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This was requested a long long time ago, a little over a year ago to be exact and I never got round to doing, I already let this person down by not completing this request but then I told her I would do another request for her and I still didn’t do it, so I’m very very sorry. But here is this, I hope you all enjoy and I am once again sorry for any requests I have missed, if you sent me a request that I didn’t complete, feel free to send me it once again.

Word count: 2395

Requested: Yes

Warnings: smut (obviously), sex in front of a crowd(just BTS), swear words, sexual content, it’s exactly what you expect it to be from the request.

Members: Taehyung, Jungkook, Namjoon, Hoseok with mention of Jin, Yoongi and Jimin

“Y/N, it’s your turn,” Jungkook smiled, you stared at him, blinking your eyes, trying not to scream over the fact that Jungkook had just kissed Taehyung, right in front of you. 

“Y/N, truth or dare?” Jungkook shouted, snapping you out of your dirty thoughts.

 "Huh? Oh, dare please,“ you blushed, looking down into your lap, Jungkook smirked. 

 The boys had persuaded you to play truth or dare and at the start of the game you had all shook hands, agreeing to do whatever you were asked to. However, you hadn’t known it would end up like this, Jimin was sat in only his underwear and had been kissed by Jungkook, Yoongi was wearing bright red lipstick and had on some fishnet stocking, much to your amusement. You’d been aloud to decorate Rap monsters hair with pretty pink bows and the game was going great, until the boys suddenly changed the game. 

 "Okay, I dare you to come suck me off,” Jungkook spoke proudly, no hint of embarrassment or hesitation in his voice, your cheeks felt warm, extremely warm. Your eyes scanned the circle, looking for someone to disagree with Jungkook, to tell him no, but everyone was smirking at you, seemingly pleased with Jungkook’s dare. 

 "R-right now?“ You stuttered, sitting on your heels, Jungkook nodded and beckoned you towards him, you gulped, getting up and dusting off your skirt, pulling it back down to its normal length. You slowly approached him, sure you had done this before, not to Jungkook and certainly not in front of his members but who’s to say this was any different? Apparently your brain, because you couldn’t seem to lower yourself back onto the floor in order to reach Jungkook. 

“Come on Y/N, we know you’ve done this before, just do it,” Hoseok grinned, you pushed yourself onto your knees in front of Jungkook, his smirk widened as you placed your hand on top of his growing bulge. Apparently the thought of you sucking him off alone was enough to get his member semi-hard, but as you touched him, you could feel his length getting harder in your hand. His eyes were glued to yours as you unbuttoned his pants, slowly pulling the zip down. Your hands were shaking, your cheeks red with embarrassment, however, you had agreed to do anything your were dared. The thought of sucking Jungkook off made your insides flip with excitement, causing you to squeeze your thighs shut due to the arousal that was building in your underwear. But the thing that was making you alarmingly hot and bothered was the fact that all of his members were watching you, watching your every little move. 

“can you sit up, so i can pull your pants down please?” You asked him, looking up at him, his eyes were completely focused on you, his lip between his teeth. He quickly lifted himself off of the floor, his trousers and boxers being pulled down his thighs in a swift motion. He smirked down at you as your hand wrapped around his length. A small gasp left his lips when you tightened your grip and slowly licked the tip. You could feel yourself getting wet as 7 pairs of eyes focused on you. 

“Y/N, we don’t have all day,” Yoongi groaned from behind you, you quickly took the tip of Jungkook’s dick into your mouth, his hand instantly gripping your hair. You knew he was going to take control and you just had to obey and then it would be over.

You took him further into your mouth, gripping onto his thighs as he pulled on your hair slightly, “Fuck Y/N,” he cursed, his voice had dropped an octave lower and it made your insides heat up. So now you wanted to get a reaction out of him, you hollowed out your cheeks and bobbed up and down on his dick, stroking his thighs with your hands. He was panting, his eyes watching your every move. You pulled away from him and licked from base to tip and once again took him in your mouth.

“Shit, this is so fucking hot,” Namjoon whispered, you knew there was now 6 other horny boys in the room and this game surely wasn’t going to end soon. Jungkook’s grip on your hair tightened as he pushed your head further down onto his dick, causing you to gag. His chest vibrated as he let out a long drawn out breathy moan of your name.

Your pace was picking up and you could feel his dick twitching in your mouth. You pulled up and began to suck on only the tip, using your hand to pump the rest of him. As you looked up at him, you could see his head was thrown back and his chest was rising and falling at a quick pace, a loud moan falling from his mouth as his dick twitched once again, cumming into your mouth, you quickly swallowed around him as you continued to pump his length with your hand.

“Fuck, your such a good girl,” Jungkook mumbled as he pulled you up by your hair to kiss your lips, and then he let go off your hair. You quickly stood up and wiped your mouth, completely embarrassed by the whole situation. Jungkook was busy pulling his boxers back up, followed by his pants, his hands to shaky to do his buttons up. You say back down on the floor where you had previously been.

