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Could u tell us a little about it?

1. It was my senior year he was about 23, we hooked up on the side of his house towards the backyard, we didn’t do any like anal or whatever we just made out and I got my dingaling sucked

2. Was at a park and I fucked him like dead ass 5 times til the sun came up

3. Same as the first dingaling was sucked lol

4. This is my favorite one, it was after I graduated HS and I lived in San Diego for a bit, I hooked up with a straight bicurious married man, he was Latino and let me tell you sis he was fine as fuck, his muscles were so defined, his v line, I couldn’t keep my hands off him, and he just smacked my ass and ate my ass the whole time, he said he wanted to fuck me but he didn’t want to hurt me, it was fucking huge bitch first of all, second of all it was so thick too. When you say thicker than a bowl of oatmeal, bitch, exactly that lol, but you know I’m not a quitter you know? So I said, what’s stopping you? And he said haha fuck you’re right baby, and he put a MAGNUM condom on lmao and slide it right in me, I couldn’t fucking breathe, he started out slow so you know my walls were peacefully expanding, and I loved every moment and feeling, I told him faster and harder, he did exactly that. Then he came and I left his room and saw his wife and kid coming to his room, I said to her, hi excuse me, have a safe night y'all lot of crazy people out tonight lmao. If I could meet him again I definitely would.

when you’ve played a certain video game over than ten times already but you go on tumblr and see some cool gifs and pictures and you’re like “o, fuck it man, I’m gonna replay”

So like is anyone else noticing this pattern ?

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They all have beards too…