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diydotkenzie  asked:

Can you do a dark, gothic lookbook please? If you do I will love you forever

i was sweating so hard because i have no idea what gothic fashion is like but i had SO MUCH FUN doing this :’-) hope you like it!! 


from left to right:

hair featured on all looks
#1 ribbon choker // sweater // fishnets // boots
#2 hoop earrings // choker top // skirt // garter stockings // heels
#3 glasses // thin choker // blouse // hotpants // garter // socks // oxfords
#4 hat (ea) // glasses // ring choker // dress // stockings // flats
#5 lace up choker // dress // gloves (ea) // boots


My charms came in this week, so I’ve put these up in my etsy store!

It’s Joker/Shadow Mishima and Akira/Mishima! (I really wanted a joker/shadow mishima charm hehe…) It’s on 2 inches of clear acrylic, double-sided~

I actually didn’t print a lot but I underestimated the strength of the Mishima Boys orz… so I don’t have much in stock right now (like less than 5 right now lmaooo), but I’ll definitely do another print run soon for these, so don’t worry if it’s sold out…I’LL BE BACK WITH MORE! I’m just glad there are more people than I thought who likes this ship HAHA

I’m selling it for $8USD + shipping!

The store link should be at the bottom corner of this post for mobile users or top right corner for PC users(green etsy button) or if you can’t see it, click here (only works for PC users)! Have to do all these weird linking around because tumblr will hide any post with external links :’)

Tarnish my honor? How about no money or job?

tl;dr will be at the bottom as this is quite long story.

Names, places and dates have all been changed to conceal people’s identity in this event.


Let me set the scene first, I had joined the Army direct from “high school” (for my colonial friends) and had a great time, however my contract was up and I had decided that I really wanted to go back into further education and redo my high school (As I failed everything as I was so focused on joining the Army at the time) with the intention on going to University. So, with that in mind I did not sign on for another contract with the Army I just left.

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Cute headcanons for @kayvsworld because a lot of bad AoU memories left a bitter taste.

1. Tony spends hours teaching his bots to do claw handshakes after the first fist bump. Dum E and U have an elaborate one that fascinates Butterfingers who really has a reason for that name.

2. Once when Rhodey slept over at Tony’s place, he and JARVIS got into a sing-off. Tony made that his emergency ringtone because you really cannot ignore it.

3. Both Pepper and Tony don’t know to cook well. The first time they tried cooking together, there was batter dripping from the walls, Pepper was sitting on top of the fridge while fending off a sentient toaster, and Tony was floating on his boots trying to catch burnt pancakes that fell from the ceiling. Unfortunately it was for Rhodey’s birthday. Happy shooed them both out and whipped up a gourmet meal.

4. Tony has a huge collection of the softest and brightest socks. He loves wearing them and rubbing his feet together while watching TV.

5. JARVIS’ Christmas stocking has new blueprints of upgrades for him. Dum E whines throughout the day. JARVIS smugly reminds him of it in casual conversation.

6. Tony likes metallic crayons. He has one in his pocket at most times and if he ever has to autograph a kid’s drawing, he whips it out.

7. People think Tony is a messy eater. They’re surprised to see that Pepper is an equally messy eater; both of them stuff their faces with abandon and fight over the last slice of pizza.

8. If ever invited to a wedding, Tony stays calm till kids come in. After that you can see Tony and the kids building things in the lawn, getting their pristine dresses dirty with fun.

9. Tony goes on Candy Shower Flights during Halloween. He drops candy from the sky as he flies and always, ALWAYS makes it happen at shelters and orphanages.

10. Tony knows to braid hair, keep kids entertained and has helped out a couple of his employees who were parents if they ever brought kids to work. He definitely doesn’t mind glitter all over his suit if kids have fun.

callmejocey  asked:

I'm having guests visit and stay in my apartment for the first time! They'll be here in 4 days. What can I do to prepare? It's really important to me that my guests see how well my boyfriend and I are doing now that we're living together and I want to make a good impression!

Guest Tips

1. Start by deep cleaning your apartment. Vacuum, mop, wipe dust off the back of the TV. Clean the things you don’t normally clean in your regular cleaning routine. I recommend spreading this cleaning out in the few days before they arrive.

