Samurai Jack is back! However, he’s in a bad place and needs to find his way again. One of my (and almost everyone’s) favorite cartoons has returned! Can’t wait to see the next episode of season 5!


March 19 2017

A long time ago I got an ask asking if I could show what’s in my pencil case and I really put it off for the longest and might have forgotten about it too lol. 

Anyways here it is! I use Copic markers in place of things like Mildliners or whatever your preferred highlighter is, but someday I plan on getting a pack of Mildliners because the colors are similar to my Copics but they don’t bleed through pages :|

I also use .38mm Muji pens and a .5 Muji mechanical pencil, and look at how small the stapler and tape are! I got those in a little pack from Daiso Japan. 

Studying for my Chemistry final on Tuesday! :L


I’ve been doing a lot of commission work and my job has picked up so I haven’t had a lot of time to do stuff outside of those. But I managed to do this today in between commissions. He’s so shiny!

I’m considering doing traditional art for the charms, but I’m still undecided on it. I’ll try out another painting with Fell!Sans and hopefully I’ll make up my mind. Either way, this will be offered as a print–along with other works I’ve done–through the online shop I’m putting together. 

Okay so I’m so excited for William Joyce’s next Guardians of Childhood Book that I was inspired by his picture book this page specifically down here *points down*

to make the image at the top. Now if you know some stuff about it you would know who is on the other cliff, and if not I’m gonna let you guys guess. There’s a whole story on why, but I’m gonna save that for later.