“I’m changing the rules of the game, let’s all give Y/N a dare each, she’s allowed to give one dare to one person and that’s it,” Namjoon smirked, your head instantly snapped in his direction, your face heating up.

“Any objections Y/N?” Jin asked, you shook your head, placing your hands in your lap, Namjoon looked at you, smirking,

“Okay, I remember you telling me you never saw the point to grinding, so come here, I dare you to let me grind on you for 5 minutes,”

Your face was instantly heating up, no, you didn’t see the point to grinding because you were fully clothed and it would cause you to become extremely aggravated, but he was suggesting, he was actually daring it, so, you had to do it, you couldn’t even stand up, the heat in your downstairs being too much for you. So you awkwardly shuffled towards Namjoon.

“No, stand up, go lay down on the sofa,” he smirked, you did as you were told, roughly throwing yourself onto the sofa, your skirt hiking up, your underwear on full show. At this point you didn’t care and neither did any of the boys, who were all staring at you intently. Namjoon pulled you by your ankles, dragging you so he was directly in between your legs, your head in the middle of the sofa. He slowly leaned over you, pressing his hard on into your clothed heat, causing you to squirm away from him. His hands came down to your hips, holding you in place as he once again brushed his member onto you. You quickly bucked your hips, desperate for some kind of friction, a release of some sort.

“No, we’re doing this my way,” Namjoon smirked, you threw your head back and groaned as he pushed your hips further into the couch, pushing his body further into you. A loud moan escaped your lips as his rubbed himself against you. His lips came down onto yours as his lower half continued to cause friction, your skirt was already way over your hips as he rubbed his jeans over your panties. His lips met your ear,

“Is this why you hate it? Because you’re so helpless in this situation? Because you can’t get a release?” He was smirking against your ear, kissing your neck, his fingers digging into your hips, holding you down as he began to circle his hips into yours. A gasp left your lips followed by a whine as his clothed member made contact with your clit over your panties. You tried desperately to buck your hips, to get more of him, but his grip was too tight.

“P-please,” you moaned loudly, one hand gripping his shoulder, the other gripping the edge of the sofa. He pushed his clothed member into you again, grinding onto you, finally giving you the friction you needed, a loud moan echoed throughout the room as you panted. You needed a release, you hated this. His hips began circling faster as your grip tightened on his shoulder, you were whining and moaning beneath him, completely at his mercy, getting so close to your release.

“Times up!” Jin shouted, you panted, groaning as Namjoon sat up, getting off the sofa, your whine was long and drawn out as you pulled your skirt over your panties. Your thighs instinctively rubbing together. You felt the sofa dip and you looked up, Hoseok was grinning at you, you smiled slightly at him, your cheeks heating up.

“I’m not even going to dare it because I really don’t think you care at this point,” Hoseok chuckled, your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. A gasp fell from your mouth as his fingers traced over your panties, he was spreading your legs slowly, you gripped the sofa. “Guess the two dares before this really made you wet huh?” Hoseok smirked, pulling your panties down your legs, lifting your ankles up to get them off, he threw them into the centre of the circle. You felt his finger prodding at your entrance, a small whine leaving your lips as you felt him collect your juices.

“Please, please Hoseok!” You moaned loudly, he looked up at you, hair sprawled out across the sofa, cheeks flushed, hands gripping the sofa, panting lightly. You were completely fucked and nobody had even touched you yet.

“Please what?” Hoseok smirked, you looked up at him, your hand gripped his wrist, pushing him into you,

“Do something! I can’t take it anymore!” You groaned, he chuckled and pushed a finger into you. Your head leaned back, exposing your neck, allowing Hoseok to place kisses across the newly exposed skin, his finger curling inside of you. He knew it wasn’t enough, not for you, but he was enjoying the frustrated groans that came out of your mouth, along with the grip you had on his wrist, your whole body begging for more. So, he gave you more, slipping another finger into you, curling them both, causing your back to arch and a loud moan to leave your lips, followed by his name.

“Is that good enough for you baby?” He smirked against your lips, kissing you roughly, you wanted to say something, tell him to just give you your release already, but you couldn’t. So when he added a third finger and used his thumb to circle your clit, it was almost too much, a loud moan of his name followed by a few short moans fell from your mouth, you couldn’t seem to catch your breath. Your chest was heaving as you tried helplessly to breath normally. Your hips bucked into his hand, your back arching and your eyes fluttering shut, your grip on his wrist loosened as your body began to shake.

“I-I’m cumi-”

Your sentence was left midway as your orgasm finally hit you, Hoseok placed his lips over yours, silencing the moans, almost shouts that we’re coming from your mouth, his smirk clear against your lips. He continued to circle his thumb against your clit and thrust his fingers into you as you came down from your orgasm. Your whole body relaxed as you began panting, finally being able to breath properly.

