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I just needed this on loop he looks so damn cute

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You're offered a job as an intern at Night Vale Community Radio. Do you take it?

Carlos: Cecil, I already have a job

Cecil: Yeah, but you get to wear this cool red shirt!

Carlos: Is that a target on the back??

When 5sos gets mobbed

When Ashton gets tricked into kissing

When 5sos becomes #1 in basically everywhere

When Michael obsesses over PewDiePie

fetus 5sos

ashton singing

when i meet 5sos

I love Zombie Apocalypse stuff on paper but watching it stresses me out so much, catastrophe/apocalyptic stuff in general makes me feel so anxious, it just claws to my gut with a feeling of dread and doesn’t stop for hours… and here I am watching more of Fear The Walking Dead just so I can have context for a fanmade character this is unbelievable.