Brick!club 5.1.4 ~ Five Less, One More

Alright, I am never going to be properly emotionally prepared for this chapter, no matter how long I put it off. I had to stop writing this no less than six times, because my tears were inhibiting my ability to see what I’d typed. So this is as good as it’s going to get, sadly. Time for me to hit post, and curl up with a quilt, some cocoa, and find out what happens to Jack now that Gwen has him tied up in a lorry.*

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Brick!Club 5.1.4: Five Less, One More

I’m trying to imagine what that conversation must have been like, Enjolras telling Combeferre about the woman he saw in the window. There was some great meta a while back about his intro, about how he was unaffected by the bare breast of some Greek lady, meaning that no weeping woman, no raw emotional appeal will make him question where he stands. And it’s still true that it won’t make him question where he stands, but it will affect him. He knows now that those two aren’t one in the same. And he knows that because of Combeferre, Combeferre who brought the logic of the revolution down to earth, who made it gentle and attainable and human without in any way making it weaker. (There’s probably Christology somewhere in here, but if I turn on my Goggles I’ll never finish this post.) And now we’re seeing what all of these metaphors mean on a real-life level. We’re seeing that Enjolras has an idea and a command, and Combeferre has little sisters selling their bodies and little sons with stomachs full of mud. And Enjolras telling Combeferre what he saw, just a moment ago when they were alone together in the lower room, (in the lower room, talking about mud and clay, sinking in order to rise…), what a moment that must have been, what they must have been thinking and feeling, and we as readers aren’t even privy to it because it's theirs and OH.

And Marius has something to add to this too, and I’m still trying to figure out Marius, what he is here, what he could have been if he’d always been here, what he’s going to become in the future, how the barricade changes him, IF the barricade changes him. We need a Marius Person in this club because I don’t know.

And then they make Marius choose which one of them has die and leave his family behind, and no matter what he chooses, he’s sentencing someone to death, that’s not a fair choice for anybody to have to make, making that kind of choice can destroy a person. And then WHO IS THIS MYSTERIOUS DEUS EX MACHINA?

I’m not even going to mock Hugo for his Deus ex Machina, because it’s literally Deus at work here. (Also the reason why we can play Two Degrees of Separation with any pair of characters, and one of those Degrees is always Thenardier.) So really, eucatastrophe would be a better word for it. Actually, eucatastrophe would be exactly the right word. (Can you tell I rarely edit these posts?)

So, yeah, Valjean saves Marius’s soul, and once again we have the who-is-this-man business, not because the reader doesn’t know, but because who he is to the people around him is a part of his identity. And of course it’s Bossuet asking the question, because that’s kind of what Bossuet does. And I’d love to talk more about why it’s him in particular who’s assigned that role, but I’ll leave that to a Bossuet Person. Which we actually do have!

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