“I’m done,” Hoseok whispered, placing a kiss on your cheek. You remained laying down, your skirt now covering you, thanks to Hoseok being a gentleman and obviously good at after-care. Taehyung stood up from the floor, his eyes burning holes into you, slowly approaching you.

“Y/N I know it’s not really appropriate right now due to the situation we’re in but please, please let me make you cum again, I need to feel myself inside of you, feel your body against mine,” he murmured, looking straight at you, his words went straight to your core, warming your whole body, you nodded your head, sitting up on the sofa. Taehyung smirked and placed his legs on either side of your hips, hovering over you. His lips crashed down onto yours, his fingers wrapping in your hair, one hand grabbing your hip.

His body pushed onto yours, laying you down, your arms found their way around his back, pulling his body closer to yours. His hard on was pressing into your thigh, his body rubbing against yours as you moaned into the kiss. Your hands worked quickly to unbutton his jeans and pull them down, desperate for him. He quickly pulled down his boxers, not bothering to completely take his trousers off, his shoes still on his feet. He pushed your legs up around his waist,

He easily slipped himself into you, humming in pleasure as he kissed your neck, he didn’t even wait for you to adjust, not that you wanted him to. His hips were quickly snapping into yours, causing your back to arch and your nails to dig into his back through his shirt. He was grunting in your ear, small pecks and nibbles on your neck heightening your pleasure. Your moans gradually getting louder and increasing in pitch. Taehyung was also panting.

His thrusts were picking up in rhythm, his grip on your thighs tightening as he increased his speed. Your whole body was convulsing once again, your lip tucked between your teeth as you tried to hold back your moans, trying to contain yourself. Taehyung was getting close as his hips stuttered and his thrusts became sloppy and began to lose rhythm.

You were clenching around him, reaching your second high, moaning loudly, his name leaving your lips over and over. Soon he was also coming undone inside of you, panting as he let go of your thighs.

You could hear Namjoon chuckle, you looked towards him as Taehyung pulled out of you.

“Best game of truth or dare ever,” he laughed, you couldn’t help but let out a chuckle.

You couldn’t agree more.

IT’S TIME TO OPEN SECRETS (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Hi beauty! Can I ask a reader/peter Parker where they secretly love each other but won’t confess. So one day they at a party and Peter hears that the reader is confessing she has a crush on spider-man and that she would date him and (have lot of sex with him) and he takes her out of the party and confess that he loves her. (And maybe if you write smut he have a lot of sex like she wanted to) loveeee
——- Anonymous
Hey) I’m a man btw😂. I’m sorry, I couldn’t write about sex, but now because I don’t write this stuff, just because it would be stupid if they have sex as soon as they just kissed! So yeah)
And guys, I’m sorry I wasn’t active last weeks, but know I’m here and I’m ready to write) tomorrow will post new one! Thank you ❤️✌️

School canteen

Peter is sitting with Ned and Michell…
“Heeeey! I’m talking with you! Don’t you hear me?” Ned punched him in a shoulder.
“Ouch! It hurts! Why’d you do that?” Peter was confused and rubbing his shoulder…
“Because he was talking to you but you didn’t hear, cause you were looking at (Y/N) again” said Michell while reading a book, then she turned the page and completed: “but I don’t care anyways!”
“I wasn’t… looking at her… just… I was looking at… at… Flash!” Said Peter, and then realized how stupid it sounds.
“Flash? Even I would not look at him the way you did” said Michell! She took her stuff, and just left!
“Ned, how can I get her attention? She doesn’t even look at me, but I’m so in love…” said Peter and continued looking at you
“Just tell her! Tell her everything you told me!” Said Ned
“It’s nit so simple Ned! What if she’ll laugh at me? I’d die…” Said Peter, looked at Ned with a sad look
“Just invite her to the Homecoming ball! It’s your chance!” He whispered.
“No, no, never! I can’t…” said Peter and closed his face with his hands.
“Okay then… let’s go, we have math now”

Homecoming ball
One day later

You’re on the ball! You wear beautiful red dress!
Everything seems so bored and you’re standing with your friends and
holding soda…
“I think I better go home girls… I don’t feel fun right now…” you said.
“By the way, where is you date? Did anyone ask you at all?” Said (y/f/n)
“A few guys tried, it I said no…” you said, and drunk a little.
“But why? We’re they too ugly for you” she said, and laughed with two other girls.
“If Flash comes to you and asks you will you go with him, what would you answer (y/f/n)?” You asked with a smile on your face.
“To be honest, I love one person… but it’s so stupid, I don’t even want to talk about him…” you said
“Oh oh oh! And who is he! Just say a name! Please”
“It’s spider-man… stop laughing! I’m being serious! Have you seen the video from Berlin? He fought Cap America himself!” You said and drunk a little beet more!
“No no, HE was beaten by Captain” she said with a smile.
“Did you ever think how good he is as a boyfriend? And how good he is “there” a?” You asked and smiled.
“Anyway, don’t move girl, I’ll come back in a second” and she left…

