Alpha; Part 2 - 5 Seconds of Summer

I’m really stoked on the positive feedback I got on the first part of this, so that’s awesome and I hope you enjoy this part as well :) (Read the rest here)

"He’s thick and definitely cut. The way he moaned my name while I sucked him off was incredible. That Australian accent really gets me."

I rolled my eyes and slammed my locker shut, gaining the attention of the girls a few feet away. They looked my way for a second and quickly turned their attention back to the one in the center that had been describing her presumably latest Australian conquest. Not surprisingly, Beth had also heard about what had happened.

"It wasn’t one of yours!" She shouted as she ran to catch up with me in the hallway.

"One of my what?"

"One of your Australians?"

"What are you talking about?"

"I’m talking about Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings friending you on Facebook. Neither of them hooked up with Erin."


"That girl bragging about sucking Calum’s dick. Calum’s the one with the locker next to yours."

"Cool." I didn’t bother to stop and listen to her.

"So don’t act so irritated by it."

She smiled at me and wiggled her eyebrows before passing me and heading to her history class. She had seen that Ashton and Luke had added me on Facebook, but I had neglected to tell her about the messages I had received later that night from the both of them.

I had fully expected them to be assholes and only interested in getting to know me in a sexual way, but was pleasantly surprised when our conversation didn’t mention anything sexual at all, but rather music, TV shows, and what there was to do in the small town of Witch Lake.

"You should show us around." Ashton had said the night before. "I’ve been to America before, but never Connecticut."

All I had said was maybe, still hesitant about what their motives actually were.

Taking my seat in my chemistry class, I held my breath and watched the door. Admittedly, I had been drawn to the blue haired boy the moment he walked in and was slightly excited to see him again. I had been able to hide this from Beth and hadn’t realized it myself until Luke and Ashton had mentioned him in the conversation on Facebook.

I was several minutes early to class and had purposely chosen a seat in the back, in hopes that Michael was the type to sit in the back as well.

It turned out that he was.

Michael entered the classroom and dropped his bag on the floor a couple of seats away. I glanced his way and saw that he wasn’t taking the slightest interest in me and was playing on his phone instead. Mildly disappointed that he hadn’t taken the seat next to me, I pulled out my chem book and began looking over the chapter.

It was a small distraction from my sudden and totally random desire to reach out to him. Snatching my phone from my bag, I navigated Ashton’s friend list until finding Michael and clicked the add friend button.

The plan was to be confident when he fucking accepted it right there, in the same room, but when he looked my way, raised his eyebrows and shoved his phone into his pocket without responding to the request, a feeling that can only be described as complete and total mortification came over me.

There was no concentrating on the lesson, only watching the clock and wishing I could burst into flames right there in my desk.

As 43 minutes of class passed achingly slow, I kept my gaze straight ahead and tried my hardest to shrink into nothing. The burst of confidence I had felt before was actually foolishness in disguise and the moment we were released, I calmly walked to the front office and signed myself out early for the second time that week.

"Y/N? Twice in one week? This isn’t going to become a habit right? I’ll have to seek counsel with your parents if it does." The school secretary spoke from behind her desk.

"No, no, I’m just having a really awful period," I gave her sad eyes and her stern expression immediately vaporized.

"Alright, go home. Use a heating pad and relax," she smiled warmly, "enjoy some chocolate."

I returned the kind smile and signed myself out, making a mental reminder to do something kind for her in the future for being sympathetic to my fake menstrual pains.


To try and forget the chemistry class horror, I distracted myself with Netflix and McDonald’s. Several episodes of “House of Cards” later, my phone dinged with an indication for a Facebook message from Ashton Irwin.

"No history today?"

"Nope, sick."

"I saw you this morning."

"I went home after my first class."



"Sure, just like you were sick the other day. You are such a naughty little school skipper."

"I wish you could see how hard i’m rolling my eyes right now."

"Me too, because then you’d be here or I would be there. You want to give me your number yet?"

A slight blush crept into my cheeks as another notification popped up on the screen. Another message, this time from Michael. The nervous feeling came rushing back and my hands began to sweat. He still hadn’t accepted the friend request.

The message contained a single word.


What the fuck did that mean? I was nervous to respond, but there was really no way to embarrass myself anymore than I already had.

"Excuse me?"

"I don’t think i’m your type, rich girl."

"I requested you on Facebook, I didn’t ask you out."

"That’s next though, right?"

Maybe it was because of my upbringing or because I wasn’t a rude asshole, but I was appalled at how forward and impolite they were in first conversations. At this rate, I didn’t even want to meet Calum and he had become my favorite for that exact reason.

