for @thelittleloser - sugardaddy!calum

“the door was locked,” you murmured, surprised to see calum walking into your apartment, not impressed by the low budget and the mess lying around. “i got a key.” he answered shortly, grabbing you by the waist as soon as you approached him. “how?” you asked and tried your best to not let him kiss you but he was already leaving marks down your neck. “doesn’t matter. i need you, princess, that’s what matters.” he slowly pulled your shirt over the top of your head, and let his touch linger on your body, his lips finding a way to yours, kissing them intensely. you didn’t care, this was all worth it. he was great and nice and everything was good because he gave you stuff. you liked him, maybe a little too much. you moaned between his lips, making him smirk as he almost ripped your skirt off and grabbed your ass, pulling you closer. maybe you shouldn’t be in love with him but mistakes happens. and this mistake wasn’t painful because you both needed each other. you knew that he wasn’t just your “daddy” just like you weren’t just his “princess”. there was so much behind those names.

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You had me wrapped around your finger