5.07 five twenty ten

Favorite Scenes: Olivia Worries About Peter during Five-Twenty-Ten (5.07)

You left without me.

I wanted to go with you.

It was so early.  You were sleeping.  I didn’t want to wake you.

That’s one way to put it.  The other is that you didn’t sleep, again.

That’s true.  I couldn’t sleep.  But I’m fine.

You need to sleep, Peter.

[Olivia reacts to Peter’s “reporting” on his conversation with Anil]

You’ve got that look on your face.

What look?

The look that says, I’m worried about you.

Should I be?

How are you and Peter doing?

Peter doesn’t sleep.

He leaves the lab at all these odd hours.

And when he gets back, and I ask him where he’s been, he’s always got an explanation that … that makes sense.

But … I just think there’s something he’s not telling me.  I can feel it.

Well, he’s been through a lot.  I mean, you both have.


I’m not defending Peter.  I saw how isolated he made himself after Etta went missing in the invasion.

I would say that, compared to that, he has come a long way.

I keep telling myself that this time we’re stronger.  I’m …

I’m worried that … I’m losing him again.


fringe 5.07 five-twenty-ten

Walter: I’m scared, Nina. Every day that goes by, I feel him more and more. I’m losing myself. I’m becoming the man I was. And just like before, everyone that I care about will be driven away and will suffer because of me. I need you to take them out.