"No. You’re right, you’re not my type. I met Luke and Ashton yesterday, and couldn’t help but notice that you’re friends, so I decided to request you. I apologize for making an attempt at being friendly."

"You’re the girl that won’t give Ashton her number?"


"Smart girl. I’m sorry. I’ve been getting a lot of unwanted attention since we arrived here and I thought this was what that was."


Another notification popped up. Michael had accepted the friend request.

"So why won’t you give Ashton your number?"

"I guess because he doesn’t need it. I just met him."

"He won’t stop you know, not until you give it to him."

"I guess this will be a test of his endurance, then."

"Why don’t you come hang with us sometime?"

The hesitation was still there and I wasn’t really sure that I wanted to do it. People around school would talk and my parents would hear about it and that would cause unnecessary drama and pressure.

"I don’t think so, I’m pretty busy."


That was it. No push from Michael about what I was doing or why I couldn’t make room. He quickly let it go and the conversation moved on from there. It was simple… until he pulled Ashton into the chat and they both bombarded me with questions as to why I wasn’t willing to become their friend in real life but would online.

"You should come to our practice." Michael had suggested, which led to me questioning their practice and eventually finding out that they were in a band together.

It wasn’t something I expected from a group of rich Australian teenagers, but was weirdly intriguing. I semi-reluctantly agreed to make an appearance at the next practice and was surprised to learn that the house they were staying in was only minutes from mine, a piece of information that they would not be getting.

As if she was stalking my every move, Beth texted me not even an hour after Michael had accepted my friend request about how she had seen it and I was becoming one of their friends, the first girl they talked to without hooking up with. People were talking about me, but on the bright side, at least it wasn’t negative.


"So which one of them are you going to go for? This is a brilliant move."

"What? Elaborate?"

Beth had taken me to lunch under the guise of making sure I felt better, but her true motive was digging for the gossip about the Australian boys that she was dying spread around.

"You befriend them and get one of them to fall for you, it’s brilliant! All of the other idiots in school just went straight for sucking dick and hoping it became love."

"Beth, i’m not interested in any of them."

"Please, you can’t decide which one you’re the most attracted to. I know you." She quirked an eyebrow and I sighed heavily.

"They’re good looking, yeah of course, obviously. They have attractive accents, totally aware of that. They’re funny and have good taste in music and television shows, swoon, yeah that’s awesome. We have had this conversation before. My parents would not approve and i’m not about to cross them. They’re terrifying."

"Backtrack. They’re funny? They have good taste in music? Holy shit have you talked to them?!"

Ignoring her questions, I popped a french fry in mouth and stared down at my plate.

"You need to tell me!" She demanded, practically leaning all the way across the table, her eyes wide with excitement.

"Yeah, I’ve talked with three of them on Facebook. Still haven’t met Calum."

"What are they like?!"

"They’re just normal people, like you and me."

"We’re rich, Y/N. We’re hardly just normal people and they’re rich too so they’re not normal people either! Tell me!"

"It was basic stuff like music and TV shows," I shrank into my chair a bit as she was starting to scare me, "they all share a pretty dry and sarcastic sense of humor. We didn’t discuss anything heavy, and I have no plans to get to know them any better. It’s just idle chat."

Purposely leaving out the band thing and that plans were in place to go to their practice, I gave Beth enough information to fuel her gossip fire and we headed to the Witch Lake Country Club to meet up with our parents.


Move it Monday: mybigfatfitlife

Got there at 5 am and spent a hour and 45 minutes. This is the first time I’ve ever done Incline because Im trying to get on shortfatandfit ‘s level. (Which is beast tbh). Day 3 of stronglift and I decided to not change my diet. The way we have been eating already had us losing weight so why fix what isn’t broken? I cheated and stepped on the scale instead of weighting to Wednesday. I don’t believe it because it says I weigh 161.0 (both times I weighed after my work out). Hopefully that number will be there Wednesday and not go away so I can celebrate.


Because no one ever said saving the world would be easy. Get ready to slay every witch and soldier of Darkness that stands in your way… and look fabulous while you do it, too!

After getting such awesome feedback from my Sports Anime Workout Routine, I decided to make another one - this time, inspired by the kickass magical girls of the anime world!

Just like before, you don’t need ANY equipment for this routine! No gym membership required - you don’t even have to leave your room or put on real-people pants. (Bless.) If you’re more advanced and want to bump it up a little, add some 5-15 lb. weights on some of the moves, but otherwise, all you need is your body!

