Team Beacon of Justice

Anje Acqua | 14 | 5'0” | Inkling |

Anje is the baby of among the Acqua siblings. She has accomplished much at her age though. Some even consider her a prodigy. Reaching S+ 99 at Inkopolis plaza, Anje had formed a team that would symbolize good among the community. Her team often spreads out and helps out the newbies from arrogant players and squid baggers. Anje has also taken interest in trying to help Octarians out by joining the squid becon and creating a movement that would help out those who are trying to live peacefully in Inkopolis.

Lili (Lilith) Talamuar  | 16 | 5'3” | Inkling | 

Lili is a tough Aussie Vampire squid. She can be pretty loud when excited and is the team’s strong defense. Lili has a strong bond with her team and is always ready to help them out when needed. This also means that none of her friends should be messed with. Gareth especially. 

Ronin Jamun | 18 | 5'7” | Humboldt Inkling | 
Ronin often keeps to himself and spends his time building up his own strength. He met Anje one day through a turf war battle and respected her tactics and strength. Outside of turf and rank he is very chill. On the battlefield he is a force to be reckoned with. He also is spending time in helping Gareth trying to find their inner strength.

Gareth Daymon  | 16 | 6'0” | Colossal squid Inkling |

Gareth is actually a gentle giant type of squid. Because of their nature not fitting in with the other colossals, he was bullied very often growing up. One incident even left them with scars on their face. Meeting the team was the best thing to happen to them. Gareth is treated like family and is willing to do anything for their team. Gareth also enjoys making flower crowns for those they see as kind or cute.

My close friend asked me:  Which comics/Books inspire you for your Japan stuff? Here is my source of inspiration

The Art of Big Hero 6

The Art of Kubo

5 Ronin 1/5 issues

IDW Samurai Jack (1/20 issues, in Italy 1/5)

Tokio Ghost 

Quaderni Giapponesi (Japan Notebooks) by Igort*

Martin Mystere - Almanacco di mistero 1993*

Vendetta sul monte fuji (Revenge on Mont Fuji) Agatha Mystery series*

Scarlet Witch issue n.10

The Batman Adventures issue n.24

Not only these: other comics that inspire me are Big Hero 6 1/5 (Marvel) it’s awesome. Lone Wolf and Cub, Otomo stuff, Frank Miller’s Ronin and some Marvel/Dc comics set in Japan. PR

  Note:  Those marked with an asterisk Indicate that these books are available are in italy (Try on Ebay or Amazon, If you are curious to read)

anonymous asked:

The weird thing with Psylocke is they HAVE actually made an interpretation of her where she's biracial, half-English and half-Japanese. It's in the 5 Ronin series. She's called Chiyo Braddock. Her dad's a British Navy Captain. A single comic set in an alternate universe has a better backstory for Psylocke than 40 years of mainstream writing. No body swapping.

marvel refuses to amend their fuck up and i literally do not know why it’s not even that deep

i swear to god if this post makes tht fucking ‘british psylocke is best psylocke’ blog reblog my shit again i am moving to another dimension.

blacksirencry replied to your post: Random Psylocke thing. In the 5 Ronin series,…

Petition for every comic book character whose origin is heavily based off East Asian themes/martial arts to be portrayed as Asian. From elektra to danny rand

and then scarlett johansson isnt allowed to play a single one of them in cinematic adaptations!!!