Suddenly someone took you hand and got you out of the hall. It was Peter…
“Stop Peter what are you doing? What is going on with you?” You asked when he stopped! He looked into your eyes, put his arm on your shoulder, and kissed you! You didn’t realize why, but you liked it, you didn’t want it to end.
He looked at you again and smiled…
“Why… what did you… what is going on Pet? Why’d you do that? What does it mean?” You asked a little confused…
“I heard you! Heard what you said!” He said, he didn’t stop smiling.
“What did I say? What do you mean?” You whispered, you started blushing…
“You love me… I.. I mean you said you love Spider-man so…” he said and stoped smiling…
“Okay I did, but what does it do with you? You asked, looked at him and suddenly realized..
“Don’t you wanna say you are the spider-man?” You asked with a questionable face
“Yes, I am, but it’s a big secret! Nobody knows, except Ned…” he said, put his hands on your shoulders.
“Proof it!” You said, you didn’t believe it!
“Okay… hm… what should I do… oh yeah, I know” he said, then completed: “wait here and don’t move!” And then he left.
You’re standing here alone like for 5 minutes. Suddenly Spider-Man’s face appears in front if yours. You looked up and see him hanging on a web!
“Take my mask of, (Y/N)” you heard a familiar voice… you took the mask of, and saw Peter, his hair are more crazier than usual.
“Do you believe me now?” He whispered and smiled.
You put you hands on his head, and kissed him, you were kissing for 15 seconds.
“Yes, now I do” you said, and continued…

Thanks for reading guys, I love you’ll!!

