5.17 spoilers

“Deceptive Little Parasite” Lucifer 2x15 Reaction’d *spoilers* [aired 5/8/17]

Non spoilers: In my humble opinion, much MUCH better than 2x14. I’d rate it 8.5/10 “Detectives!” which could have been  9/10 if all the humor hit the marks. The fan service is really strong in this episode, and it’s hammy but more eloquently funny than 2x14, with enough emotional contrast particularly with Lucifer & Amenadiel and Lucifer & Trixie to be interesting. Last, and probably best, TRIXSTAR IS SUPER STRONG in this ep. Spoilers Ahead:

  • “[Shall I] Dip [the blade] in whiskey and light a match?” That’s what I would do, except what should probably happen is dip in whiskey > drink whiskey > light match.
  • “[The blade’s] Not a groovy mood ring” I beg to differ, it’s a kick ass mood ring.
  • Lucifer and Amenadiel - Classic brotherly qualms. I really missed this. 
  • Lucifer to Linda: “That my dad is Morgan Freeman? Focus doctor.” This has to be the best one liner of the episode. Sidenote: It would be great, I think, if Lucifer’s dad came back as Father Frank or in the image of Father Frank. I mean, I’ve been dreaming of that FOREVER!
  • How much has Lucifer been paying Linda per session? She should be a billionaire by now.
  • The breakfast scene with Maze and Chloe didn’t hit the comedy notes for me. Great on the page but something didn’t play.
  • “Tall nonfat almond milk latte with sugar free caramel drizzle and no vodka this time“ No wonder this show is so lively. #AllAbouttheFood
  • “Crime solving divorcees…cracking a joke you don’t like check back to normal in no time” / “not until you’re whining about how boring the case is”/ “Lucifer’s projecting his personal issues onto the case, guess we’re back to normal.” Way to twist the metaphorical knofe with witty repartee.
  • “I just can’t believe it“ ™ phone-it-in line about someone being killed.
  • Tree of Knowledge -esque logo for the school - suspicious or just a nice little ironic insert?
  • Triple Decker“ okay now I’m laughing, 2nd best one liner of the episode.
  • LUCIFER TAKING TRIXIE TO SCHOOL! All my dreams are one by one coming true! Fan service! “For my partner I can sacrifice”
  • I said I would drive you to school, I never said which one - CLASSIC MORNINGSTAR IS BACK, totally brought me back to “I said I’d let you go alone, I never said anything about following.”
  • Trixie “Morningstar” holding Lucifer’s hand hostage = Blessing
  • Trixie gets all the gold stars, she runs this episode
  • It’s Official ™ , Lucifer and Trixie have their own club. The world is good!
  • “This is a picture of my mommy stabbing Debbie” FACEPALM. I take it back, the world is a ridiculous place. 
  • OH MY GOD, I knew it, Trixie bargained for driving lessons! It was just wishful thinking, but now it actually exists in canon!
  • Don’t throw me into the Corvette (so I guess we’re just gonna breeze through the fact that mum withheld / lied about her super strength, no biggie, not yet another deception) 
  • The second scene between Chloe and Maze works 1000% better than the first one “Trixie will slash them with her words, and then I will teach her the knives” PUT THAT ON MY TV ASAP!
  • I have died, I have died and gone to heaven. The two mommies bit it pure gold.
  • Mazikeen: [about Chloe] “Real pistol in the sack, too.” I SCREAMED WITH JOY at a pitch so fierce that my dog freaked out, and then I danced. 
  • For once, I really wish Chloe wasn’t wearing an oversized coat that she’s swimming in because I want to see that backside slap in full detail. Maze is queen.
  • Illegal duplicate of the Detective’s car keys, can’t decide #stalker or #married
  • Mazikeen would be a fantastic rugby player
  • I LOVE the CHLOE & TRIXIE talk. “We never have to pretend with each other.” More, please more! 
  • I can’t decide who takes the lead in this episode more, Trix or Mazikeen, but I love it. 
  • The way Amenadiel looks at Lucifer when he is in pain holding Azrael’s blade is enough to break anyone and everyone. Him standing up for his little brother is everything I never knew I wanted yet desperately needed. For heaven’s sake stop breaking my heart!
  • Methinks Charlotte has just discovered Karma.
Supergirl 5/22/17 (spoilers)

I decided to watch the season  finale anyway even though I haven’t watched the last  few episodes… and YAY, MON’S GONE, LEFT THE PLANET, DON’T COME BACK EVER!

I’m disappointed they turned the J’onn/M’gann relationship into a romance .  I really would rather it not be… since she was like a daughter or little sister to him in the comics and cartoons and making it romantic weird me out.

There were so many cliches and references to the news I rolled my eyes at (”nevertheless she persisted” “stronger together” “fake news” etc).  And some of the fakest punches I ever saw.  But eh, it was ok.  I liked the Wonder Woman “boots” commercial.

I think Winn has a crush on Superman (I think he mouthed “I love you” ?)

I’m relieved that they’re keeping Lena on the good side .  I really don’t like what they did with Lena in the Superwoman comics (if you like the character, don’t read it)

Not sure how I feel about the Alex/Maggie engagement… seems a little fast?