2. Comb the apartment for things that you are not 100% okay with your guests seeing. I’m talking dildos, sexy panties, bongs, etc. Store these out of sight in a closet for the duration of their stay.

3. Stock up on snacks. I recommend fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, chips and salsa. If you have a microwave, buy some microwave snacks like mini pizzas or taquitoes. I know these aren’t the healthiest snacks in the world, but sometimes a warm snack does the trick.

4. Similarly, get all your take-out menus in one organized stack. Because you do not want to be cooking three meals a day for these people.

5. Stock up on guest bathroom supplies. One would hope that people coming to spend a week at your place would bring things as simple as toothbrushes, but sometimes they forget. Here’s a list of bathroom supplies for your guest:

- Toothbrushes and toothpaste (get travel sized)
- Shampoo and conditioner (again, travel sized)
- Towels that are only for your guests (just wash some of your towels and fold them and tell your guests that they’re for them to use)
- Soap (travel sized)
- Q-tips (people NEVER bring q-tips! Put a little pack of them out in plain sight in the bathroom)

6. Make sure you’re fully stocked household essentials wise. Here are some examples:

- Toilet paper
- Paper towels
- First Aid kit
- Trash bags
- Napkins (paper or otherwise)
- Plates (paper or otherwise)
- Silverware
- Milk
- Coffee
- Toast

7. Get a bowl of fresh fruit and put it on your coffee table or dining room table. I recommend citrus, because it lasts longer. A bowl of citrus on a table makes you look like more of an “Adult”. Science side of Tumblr please explain.

8. Create a guest space for your guests before they arrive. Wash any sheets and blankets, wipe any bedside tables down, and if you’re feeling fancy buy some flowers to put in a vase by where they’ll be sleeping.

9. Buy some things that will cover up a bad scent quickly. Like Febreeze or incense or scent candles. Just in case!

10. And finally, come up with a list of places to take your guests. Hiking trails, nice restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas, etc. Please don’t try to entertain them 100% of the time, let them do their thing occasionally. But have at least one outing planned a day.

Good luck!


1453  Constantinople is sacked by Muslim forces

1488  Bartolomeu Diaz rounds the Cape of Good Hope

1492  Columbus encounters the Americas (God, Glory and Gold.)

1517  Martin Luther’s posting of the 95 Theses

1520  Diet of Worms declares Martin Luther an outlaw

1524-1525  The Peasants’ Revolt takes place in Germany

1534  Act of Supremacy passed in England → Henry VIII becomes head of the Anglican Church

1545  Council of Trent begins The Counter Reformation

1555  Peace of Augsburg (cuius regio, eius religio →whose region, his religion)

1585-1589  War of the Three Henries in France

1588  Spanish Armada destroyed by the English and “The Protestant Wind”

1603  Elizabeth I Dies → Tudor Dynasty Ends and the Stuart Dynasty Begins

1618-1648  The Thirty Years War (Treaty of Westphalia ends the war in 1648)

1642-1646  English Civil War (Roundheads vs. the Cavaliers)

1649  Charles I is executed → Oliver Cromwell begins his rule

1660  Stuart Restoration in England through Charles II

1688-1689  Glorious Revolution in England→ William and Mary of Orange replace James II and sign the English Bill of Rights

1643-1715  Era of Louis XIV  The Sun King (l’etat c’est moi)

1689-1725  Reign of Peter the Great in Russia

1756-1763  The Seven Years War

1789-1799  Era of the French Revolution (Radical Stage → late 1792-1795)

1799  Napoleon comes to power

1805-1815  Napoleonic Wars are waged

1814-1815  The Congress of Vienna meets (Main principles: Legitimacy, Conservatism, Compensation & Balance of Power)

1819  Peterloo Massacre in England

1830  Belgian Independence

1832  Reform Bill in England Passed

1848  Revolutions break out across Western Europe (France, Austria, Italy and Germany)

1861  Serfs emancipated in Russia under Alexander II

1870-1871  Germany and Italy Unification

1884-1885  Berlin Conference is held (“Scramble for Africa”)

