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Top 5 favorite Dean Moments? It's hard for me to think of them since he is always at least 75% asshole. So I want to see what you can think up. ;)

At first I thought I’ve already done this because I remembered doing this, but I HAVEN’T! And I’m actually really excited????? Because I never get to fuss over Dean and there are a few moments when I just really REALLY love Dean. Woo! I get to browse my “positive Dean tag!” Hahaha.  

(OH SHIT! Going through my tag reminded me I kinda did this a long time ago when I piggy-backed off of dreamscape-inkscape‘s. So have this too!)

(OH OH OH and here are top 5 brother moments! :D)

So yay!!!

  • Dean mowing the lawn (<source) in WI&WSNB (and crying at his father’s grave) - What Is and What Should Never Be kind of kills me all the way through, but I think what I really loved is how happy Dean was with really mundane, normal things. The lawn mowing was probably one of the cutest Dean moments of the entire series, for me. 
  • Dean apologizes to Sam in 5.05, Fallen Idols (<source) - This is SUCH an important scene because I think so many people forget that it happened. If you click the links above, one of them will take you to a transcript of that conversation and you’ll see that not only does he apologize to Sam but he also shares blame with Sam for how things went down in s4, and to a Sam girl there isn’t much more important than that. It’s sad that Dean (and a lot of the fans) forget this important fact as the series goes on, but it was there and it mattered so much to me.
  • Dean and Bela in Red Sky Morning (source)- I kind of shamelessly ship these two and I especially love them in Red Sky Morning. Dean is really, really stupid cute in this one. 
  • Dean on the plane in Phantom Traveller (<source) - This was one of the first episodes I fell for Dean. I like when he genuinely acts kind of like a little boy and he was especially childlike in how he dealt with the plane. Looking back on it, I am surprised how early this episode is because it puts a crack in his bravado armor early on, but I think that may be why I love it so much, hahah. 
  • Long Distance Call (source) - This one is really, really random I guess, but there is a moment where Jensen delivers one of Dean’s lines when he’s talking to “John” on the phone like Dean is a small child about to cry, and it shatters my heart every time. If you haven’t noticed, I have a weak spot for Dean and his devotion to his father, his desperation for his father’s approval. This moment especially upsets me because his father is dead and still he craves for John’s voice to give him the words he always wished for in life. I HATE IT and love Dean, you poor darling, let me hug you. UGH 
  • Dean tells Sam he admires him in 1.11, Scarecrow (source) - Again, one of the most important things about early-seasons-Dean is he could admit things like this and open up to Sam. Admitting that he not only was wrong here and that Sam should get to go his own way, but that he also admits he wishes he could be more like Sam in that way makes me so happy. I wish the boys could go back to having moments like this, with real vulnerability, encouragement, and honesty. 

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