Expectant Father!Soonyoung

Originally posted by fyhoshi

  • a/n: not requested but there actually was one similar to this about Soonyoung wanting kids but I will still do that one separately. PLEASE ENJOY THE BIRTHDAY AU FOR CUTIE SOONYOUNG!!!! THAT GIF BTW GOT ME CRYING
  • Expectant Father Soonyoung to celebrate the Birthday Boy
  • Soonyoung was kind of oblivious to the signs of pregnancy, he knew what they were, I mean he’s seen a few of his female friends go through it as well as his guy friends complaining about their wives or girlfriend
  • he just kind of thought you were having a bad flu or something
  • when things like you getting morning sickness, or you having quick changes of mood, or when you suddenly really hated your favorite dish that Soonyoung begged Mingyu to make, when all of these started to occur
  • Soonyoung brushed it off and hoped you would get better soon because he’s kind of scared now
  • You kind of ignored all the signs too, because you really did not expect to have kids just yet
  • but when you notice your period has suddenly become late, that’s when all the sudden ill feelings point towards one big thing: pregnancy
  • you started laughing when you saw the pregnancy test show a positive, you were laughing because ‘no. no. this can’t be right.”
  • so you do what any sane women would do, go to the doctor. And the doctor says the opposite of what you originally wanted “congratulations, you’re pregnant.”
  • that’s kind of an ‘aw fuck’ moment, you and Soonyoung had just gotten back from your honeymoon a few weeks ago and this was kind a quick
  • for the first few days afterwards you’re glaring at Soonyoung and he’s all like “What” with his mouth stuffed with noodles as you sit on the end of the couch
  • and in your head you’re thinking ‘horny bastard couldn’t keep it in his pants for 24 hours, making me do it with him in Seungcheol’s bathroom right after the 12 hour flight back from the honeymoon, I hope you suffer’
  • finally you decide to tell him
  • you sit him down, it’s late in the afternoon, Soonyoung is staring at you curiously as you give a deep sigh, and in the midst of all the silence, you say right out
  • “I’m pregnant”
  • it get’s really quiet for like 5 minutes, on Soonyoung’s face passes various emotions, surprise, fear, joy, anticipation, nervousness
  • “Is it mine?”
  • all in all, Soonyoung becomes this very excited puppy, his eyes are just lit up, his lips are curled into a permenant smile, and the way he’s reacting eases you about the whole situation
  • Soonyoung calls everyone he knows, screaming at the top of his lungs “Y/N IS PREGNANT WITH MY BABY! I’M HAVING A BABY” *immediately hangs up and calls the next person*
  • but then comes the whole financial issue after the excitement and Soonyoung is working so hard trying to make everything okay
  • like he has a whole list of things to help make sure you two are at a good financial point to be able to take care of the baby
  • “I’ll get a full time job, you can continue working if you want, we can borrow money from our parents and pay them back. And when you go back to work, we can ask the guys to babysit, 12 guys, one of them is bound to be free. Or we can just drop the baby off with Jihoon, he’s always in his studio anyways, all he has to do is remember to feed the baby”
  • The whole talk brings a smile to your face, because he’s so serious, his eyes are squinting at the list he made and all you want to do is pinch his little hamster cheeks
  • that one overly excited dad in the lamaze
  • he’s actually the one that signed you up for the lamaze classes and he pumps it up so much
  • goes to most of the doctor’s appointments with you but if he can’t then he forces one of the guys *cough*Jihoon*cough* to go with you
  • wants to know the sex of the baby soooo bad
  • he’s jumping everywhere in the doctors office and the doctor gives him a strange look but Soonyoung doesn’t mind because he really really wants a girl (and he bet on it with the guys)
  • “Congratulations, you’re having twin girls”
  • “TWINS?!?”
  • is the most excited dad in the entire world
  • says to the guys that since he’s having twins, they should give him double
  • at first you’re kind of freaking out bc “SOONIE I ONLY WANTED ONE! BUT NOW WE HAVE TWO! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO”
  • He holds you close, kisses the temple of your forehead, rest his chin on top your head, slowly stroking your arm in comfort, and whispers how everything is going to be okay, how everything will work out in the end because they were blessed with two girls, two wonderful girls that are going to be just as strong as their mother
  • and it’s the most comforting and soothing thing you’ve ever heard him say
  • sets up the nursery room in one day thanks to 12 boys diligently working (by 12 I mean 11 because Jeonghan is chilling with you on the couch talking about baby stuff)
  • Soonyoung will in fact run to the store in the middle of the night to get you anything you need
  • you just slap him across the chest and he’s yelling that he’s up, and he goes to the store with a list in hand of your weird pregnancy cravings
  • When your stomach gets really big, he can’t help but fall in love with it, he’s touching it, and laying his head on it and saying things like “it’s your dad talking, can you hear me”
  • starts screaming when the girls are kicking and he’s calling everyone once again because his baby girls are moving
  • Soonyoung was at work at the time you were going to labor
  • Lucky for you, Jihoon was visiting for some random reason (he actually cares about you), and so Soonyoung got the call from Jihoon to meet them at the hospital
  • Jihoon screaming in the car because you’re gripping his arm really tight and god when did you get so strong y/n
  • you’re lying on a bed since you weren’t dilated just enough yet, so the doctors are periodically checking on you and while you’re waiting you just see this figure zoom by before it back tracks and there he is
  • Soonyoung, all sweaty and huffing and puffing, he’s by your side in a minute, holding your hand as your contractions happen
  • 10 hours, you’re in torture for 10 hours before you are fully dilated, and in those 10 you have managed to strike immense fear into Soonyoung that he periodically had to leave the room to let you calm down
  • “Where’s y/n?”
  • Soonyoung with a dead look in his eye “she’s calming down after calling me a horny bastard in front of the doctor”
  • finally, it comes to the part where you’re pushing, and you’re holding Soonyoung’s hand so hard that he thinks you’re going to break it off and it hurts even more than any time Jihoon has slapped or hit him
  • he’s telling you everything will be okay and that you have to push more but you’re so out of it and in pain that you just kind of snap at Soonyoung but he brushes it aside because he knows you’re hurting
  • and after what seems like eternity, Soonyoung hears it, the first cry of the baby girl and his heart immediately drops because woah i made that
  • after the second baby comes crying out, you’re totally exhausted, Soonyoung brushes your sweaty hair out of your face and he’s giving you the biggest smile ever, telling you how great of a job you did
  • When the nurses hand you and Soonyoung the babies, Soonyoung has the most astonished look on his face
  • He can’t believe he’s staring at his creation, he’s staring at his little girl, the little pride of his life
  • Later, in the hospital room, when you’re sleeping, he’s hovering over the baby girls, a fatherly grin on his face as he watches them sleep soundly, and Soonyoung just vows to himself he would do anything for these girls, and when he looks back at your resting expression, he couldn’t have found you more beautiful than when you were swearing your head off at him while pushing his little girls out of your body.  

anonymous asked:

how about a pregnancy scare scenario with iwaizumi, kuroo and tsukki? freaks me out just thinking about it O_O

late post, late post, late post aaaaahhhhhhhh i’m sorry! we suddenly had to go out last night and i had a big thing today where i incidentally met a cute guy who was taller than me so i couldn’t grab my laptop last night.

but here’s the request! it turned out pretty long, so i’m gonna put some under the cut.

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- admin may


Iwaizumi Hajime never thought he’d be worriedly pacing outside the bathroom of his childhood home, waiting for his girlfriend to finish peeing so he could know if she was pregnant or not.

But here he was, in that exact situation.

The words, “How did this happen?” were a constant in his head, but he knew. Oh, he knew how it happened. It happened in a very pleasurable way, thank you very much—but now wasn’t exactly the time to think about that, not outside the bathroom of his childhood home, waiting for—

He had to calm down, damn it.

Iwaizumi stopped his pacing and took some seconds to breathe deeply in and then out. Your tearful admission earlier that your period was late rattled him, got him barely functioning for a few minutes. At the worried “Hajime,” you whispered, he jumped back to life, and steered you to the couch. He told you to wait, and that he’d come back. He would just be gone twenty minutes max, but he would be back. With a soft kiss to your forehead, he made a dash to the convenience store.