1894  Tsar Nicholas II comes to power in Russia (the last of the Romanovs)

1905  Sunday Bloody Revolution in Russia → “The Dress Rehearsal”

1914  Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated → WWI starts

1917  March and November (Bolshevik) Revolutions in Russia

1918  Treaty of Brest-Litovsk is signed →Russia withdraws from war

1918  WWI ends

1919  Treaty of Versailles is signed

1918-1921  Russian Civil War (Reds vs. Whites)

1922  Mussolini comes to power in Italy and establishes the 1st Fascist government

1922  Russia officially becomes known as the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) → The Soviet Union

1923  Adolf Hitler leads the Beer Hall Putsch in Germany

1924  Lenin dies

1928  Stalin is firmly entrenched as the leader of the Soviet Union → begins the first of several 5 year plans

1929  Stock Market Crash in the US → The Great Depression begins

1933  Hitler comes to power in Germany

1938  Munich Conference (Peace in our time→Neville Chamberlain)

1939  World War II starts with Germany’s invasion of Poland

1945  World War II ends (V-E Day → May 8, 1945 and V-J Day → August 15, 1945)

1945  First session of the United Nations is held

1945-1989  Cold War (U.S. vs. S.U. begins and begins to end in Poland)

POST WW II  Decolonization → European colonies become independent

1946  Winston Churchill gives the “Iron Curtain” speech

1948-1949 Operation Vittles→the Berlin Airlift

1949  USSR successfully tests first atomic bomb

1951  European Coal and Steel Community formed (sounds like the Zollverein)

1953  Stalin dies and is succeeded by Nikita Khrushchev → destalinization begins

1954  French forces defeated in French-Indochina at Dien Bien Phu

1956  Hungarian revolt against the Soviet Union → it is crushed by the Soviets

1957  Rome Treaty is signed → The European Economic Community (EEC) is created = Common Market

1957  Sputnik is launched by the Soviet Union → the first space satellite

1958  The fifth Republic is born in France and Charles de Gaulle becomes President

1961  Berlin Wall built → dividing East and West Berlin

1961  Soviet Yuri Gagarin becomes the first man in space

1962  Cuban Missile Crisis → 90 miles off the coast of Florida

1963  Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique is published

1964  Leonid Brezhnev becomes leader of the Soviet Union

1966  Under President Charles de Gaulle, France withdraws from the common NATO military command

1968  “Prague Spring” occurs in Czechoslovakia → it is crushed by the Soviets

1968  Student revolt in France (Paris)

1978  Pole Karol Wojtyla elected Pope → Pope John Paul II → 1st non-Italian in 455 years

1979  Margaret Thatcher becomes the first female Prime Minister of England (“The Iron Lady”) (Mags loathes no one more than this heinous twat)

1979  The Soviet Union invades Afghanistan (eventually becomes their own “little Vietnam”)

1980  1st independent labor union in the Soviet Bloc formed  “Solidarity” led by Lech Walesa of Poland

1980  Ronald Reagan elected President of the US (calls the Soviet Union an “evil empire”)

1985  Gorbachev becomes Soviet leader (implements policies of perestroika and glasnost)

1986  Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant accident in the Soviet Union (specifically the Ukraine)

1989  Berlin Wall comes down

1989  The “Velvet Revolution” occurs in Czechoslovakia → Vaclav Havel becomes President

1989  The Soviet Union withdraws its forces from Afghanistan

1989  Romanian leader Nicolai Ceausescu is overthrown and killed

1990  Lech Walesa becomes President of Poland

1990  East Germany and West Germany reunify into one Germany

1990  The first McDonalds opens in Russia

1991  Attempted coup attempt in the Soviet Union → The Soviet Union begins to disintegrate

1991  Boris Yeltsin becomes President of Russia → former 15 republics of the Soviet Union form the Commonwealth of Independent States (C.I.S.)

1991  Yugoslavia begins to break apart

1992  Maastricht Treaty signed

1997  Tony Blair becomes Prime Minister of England → 1st Labor Party leader in 18 years

1999  Eurodollar becomes the single currency of the European Union (EU)