k cool but imagine following 5sos on tour and youre dating luke bye:

“Come ooooon y/n”, Luke whined.

“They just want one kiss”, he said, holding the camera up, filming you two.

“Kiss Calum or something”, you said, pushing him away. 

“They are begging us to kiss on our snapchat”, he kept saying.

He followed you, causing you to sigh and turn around at him. He still held the camera up, filming you as you shook your head.

“You wanna fight missy, huh?”, he said, being in your face. He gestured you to fight him, as a joke of course. You laughed and grabbed his arm with both of your hands. You dragged your own body closer to his, pecking his lips shyly in front of the camera. You giggled a little with your lips against his chin.

“Well guys, you finally did it. Only took about two weeks, but there it is”, he said, looking into the camera, grinning. You waved at his phone, before the time ran out.


sounds good feels good + polaroids 

money // she’s kinda hot // hey everybody // permanent vacation // jet black heart // catch fire // waste the night // vapor


his devotion when singing this jesus


5SOS’s Periscope with LiveNation - February 3, 2016 [x]


Last clip got me a fuckknh mess shit

5 Seconds Of Summer - Story Of Another Us (Lyrics)

It’s official! The 5 Seconds Of Summer Vlog will happen EVERY SUNDAYS and you’ll help me make it! Every weeks you’ll be able to chose the subject you want to talk about, you’ll be able to react to it, tell us what you think about it by videos or messages! You can send the videos on twitter  https://twitter.com/ChrysteleMyriam and for the messages you can just message me here! If the messages are too long, I’ll send you a message to ask you to do it on a video bc I’m a lazy ass lmao joke. It’ll be easier for the to do the video! Tomorrow the introducing videos will be posted on my youtube channel (like all of the vlogs) ChrysteleMyriamOFFICIAL. Spread the word guys! Oh and of course on tumblr/twitter/instagram you can also talk about the vlog with #5SOSVlogFam ! Share this! I hope I’ll see you on the vlog x