He returned twenty minutes later, out of breath and clutching a plastic bag for dear life. You had been pacing like crazy, probably wondering if he’d left you for good, even though he wouldn’t do that. You were worried and distraught, and he understood. So he handed you the bag and calmly told you to take the test, even if you were afraid of the result.

“Look, Y/N, no matter what the result of that test will be, I will be here, okay?” he had said, running a gentle hand through your hair. “I’m not gonna leave you.”

He thought you wouldn’t take the bag, and you truthfully, almost didn’t. But with trembling fingers, you managed to pry the plastic bag from Iwaizumi’s death grip. You moved silently to the bathroom; Iwaizumi watched your figure retreat, the worried crease in his forehead getting deeper when you didn’t say another word.

At the click of the lock, he sagged against the wall, pressing a hand to his face and cursing himself under his breath. Soon after that began the pacing.

Now, around ten minutes later, he was staring at the wooden door, wondering when you would come out. Wondering if you were pregnant, wondering if you weren’t.

He had meant what he said. If you did end up with his child, he had decided he wasn’t going to leave you. What kind of boyfriend would he be then, if he did? He knew it wouldn’t be easy, but he would find a way to make it work.

Seconds later, the door opened and Iwaizumi shot to it like a bullet. He raised his brows, a silent question.

You held up the pregnancy test. “I’m negative.”

Instantly, Iwaizumi crushed you in a hug. He was silent as you raised your arms to return the hug.

“Oh my god, you’re negative,” he sighed, nuzzling further in the crook of your neck.

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my lazy skin care routine.

tbh i feel fake giving out skin care tips bc none of us have the same skin types or environmental factors that effect our skin!

but, here we go it’s not much:

• i have combination skin. its oily on my nose and chin, kind of dry between my eyebrows and around my eyes and on top of my cheeks, normal everywhere else.

• i wash with *cool* water twice a day (3 times if i sweat a lot). i use an oil free acne wash (the orange neutrogena kind bc its all i can afford). immediately after rinsing i spray my still wet face with organic rose water spray. (i buy it online for $6-7 a bottle). i let that sit and dry for like 5 minutes.

• before my face is completely dry i use moisturizing cortizone cream on the corners of my nostrils and on the tops of my cheeks and sides of my chin. i have dry patches in these areas and if i let them go without cortizone they turn red, itch and hurt.

• after that i use a toner on every other area but especially on the acne prone areas. tbh i use a tomato toner or a generic one by Up and Up i bought from target.

• after toning i slather on a layer of oil free day cream by dermasil. at night i switch to the same brands night cream. (warning: it’s got a fragrance. my skin isn’t very sensitive so i don’t mind it.)

• put on a dermal korean sheet mask twice a day (can be found on amazon) and let it sit and absorb until it’s dry.

(also i dont drink soda. only water and sometimes gatorade lol. also oils always break me out so no, i never use them on my face.)

Carisi-centric thoughts on Ep 18x18

The last fifteen minutes really ruined what was, until then, a perfectly serviceable episode. It really flew by, up until that point, and I kinda liked it. It was dumb but fun :D

I even liked the hypnotism angle, but I must say, I think the problem persists; yet again, the episode had an interesting premise, but it failed to take advantage of it. Why not go into the practicalities of hypnosis? Where was Huang to get on that stand and explain it in detail? Speaking of, wouldn’t Barba talk to an “expert” during the trial? Why not make a show if it and demonstrate hypnosis? Wouldn’t that be fun to watch?


OK, guys, I’m going to be honest. I’m of two minds, when it comes to this episode. Sonny-wise, the episode was fantastic (and let’s be honest, that’s always my main concern lol), the premise was fun, we got Barba working with the entire team, not just Liv, and the case itself (the investigation of it, at least) was twisty enough to remain enjoyable.


From a legal standpoint, this episode was laughably bad. It honestly left me baffled. Who wrote this? The last fifteen minutes were ridiculous. No way would Barba ever get a conviction based on what we saw. I’ll expand on that in a minute (in EXTENSIVE detail), but first let’s start with the good.

Sonny and Continuity

A lot of great stuff in this episode! Sonny pulled a classic Sonny, and looked into the case thoroughly, going above and beyond and finding information about out a crime which was committed out of state. He even dug up a civil suit. That’s absolutely consistent with the Sonny we know. It’s what he’s always done. He never gives up, he finds smart ways to work around the obstacles and solve the case.

I also appreciated that Sonny showed real empathy when he heard the first victim had died. Peter played that little moment so well. Both the surprise and the sadness. What I loved most about it, was that it didn’t feel like he was thinking “oh shoot, there goes our witness.” It felt like the old Sonny, the one who used to cross himself when he found a dead body. The Sonny who’d take the time to grieve, just for a moment, when confronted with the death of a stranger as opposed to last week’s Sonny, who dismissed actual death threats like he didn’t give a shit lol.