Here’s how it works: Queue up all of these songs, whether it’s in iTunes, YouTube, SoundCloud, or another music player of your choice. Hit “Play.” Your goal is to get through all of the designated exercises before the song is over. If you don’t make it, replay the song until you’re done! Then move on to the next one. Try to rest as little as possible between each exercise (and each song!) for the best results.

If you’re struggling and want to give up, keep pushing. It’s when you want to quit that the magic starts to happen. Believe in yourself and your own abilities. True power comes from within, after all!


Cardio: Sailor Moon Crystal - "Moon Pride"
Arms: Puella Magi Madoka Magica - "Connect"
Legs: Princess Tutu - "Hall Om Mig"
Core: Card Captor Sakura - "Platinum"

As always, if you still (somehow) have energy left after all of that, burn it out in the bonus cardio round:

Cardio Burnout: Revolutionary Girl Utena - "Rinbu -Revolution-" (Updated 03.01.15)

For more anime-related workouts, check out my workout tag! :D


Agent Carter Appreciation Week- Day 5: Favourite Cast Member

I get a lot of letters from young girls, and parents of young girls saying that [Peggy Carter] is a really positive role model.  That’s when this career opens up the potential for responsibility because young people are watching those films, and they’re influenced by the way women are depicted. To have someone in a male-dominated environment who’s smart and not running around in Spandex looking like a sex-symbol is refreshing.

songs to get lost to

ocean avenue yellowcard // alone together fall out boy // walking disaster sum 41 // the great escape boys like girls // holiday green day // 5 years tonight alive // long way home 5 seconds of summer // in too deep sum 41 // check yes juliet! (run baby run) we the kings // mobile avril lavigne // inseparable jonas brothers // the city the 1975 // hello brooklyn all time low // unpredictable 5 seconds of summer // castaway green day // tonight jonas brothers // move along the all-american rejects // come home tonight alive


reasons why you should read  renai idenshi xx:

1. literally all cis men are extinct so theres no ”b-but we’re both girls” awkwardness because society is literally built in a way where everybody are lesbians and everybody get married to other lesbians and have lesbian kids together so

2. actual fleshed out personalities instead of a cast of subby moe-blobs, there are tops and bottoms and doms and subs, and even the smut is actually interesting cause it’s not just two loli-looking girls looking sad and insecure while awkwardly fondling eachother? aka realistic cast of different people



5. and most importantly for my part, unless I overlooked something there wasn’t a single moment of sexual harassment hurray

Preference: How You Two Meet 5/5

Liam: You were at the mall by yourself.  Originally, you went there with your friend but she had to leave early but you stayed because you wanted to keep shopping.  You noticed the mall was starting to get really busy and you didn’t want to get caught in that mess but there was one store you still wanted to go to so you rushed your way into there.  When walking in, you noticed there was a small semi calm crowd of girls hanging around outside of the store.  You had no idea what for, so you just continued on.  You noticed the place was starting to really get bombarded with people so you started to rush through the store.  On the way to the register, you accidentally bumped into someone making you drop all of your things on the floor.  “Sorry” you mumbled out.  “It’s alright” they responded.  You looked up to see none other than Liam Payne.

Louis:  After having a rough day, you just wanted to have some alone time and try to calm down.  You decided to go to the local park with a football (or soccer ball) and just kick it around for a bit.  There happened to be an open field so you just started to play around a bit on it. There was another person starting to walk across the field in your direction.  Without trying to draw attention to yourself, you just looked away and kept to yourself.  A few seconds later, you kicked the ball a bit too hard and it went in the direction on the other person.  You started to chase after it a bit but they kicked it back.  “Thanks” you said to him.  “Sure thing.”  Rather than him just doing a generous thing and continuing on, he started to play with you. You two played a few mini games for a while and by the end of the night, it was like you two were best friends.

Niall: After a long day of work, you decided you were going to a club.  You just wanted to go in, get a drink or two and leave without getting drowned in the crowd of people.  When you reached the counter, you took a seat.  You ordered your drink, and just sat there and played on your phone. After another drink, you got up to go leave.  There was a group of people in front of you also exiting the place.  One of the guys held the door for them and also held it for you.  “Thank you” you said to him.  “Sure thing.” But before you could go your own way, he cracked a joke with you and you two talked a bit before actually leaving.

