I realize that no matter what I look up in regards to Japanese entertainment, somehow I always come back to Arashi.

It makes me think about exactly how much influence this group has over the Japanese entertainment industry, and how they grew from being little boys doing random things on late-night television to the big stars they are now.

It really amazes me how they have gotten so big, yet they haven’t lost how “ordinary” they are. I didn’t really get an opportunity to comment before, but as I was watching 24 hour TV, I couldn’t help but notice just how easily they could talk to people and how natural it was. I just find it so incredible that these five guys who are Japan's national idols can do that so easily. 

So I guess this kind of turned into a 5 x 13 post…XD

I just love these five individuals so much…;3; I probably irritate my non-Arashi friends (and probably the ones who like Arashi too on occasion) with how much I talk about them, and I try to refrain from going on about them every hour of the day, but they’re just so incredible that it’s hard. 

Lots of love for the Arashi that saved me almost seven years ago, and to the Arashi now who keeps me happy every day. Happy 5 x 13.