Kayla's Party!

Best. Shit. Ever.

Omg I had so much fun.

Roxanne Crisostomo and I were like drunk, laughing at every little thing. We laughed at ice, songs, videos, volleyballs, bags, mustaches, goatees, pinatas, racist stero types, singing songs about suns, singing songs about ducks, wearing our unique mustache styles, etc. haha omg. This girl got hit in the face with her own volleyball serve.

Sadie Agliam, Grace *last name*, Sabeaner Quiapo & Jerome Padilla were bomb at volleyball and Sadie decided to take pictures in a dirty bathroom, Jerome hit Esther in the face, Sabrina and Grace were just the volleyball captains! lol. Jerome, Sadie, and Sabrina were all wet from the little fountain shooty thingy muhbawbs!

Esther and Madeline were always smiling. D'awwh. Esther was such a sweetheart cleaning up, even when it was everyone elses trash :’) Madeline didn’t put her mustache on! But she looked so stunning. Aha.

Sienna Placenta, we ate and ate and ate! She elbowed me off a cliff. DEAR LORD THAT WAS SO SCARY. OMG. Haha, this girl is so funny and can throw a football. I swear. Lol.

Kayla Almodovar got caked! Geeez, Esther and I had to clean her with a water fountain, paper towels, and a comb. Her party was the besttttttt. I loved the mustache, hello kitty pencils, hello kitty stickers, and hello kitty bags she gave us! Oh and my unclaimed princess/gnome hat! Happy Birthday dear, we loved your party :’)

fun day bro. fun. day.