Zayn: You were visiting the very famous town of London with your best friend.   Currently, you were in the lobby of your hotel waiting for her to come down so you two could go explore the city.  While you were waiting, a gorgeous man caught your attention.  You didn’t realize you were staring at him until he came up to you. “Like what you see?” he joked. You lightly laughed.  You two made small talk until the person you were waiting for finally came downstairs.  But before you and your best friend had to leave, Zayn, made sure you two exchanged numbers.

Harry: You were out for the day with your one of your friends shopping.  As you two were walking around on the streets, your friend saw a frozen yogurt shop and suggested you two go in there.  You didn’t really want to but somehow she persuaded you to go with her.  While you two were waiting in line to order, you saw this guy sitting at a table staring at you.  Immediately, you thought he was good looking.  While you two were moving up in the line, you kept looking over at him to see he was still looking at you.  Once you guys got your order, you made your way to a table and finished your yogurt. When you went to go throw it away, the guy came up to you and introduced himself.  “I’m Harry,” he said and held out his hand.  You shook his hand and told him your name.  “You know,” you started.  “You stare a lot.”  He smirked. “I wasn’t staring, I was admiring.”

Jupiter Rising is all this and more

I’ve watched some people on my dash freak out about it for a week and I can confirm: Jupiter Rising is glorious and shining space opera trash romance adventure pulp. With emphasis on glorious.

  • RUSSIAN SPACE PRINCESS Mila Kunis. I mean, I can see a whole generation of Slavic girls imprinting on her like I did on Babylon 5’s Susan Ivanova.
  • And she has a big family who get in her way but they all love each other and she doesn’t have to learn to abandon them.
  • So many cool ladies who aren’t sexualised. I think the first non-family Bechdel pass is Nikki Amuka-Bird’s hardcore spaceship captain telling the Russian Space Princess she’d rather be back in a space battle than face estate law bureaucracy.
  • Speaking of which, Lawyer Droid. I want the Lawyer Droid to become as iconic as Boba Fett because oh I love his faces.
  • I think all in all we get at least a third of characters of colour? Plus you know, Slavic immigrant lady MC. Aristocracy’s all white, but all the aristos shown are all siblings.
  • Terry Gilliam is in it. I may have pointed and bounced.
  • Space werewolf bodyguard. Who flies.
  • Did I mention James D’Arcy’s in it?
  • Oh, and it’s shiny. I mean, seriously pretty with effects liek whoa. A bit too many space chases, but they’re well-paced, and oh the pretty. I mean, serious Borgia-cathedral-level of pomp and decadence and wow.

Conclusion: cult movie in the making.

Featuring: @wayofgray
“I want you to know that you don’t need to work out for 2 hours 5+ times a week to get results. You also don’t need to only eat salad to reach your goals. I want to show you that working out can be quick, effective and most importantly, fun!. I want you to know that you don’t need to be restrictive with what you eat and only eat “bunny food.” Let me show you my way!” 💗
@wayofgray @wayofgray @wayofgray

one and only || a swanfire fanmix [listen on 8tracks

an au mix- Instead of dying in 3x15, Neal is saved by true love’s kiss from Emma. This is a mix for the couple who has to learn to move on from their past mistakes and accept the good that can come from their future. A couple who eventually learns to love again. 

1. This Love - Taylor Swift // 2. All About You - Birdy // 3. Mess is Mine - Vance Joy // 4. I Bet My Life - Imagine Dragons // 5. The Words - Christina Perri // 6. Say You Love Me - Jessie Ware // 7. How You Get The Girl - Taylor Swift // 8. One and Only - Adele // 9. 18 - One Direction // 10. The End - Ellie Goulding // 11. The Way We Are - Jessie Ware // 12. Back To You - Twin Forks // 13. Favorite Record - Fall Out Boy // 14. From Eden - Hoizer // 15. Kiss Me - Ed Sheeran // 16. Everlasting Arms - Vampire Weekend // 17. Sugar - Maroon 5 // 18. Aquaman - Walk The Moon // 

A very late Valentine’s Day gift for you all!


no but really i consider my mental illnesses the largest part of my identity so when i’m suddenly jolted back to “don’t forget you’re trans and the world hates trans people” reality i’m like oh yeah. that’s still a thing.


Yagyū had just got done with her training and was extremely hungry. She thought about what she wanted to eat and decided on some fried squid from her favorite restaurant. She walks there and gets the squid and eats it immediately. On her way back home, she spots 5 guys and 1 girl in an alleyway.

She rushes over to the girls side with the squid still hanging out of her mouth. Yagyū spots the scrapes and bruises that marked the girl’s body.

"Do you need some help?"

Without waiting for an answer, Yagyū swiftly defeats the gang that was attacking the girl.

"Are you okay?"