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Sorry Ash, but we know who the real star here is. This week was super busy with University projects and orders, so I’m couple of days late with this week’s pattern, sorry! But it’s finally time for Pikachu to make an appearance! The tail was a bit tricky to work out, so I’ve included a lot of photos and a (hopefully!) thorough description to help you out.

If you don’t crochet you can find this guy at either my Etsy.


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Albert Camus, 1959 (Hans Bellmer) - part of the miscellaneous series
cotton duck fabric, natural
cotton thread, black
no hoop,  8.85 x 5.3”  (22.5 x 13.5 cm)







Guy Goodwin at Brennan & Griffin Gallery

Guy Goodwin’s large paintings on cardboard forms are among the most unusual and enticing in New York galleries now. Projecting over a foot from the gallery wall, they’re cross between painting and sculpture that the artist likens to a ‘plush booth’ where a visitor might rest and contemplate. (At Brennan and Griffin on the Lower East Side through June 18th). Guy Goodwin, Flowers in the Grotto, acrylic and tempera on cardboard, 68 x 68.5 x 13.25 inches, 2017.

Lygia Clark

1. Bicho (Critter), c. 1960-63. Metal, variable dimensions. 

2. Study for Bicho (Study for Critter), 1960. Balsa wood, adhesive tape, and pencil, variable dimensions.

3. Arquitetura fantástica bichos (Fantastic architecture critters), 1963. Gelatin silver print, 4 1/8 x 5 13/16 in. The Museum of Modern Art Archives, New York.