And I do always love it when Sonny cracks a case with his research. Even though he didn’t actually crack it, because what the fuck? But, again, more on that later.

Sonny’s Love Life

Wait, Sonny has a legit girlfriend that’s been mentioned more than once? Can we meet her, please? I’ve always wanted to see him happy and in love :D and making out with someone lol. I just wish we knew more about her. A name, even. Wouldn’t Amanda know her name? She and Carisi are obviously buddies. So far, the info we got on her is a) her bra size (classy, SVU writers) and b) that she’s into that raw food trend. I like that, actually. It fits Sonny. He seems like he’d totally be up for trying new experiences food-wise and otherwise, and this could be their thing, going around random restaurants and trying to convince each other to eat weird dishes, lol.

I love it when our characters are shown to have lives outside the “show”, but can we actually see it? Can we see Sonny all flirty and cute? If they don’t want to cast anyone new (because they seem averse to creating new characters), can’t we at least see, like, Sonny smiling as he talks on the phone, or as he reads a text, with Fin teasing him about it? Or something? Please? :D

Barba Thoughts

I was surprised Barba was the one to suggest hypnotism. Way to think outside the box! I’m not sure he was the best person to do that (he seems like a total skeptic who’d shoot that theory down immediately), but I bought the excuse of him having come across it before. Plus, I loved that he was the one who got to solve the case, for a change. And I also liked how the entire team, Barba included, spent several scenes brainstorming together. I had missed that. Barba in the precinct, with the entire squad.

Aaaaand that’s where the fun ends, and the pedantic/annoyed part of my post begins, lol.

Why on Earth would Barba take legal advice from Liv? Why would he ever play that tape for the jury? If that’s not reasonable doubt, I don’t know what is. Why would he follow Liv’s actual instructions? She’s not a lawyer! She directly affected the case, in a way that could have been detrimental, even though Barba seemed like he knew better (since he tried to talk her out of it, before folding as always), and the way the episode chose to resolve that was by having Liv and Barba drinkin’ it up at a bar.

Liv’s mistake was never identified as such, and it took Sonny “deus ex machina” Carisi and his random discovery to save the day.

Even though it shouldn’t have. Which brings me to:

The Law

Me for the first like 45 minutes: OK BUT WHERE IS RITA???

Me when Rita appeared: YASSSSSS QUEEN

Me at the end of the episode: NOOOOO QUEEN 

Where do I begin?

Why was Barba acting like hypnosis was sure to be accepted as 100% real and effective by a court of law, let alone a jury in its entirety? Why did he seem to “suddenly” realize he had no case (which, d’oh) at the halfway mark, only for Liv to wrongly convince him otherwise? And, even if Barba did manage to stumble upon a group of jurors who all believe in hypnosis, why didn’t he bother actually proving anything?

To get a conviction, Barba would have to prove that:

  1. hypnosis is real,
  2. hypnosis can be powerful enough to make a woman consent to sex against her will,
  3. Trask has the skill to hypnotize people,
  4. Trask actually hypnotized this specific victim, and
  5. Trask raped this specific victim.

None of that was ever proven. None. Like I said, no expert was shown explaining just what hypnotism entails. No proof was given that Trask even knew how to do that (so what if his mentor taught him, does that mean he now knows how to do it perfectly?). There was an actual tape with the victim’s ‘consent’ that was played but not actually debunked.

And oh Lord. That old case Sonny dug up. WHERE. DO. I. BEGIN.

What defense attorney, hell, what judge would allow a totally random arrest from over 20 years ago to be brought up into a totally unrelated criminal trial? Not to mention, no one even bothered to point out that the defendant was a drug addict at the time (22. YEARS. AGO), and he had since “changed.”

To be fair, the writers tried to make it work, with Barba asking Trask if he had ever been arrested, to “open the door” to bringing up the previous arrest (and also to get Trask to lie on the stand). Problem is, Trask only lied about the arrest itself, not about the specifics of it. With that in mind, Barba would only be able to mention the arrest itself, to contradict Trask’s testimony and present him as a liar. But he’d never be able to introduce the actual details of the arrest, the actual facts of that old case.

Barba would need to ask something specific to open that door. Something like, “Have you ever been accused of anything like this before? A man in your position, wealthy and surrounding himself with drugs and beautiful women,” blah blah. If Trask had lied about that, then Barba would have been able to bring up a similar case from the past (even the case of the dead woman mentioned previously). 

Unfortunately, there was nothing similar about the case Sonny found. No relevance, no probative value. A drug addict, ill and scared, letting someone die? Over 20 years ago? An expunged arrest, no conviction? That was prejudicial as fuck. Rita would have it thrown out in 3 seconds. Many times, prosecutors can’t even mention actual (and relevant) convictions, because it would be prejudicial, unless the specific convictions have a significant probative value relating to the case on hand.

Same goes for that half-assed “confession” to Trask’s mentor-slash-friend. Trask never mentioned this specific victim. That was circumstantial as fuck. I’m embarrassed on Rita’s behalf for losing this mess of a case. The old Rita would never.

