IMPORTANT -- Commissions

I normally never do this on a roleplay account but right now I’m in a rough spot and I need some cash now- (( IF YOU’RE INTERESTED PLEASE EMAIL BECKEWIN13@GMAIL.COM ))

  • Simple Colour(or Black and white) - minimal background (Full Body):

Digital $15 / Pencil $10 / Sketch $5

  • Complex colour(Or Black and white) - Full Background with shading (Full Body):

Digital $20 / Pencil $15 / Sketch $10

  • Icons: $2

  • $1 extra per extra character

  • Line Art (Full Body):

Digital $10 / Pencil $5 / Sketch $3

  • Full reference page $20 (Only Digital)

Head Shot/ Bust:$10 Digital / $5 Pencil / $3 Sketch


27 July 2016, 22:14 || because i’m happy, clap along if you feel like a room without a roof || MY NEW PENCIL POUCH CAME IN TODAY! it’s a beautiful, black lihit lab teffa pencil case, and i’m in love already. i also got a new clipboard and finally got a 2016 - 2017 planner!!  

here’s a what’s in my pencil case:

front pockets: post-it page flags, two paper clips, half sized post-it notes

inside (front): 12 - 0.5 muji gel pens, two washi tape, pilot metropolitan fountain pen, hero fountain pen, miniso 0.38 blue gel pen

inside (back): pentel hi-polymer eraser, tiny clear tape, sandisk flash drive, 0.5 pencil lead, muji 15 cm ruler, muji clear acrylic mechanical pencil, two cute mechanical pencils, red swingline mini stapler, two mini binder clips 

thegrangersapprentice  asked:

suggestions for good stationery/school supplies stores?

I’m just gonna go to my faq and copy my stationery + favs hehe

bold = favourites

  1. muji: 0.38 gel pens + highlighter
  2. uni: kuru toga black roulette mechanical pencil (gun metallic body)
  3. zebra: delguard 0.5 mechanical pencil + mildliners + sarasa gel pens
  4. stabilo: point 88 fineliners
  5. staedtler: triplus fineliners
  6. kikki.k: coloured ink gel pens + felt tip pens
  7. artline: 200 fineliner
  8. pilot: g2 0.7 gel pens
  9. uni: jetstream
  10. pentel: slicci + hybrid gel grips

In regards to stationery stores: kikki.K, officeworks, muji ! Ofc amazon, ebay, aliexpress + other online stores are great too :)

Hope this helped!


Im about to lose my access to a computer for a week and im low on funds so i’m opening up ink and pencil commissions for pick up at Otakon! I’m willing to mail these to people who won’t be attending otakon too, but you’ll have to pay an extra fee for shipping :0 

Prices belowwwww 


Pencils Only - 25$ 
Inks - 30$


Pencils Only - 30$
Inks - 35$

Add Ons:

+5$ for gold ink accents 
+5$ and I’ll decorate the matte too :) 

Shipping in the US is an extra 5$. Shipping out of the US is an extra 10$. 

I can fit as much of a character into those dimensions as possible, but the more of a character shown, the less detailed it’ll be. Same rules apply to extra characters! (i would recommend only one chara per commission but feel free 2 follow ur dreams). 

Email me at ghostphage@gmail.com if youre interested! Other rules here

My little stationery haul, I’m so excited to use it all.

Zebra Midliners: Amazon
Muji Gel Pens 0.5: Amazon
Bali Collection Post-it Notes: Amazon
0.3 HB Pentel Lead: Amazon
Weekly Times Planner: Fox and Star
Pentel Tradio Pearl Pen 0.5: Amazon
Pilot Mini Mechanical Pencil 0.5: Amazon
Muji White Mechanical Pencil 0.3: Muji