Tips and Tricks: The 5 Minute Face

There are days when you just DON’T have any time to spend 20 minutes getting your full face on.

Here are the essential steps and tips (for me) to get out the door looking put-together:

Step 1: Pick a good medium-coverage foundation (Dior Nude and Bourjois Healthy Mix are my favorites for being lightweight+good-coverage) with a great skin-like finish. This will even out your skin and minimize time needed for your concealer application later. Dab it on around the areas where you need the most evening out, as the coverage will be thickest in that spot.

For me thats under my eyes, and around my nose. 

And - IMPORTANT - use your clean hands! This is the fastest way to get foundation well-blended into your skin.

Step 2: Conceal any redness, discolorations, spots.

A wax based concealer (pots or sticks) will be easier to spot apply and build up than liquids. I’m trying out Revlon Photoready Concealer but MAC Studiofinish is my staple on most days. If you have really dark pigmentation or circles, get something with peach undertones. Apply with a brush, but press with your ring finger until it blends seamlessly into your foundation.

Don’t rub or it will take you forever to build up precise coverage, and DON’T try to erase every single flaw you have. It’s too much work and never really hides anything that well.

Step 3: Set with a powder. If you need something with a little more color, try something like MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, because if you’ve got the shade that matches your skin tone, this is a powder that gives extra coverage without taking the glow away from your skin.

Step 4: Blush. Go for something that’s a nice fresh pink (or stronger if you have a deeper skin tone) like MAC Well-Dressed if you’re fair, and NYX Pinky if you’re medium-toned. (I mixed both here!) Very lightly dab on with a loose, soft kabuki to add the base layer of color first. Then check to see if you need more, before buffing lightly to build up a bit of color.

If you tend to be heavy-handed, my suggestion is to go for a lighter shade than you would normally wear.

Step 5: Set your brows with pencil or powder (or brow mascara), and move on to your eyes. You need 2 basic shades. A deeper, matte shade, and a lighter (shimmer is optional) which can be neutral or otherwise.

With your ring finger, pick up some dark shadow (MAC Concrete) and smear it firmly along the lash line from OUTSIDE-IN so it’s darkest near the roots. Don’t worry about precision or blending.

Step 6: Next trick; pick up the lighter shade (MAC Mineralize Eye shadow in Snow Season) and use a clean finger to smear it INSIDE-OUT from the inner corners, until it slightly overlaps the darker shade in a sheer wash. That’s your eye shadow done!

Step 7: Apply mascara (Bourjois Volume Glamour Max) and comb out if you need to. If you have an extra moment, swipe a little pale yellow or beige pencil along your waterline to brighten the area.

Step 8: On the lips, pick your favorite everyday lip color (MAC Faux for me), apply straight from the tube, then kiss the back of your hand to remove excess. Lip gloss (DiorAddict Ultra Gloss #557 is a sheer candy pink with blue reflects) is optional!

And, finally, a more polished and presentable face in 5 minutes!

Dew Tell

If there’s one thing i hate, its fake. Especially when it comes to makup. My little sister is guilty of this, but she refuses to listen to me, so i hope i can save you all from her plasticy fate. Ask any guy, fresh looking skin looks wayyyyyyyyyyyy better than orange, overpowdered face with noooo blush. Instead of tons of oddly colored foundation, and a bucket of powder, try this approatch:

wash your face and moisturise

use a mattifying primer and layer a dusting of translusent powder over it

spread a tinted moisturiser ( 1 part foundation, 2 part moisturiser) over your face.

conceal any areas that absolutly must be covered (freckels should show- there sooo in and soooooooooooo adorable)

lightly powder your nose and forehead

blend a cream blush into the apples of your cheeks

Voila- Fresh and dreamy skin, in about 5 miniutes. 

My 5 Minute Makeup Routine

I don’t know about some people, but, for me, I can’t just roll out of bed and go. I do not feel comfortable with a totally blank face, messy hair and without a neat outfit on. This doesn’t mean a full face and pumps with a ‘do everyday, but I do take the time to apply some makeup, put on a collared shirt (even with boyfriend jeans and chic flats) and tame my tresses. Sometimes you are running so late that you have no time to get ready, such is life. 

During those times, I still take 5 minutes for me, and for this makeup routine. Here’s how I do it!

1 minute: BB Cream, apply  with fingers, blend out with beauty blender to make sure it’s even (my fave below)

Maybelline New York Dream Fresh BB Cream

30 seconds: Concealer, apply to dark under eye circles, redness and blemishes, and to cover your eyelids (no veins here)

30 seconds: Translucent powder (or your shade for more coverage), to set entire face and concealer

1 minute: Bronzer to warm the face, applied below cheekbones, under chin and around forehead (follow my contour guidelines for this)- you’re not contouring though, just warming

30 seconds: Brows, use a thin pencil (suggestions below), brush through with spoolie and set with wax or clear brow gel (optional)

NYX Micro Brow Pencil

Anastasia Brow Wiz

1 minute: Mascara, use something with a lot of volume and oomph, which will really wake you up and make you look much more put-together, take the time to curl your lashes and really stamp the mascara on the upper lash line. Your eyes will look tight-lined without any of the effort!

30 seconds: Highlight your cheekbones, and pop a little in the inner corner of your eye to look bright and fresh!

Swipe on some lip balm or gloss on your way out the door, if you’re so inclined, and you’re ready to go!

I am a total Youtube makeup video junkie lately, so I’ve linked up some of my favorite super easy no-makeup or quick make up tutorials below! Show some love to these great vloggers and subscribe and thumbs up these videos!

KathleenLights, what can I say?! I love love love this girl, I can’t get enough of her channel!!

Ingrid is so quirky, I can’t take it, she’s hilarious!

Does Carli ever not look insanely gorgeous?! She’s my makeup hero!

What’s your 5 minute makeup routine?!

The 5 Minute Face For Those Days 💙

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The 5 Minute Face: My 4 Must-Have Beauty Products for a Quick Fix

The 5 Minute Face: My 4 Must-Have Beauty Products for a Quick Fix

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Here is a little Benefit Video I worked on doing some makeup and hair as well.

Clem's "Tired Mama 5 Minute Face"

My whole life I’ve been a bit of a slacker when it comes to my appearance. Until this year, my “style” was more of a statement against conforming to the stereotypical definition of feminine “beauty”; ie. cutting my own bangs and pixie cuts in the bathroom mirror, shaving one side of my head, and wearing only smudged black eyeliner and Blistex for makeup.

Now as a mother who looks 13 trying to be taken seriously in the real world with pediatricians and companies (the UPS guy called me “ma'am” and I almost passed out) I’ve been doing a bunch of makeup and hair research on how to look like a put together woman without giving up my statement of “not trying too hard”.

The other day the kids woke me up at 5 a.m. and I was EXHAUSTED from being up the night before. I fed them, burped them, changed them, rocked them, entertained them. Then I had a tiny, lazy cereal breakfast. Then I realized friends were coming to see me. Crap.

So here’s my tired mama 5 minute face. I used regular cheap mascara, one tone of flattering brown eyes hadow (none of that smokey eye layered contouring nonsense) and a basic, air-brush all-covering foundation that I can simply rub on with my fingers. No need for ten million brushes, curlers, mixers, bronzers, blushes, or 5 tone eye-shadow creations. You can look fresh and feel pretty for CHEAP, and it only takes a few minutes.

And my hair? Simple 5 year old straightener I got for my birthday in high school. Go figure, the thing is ancient. I hope this post helps some of you tired mamas retain hope that a pretty done-up face is something that can be pulled out of your purse any time you need a confidence or energy boost.

Namaste and love to you all! -Clementine