Cat’s back!  But oh no, her pink cat statue broke!

I have no idea who the Kryptonian baby was at the end.  I have read many a Superman comic and I’m still drawing a blank.

Hopefully the writers have learned their lesson from their many mistakes in season 2 and season 3 will be good.

“Candy Morningstar” Lucifer 2x14  Reaction’d *spoilers* [aired 5/1/17]

Non-spoilers: Pre-show - I really hope I end up liking Candy Morningstar like I do Ella and she’s not just a throwaway character. *Deep breath* Keep an open mind.

Post-show rating: 4/10. Don’t hate me, but I think this was a weak return episode from a hiatus and I’ll tell you why (spoilers ahead)

  1. Ahhhh, the old movie references and general nerdiness of Lucifer. God I missed this. “You even look at me like Brando…circa the barefoot stress eating.“ Now we’re rolling. That would have been a better scene than starting with Charlotte.
  2. I kinda hate that the band front runner’s name is Ash. I’m all for fun and cheesy, but it makes me think Ash Ketchum. And Heavy Woolies? What is that…
  3. I’m not gonna lie, when Lucifer waltzed into the office, I thought they might go so far as to ring light him with an angelic aura. I’m glad they toned it back. Not a fan of the bright eyed greeting.
  4. “It’s stuffy in there“ / “It’s a convertible“ REALLY!
  5. [immature partner] “Who else would she be talking about?“ Dan’s withering stare is amazing.
  6. “Are you speaking in tongues?” Best one liner so far.
  7. “Who watches over Trixie, do you want to go splitsy on the nanny?“ I take it back, I can already tell that the one-liner game is super strong this episode.
  8. Secretly I think Candy is either an out of work actress or some kind of genius that Lucifer has paid so be super annoying, That’s the only way I’ll get through this.
  9.  That’s it Chloe, read him the rights. Lucifer GHOSTED YOU! Put him in line.
  10. “You let me down“ and “I don’t need you anymore“ - ICE WATER in her veins! Cold as frozen hell and I love it!
  11. He was hiding behind a single frickin’ bamboo branch guys. What even am I watching? Humor = good, schtick in moderation = good, this episode so far = I’m dying for some plot development.
  12. ‘”See that vein popping out of your neck…[like] when I throw out the dishes. You’re mad” MAZE has become the second most if not THE MOST MATURE CHARACTER on this show and I praise her! I don’t know when it happened, but I am so glad for someone with sense in a boat load of WTH.
  13. 0_O Wot?! O.o WHAAAAAAAA?
  14. “[Candy]’s a sinister genius” I HOPE SO!
  15. “I did this“ OF COURSE you did MUM, now fix it!
  16. When Lucifer got on stage, I had a bit of a William P Rush flashback. Not going to lie.
  17. This is really happening, isn’t it? Wow, Tom’s pipes get me every time, no matter how silly.
  18. Okay, I’ll buy it - it was clever to crowd surf Marla. 
  19. Wait a stinking minute Lucifer you bloody idiot! You’re telling me that for someone who’s known humanity and your Dad for centuries, who spent the ENTIRE first season railing against people’s assumptions that “the devil made me do it,” doesn’t believe in FREE WILL! ARE YOU THICK?! You’re supposed to be a smart character. You don’t make people do bad things, just like your father didn’t just manufacture Chloe’s good feelings. YOU MORON! I’m literally so mad at inconsistency I could punch a writer.
  20. Thank you Amenadiel for being the grounded older brother. You and Mazikeen are the ones running the family right now. Get back together and steer this ship back on course.
  21. Are we really having this conversation during a hostage situation? What the heck, might as well go all in on the slapstick.
  22. “See you tomorrow at the precinct. Don’t be late.” That’s a keeper.
  23. Thank you Candy, for being such a good actress. Sorry you only got one episode.

Post Episode: It wasn’t terrible, but the comedy didn’t grow on me like it normally does. And I think, in part due to the two hiatuses, that I’m just worn out of single episode capsule stories. Humor is great, but I want more arcs and more foundations for meta.

It was all a trap!
Now “A” has Spencer’s, Aria’s, and Emily’s fingerprints.

The whole “moving laptop” thing was a set up!

The old ice cream shop where Spencer, Aria, and Emily went to find the laptop- is the SAME place that the person in the black hoodie was at- at the end looking at the handprints on the door.

The door that lead into the room where “A” moved all of Mona’s stuff.

The door is the same!

The same logo..

The handprints that “A”, or the person in the black hoodie, was looking at..

Spencer’s on the door handle..

Aria’s on the small window..

And then the ones on the side are Emily’s and Spencer’s..

So.. yeah.

Just thought I would point it out incase no one else put it all together.

I have so many questions regarding Peridot’s descent into fandom

does she know what the internet is?

does she find more episodes of Camp Pining Hearts?

does she create fanworks?

does Connie help her figure out fandom websites so she can post her fanwork?

does she get into ship wars with people over her objectively perfect OTP?