amy acker | “James kept telling me he thought we would be love interests.”

james marsters | “I kinda hoped Fred and Spike would have a relationship, but it never happened. I thought it would be a great counterpoint because she’s so wholesome and wonderful and he’s so not. Yeah… I thought that they were gonna go that way from the very beginning when I was a ghost and she was being nice to me… but then they decided to go elsewhere. I don’t know why.” (x)


Is that what you did to them? You hit them to shut them up and then forced them to play along with your sick delusion? …You’re finally gonna meet your soul mate, Joe, in prison. Only you’re not gonna be able to push him around the way you did those women, and when he comes for you in the middle of the night, when you’re least expecting it, you do me a favor. Play along.