to work on for a long time. he said yes so after visiting with Katy, I went to Walmart and Target to get fabric paint, a white bra and paper for the frame I bought yesterday. Then I headed over to his house and we just visited for a bit. Then we got to work. I asked darren if he could draw it out for me and then i would paint it. He agreed and we go to work. We were craving a disney movie so we popped in “The Little Mermaid”. I forgot how violence it was, but it ws still awesome to watch it with someone who apperciates Disney movies. So After that I finished the bra and we had to let it dry for 4 hours. I left it up in his room and he wanted to get a laminator so we headed to Michael’s. We found one but it was 40 dollar and it was really small. So we wanted to look at Walmart and Target before he decided. But then we saw this screen printer that was only $100 when it was usually $300. We left Michael’s because Darren needed a little time to see if he wanted the screen printer. So we went to Target, but no luck so we went to Walmart. We found a laminator that was really good and it was big. So we got it and then we went back to Michael’s to get the screen printer. It was really heavy so both of us had to stand in line with this thing over our heads. But as we were carrying it out we found  out that it had handles. So we laugh and took it out to the car. So we went back to his house and go everything and put it in his room. Then we tested the laminator and it works so well. It was a good buy. So we went to finish the Bra an put the logo on it. We watched “Drawn Togehter” and worked on the Bra. Then we let it dry some more and we were feeling kinda hungry so we made some potstickers. They were all stuk together so they were messy, but still delicious. Darren is a great cook. So after the Bra was finished, we both tried it on and it looked fabulous. So then we started playing with the laminator and I got to see some funny videos of Darren. We must of laminated about 6 sheets of index card art and Darren was so sweet that he gave me 3 of my favorite ones. So the rest of the time we laminated, talked, went on Omegle and we were about to fall asleep on his bed again, but I caught myself. So we said our goodbyes and I went home. I was glad I got to spend time with him today! It made my whole day perfect! Thanks Darren! 

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Lol i think it’s spelled Jaiden. Haha omg, Kayla’s lil cousin got swag.

and at the end… her headstand thing. (x