Legally speaking, this was a total circus. Barba proved nothing. No way would the jury find Trask guilty. No way would Rita Fucking Calhoun let any of that fly. This is Dana Lewis levels of character assassination, in my book. 

Stray Thoughts

Is Liv working reception now? Didn’t she used to have an office? Where her subordinates could reach her, if a victim wanted to speak to “someone in charge”? You’re a Lieutenant, sis! Let someone else man the doors!

Declan? 👀

Amanda didn’t judge a victim, for once, and the case involved drugs! Progress!

Fin listening to that lady for like 5 minutes? YES. His face was the highlight of the episode. Fin himself was the highlight of the episode, actually. So many great lines, and Ice-T was clearly having fun.

Speaking of, we got Fin joking! And Carisi joking! And Amanda laughing! Who are these people? I don’t recognize them :D

Seriously though, I really appreciated the attempt for a more ‘lighthearted’ episode, but the writers should have stopped themselves riiiiiight before giving Rollins the line, ‘look deep into my eyes, you’re under arrest.’ Because no.

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Hey since you made both Sky and Ben headcanons would you mind making the trio complete and make a Joshua Burrage one?? *-* I'd love you forever <3 Have a great day!! :)

awwwwww i love josh!

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- this boy is such a gentleman 

- sending flowers to the theatre (bc he’s in cats right now)

- helping him wipe off all the cat makeup

- he’ll go to kiss your forehead and then be there for 5 minutes

- he makes funny faces at you all the time

- like if you’re meeting up somewhere, when he makes eye contact with you from across the way, he’ll do something silly like stick out his tongue or pull some weird twisted expression and make you laugh so hard that people are concerned that you’re actually crying

- him holding open doors, pull out chairs, always helping you up whenever you somehow end up on the floor (wink wonk)

- always complienting his smile, which makes him smile even bigger

- stupidly adorable pet names 

- there have been matching outfit incidents 

- all of your family and friends love him

- being a little awkward when you first meet the bros™, Ben, Sky n DeMarius bc they’re all so hyped about you

- josh swings his arms when you hold hands

- when you’re falling asleep before josh does, he’ll whisper little sweet things to you 

- “you’re so wonderful” “nothing makes me happier than you” “you’re so cute” “i hope you sleep well” “i can’t wait to talk to you again” “i love you so much”

- getting super duper excited about anything and everything, wether it be about a job (or maybe even having a baby child) or seeing a dog on tv or new episodes of whatever show or just about how much you love each other

“Blindly Dating” PT3 - Morgan Rielly

Requested - so many times oh my gosh my whole ask is full of them!

Warnings - nada buddy


It was Saturday. The day I hoped would come quicker but now that it is here I don’t want it to be here. I have been string at myself in the mirror for about thirty minutes my nerves shaking my hands trembling.

This would be my first date in the longest time, probably about 2 years to be honest with you. Looking at my phone I see texts from Aus, and Sid blasting me about having a fun time tonight and not t to do anything stupid.

I sighed to myself for what felt like the millionth time and walked out of my room. My outfit was black, a basic black blouse paired with black skinny jeans. ‘To much black’ I said to myself grabbing my red flannel wrapping it around my waist.

In this moment I called Morgan to find out what we are doing making sure this is the proper attire to wear.

“Hey what’s up?” Morgans voice rang through the speaker of my phone. It took me a minute to respond because I was so nervous.

“Um hi , what are we doing?” I spoke quickly him barely able to comprehend what I said.

“Going on a date?” He said like it was a question giving me a minute to realize what I had just said.

“I mean what are we doing on the date?” I laughed trying to make myself sound less of an idiot.

“Don’t worry about it just make sure you bring a jacket.” Morgan laughed at me. “I’ll be there in 5 minutes my dear.”

My face instantly went red as he hung up the phone. My dear. I repeated that sentence through my head it making my stomach flutter in such a way. Thinking about the jacket I didn’t grab one I was just going to use my flannel. A knock came from my door and I jumped up quickly.

“Come in!” I heard the door open, hoping it was Morgan but it was someone worse. “What are you doing here?”

“Is he here yet?” Sid ran over to me eyeing me up and down. “You’re wearing that?”

“Obviously he’s not here and really Crosby? You’re questioning my fashion choice ? May I remind you I wasn’t the one who wore a fedora with his suit on the night of his aunts wedding.” I raised my eyebrows challenging him but he backed down. “Yeah that’s what I thought.”

Another knock came from the door and before I could say anything Sidney beat me too it.

“Come in!” He screamed and I gave him the dirtiest look of my life. But it was over shadowed when I saw Morgan walk in with a leather jacket and a black t shirt on. He looked like a bad boy from a basic 90’s movie and for some reason it made me so swoon.

“Ready Y/N?” He smiled at me with his hands in his pockets more prepared for this than I initially was.


This was stupid and made in 5 minutes