This Lapis Lazuli Brooch was a quick “build” I knocked out last year as a Mother’s Day gift for my mom: hand-carved from red oak, inset with a blue glass stone and string with natural wood beads on a corrosion resistant nylon cord, and soaked in linseed oil as a finish. The brooch itself measure 2 5/8″ L x 1 3/8 W.


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                             [  PAST - June 12th, 1962 - Black Manor  ]

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She’s ten when she first meets him. Druella Black is hosting her annual summer garden party, and after an unfortunate incident involving Mrs. Rowle’s custom made dress and a rogue pumpkin pasty (her aim was exceptional, if she did say so herself), Bellatrix gets sentenced to an hour’s worth of monotony. Her legs swing back and forth in an idle fashion, hovering aimlessly above the floor from the hard chair she’s been forced into occupying the rest of the night, black heels clicking together. The corner she’s been sent to serve out her punishment in is ways off from the crowded ballroom, though she still has a perfect view of the going ons inside. Dancing. Drinking. Some routine arse kissing. People telling the same stupid jokes they tell every party while waltzing to the same boring song they play every year. Nothing she hasn’t already forcibly participated in.

There’s the urge to do something reckless. Break a plate. Mouth off. S c r e a m. Throw a tantrum just for the sake of being difficult. At least when you’re being a thorn in people’s sides they stop to pay attention to you. Isolation was just sad. But she knows her father’s already been informed of her misbehavior and if there’s anyone in the world she can’t stomach the thought of disappointing, it’s him. She would save her third and final strike of the night (the first had involved one Mr. Timothy Avery and a pointed remark about his misshapen nose) for something worthwhile.

It takes her a few moments to realize she’s being watched. With pursed lips Bellatrix turns in her seat, eyes flaring, and sees a red-headed boy, not that much older than her, standing two feet away. Smiling. “— What?”


                             [  PRESENT - May 21st, 1982 - Lestrange Manor  ]

It was a mistake to take off the locket.

The moment it’s off she wants nothing more than to throw it back on; to let it swallow up every feeling that came with this new found awareness. She’d been stunted for weeks, safely tethered to a blissful state of total control. Cold. Uncaring. Detached. Her emotional state had always been riddled with countless cracks verging their breaking point. Complete apathy, try as she might, was beyond her full reach. She was too volatile to not feel; no matter how strongly, no matter how negatively.

The locket had changed that. With its influence Bellatrix had gone on to shut down every aspect of herself that only served to get in the way. Her task was simple: protect Rodolphus and guard the rest of the Horcruxes. Nothing else – no one else – factored into that, and as such they were swept aside into the shadows of irrelevance. But it’d burned upon the Dark Lord’s resurrection, as if someone had suddenly taken a lit fire poker to her chest, and on pure instinct she’d ripped it off with enough force to slice open her fingers. It was then that everything came rushing back. 

Rabastan’s dead. He killed him. Rabastan’s d e a d.

Even as the wards fell and the enemy poured into the grounds outside, it’s the one and only realization that continued to carry any weight with her. Rabastan’s dead. And it’s o u r fault.

The locket seared through her bloodied fingers, a sudden reminder of its master’s return, and it’s enough to spur her to action, if only to try and make sense of what they’d just done. Frantically, Bellatrix ran towards the windows, her view to the outside entirely obscured in black, with nothing but the sound of distant screams and spells being fired indicating any life past these walls. The holes in her memory were large and unnerving ones that seemed to hit her all at once as she whipped out her wand and rushed outside to face the commotion. She was met with total disarray, members of all factions locked in battle, and amidst the crashes, the bangs, and the flashes of green, bits and pieces of a plan constructed while under the horcrux’s lulling influence began to come together.

Rabastan had been captured. He’d been marked as a traitor and held over a boiling cauldron. His throat had been slit. The Dark Lord had returned. 

Bellatrix squeezed the locket tightly in between her fingers as a means to steady herself, and jumped headfirst into the fire, ignoring the building turmoil in her chest. H e ‘ s  d e a d.

She moved through the manor with frightening adrenaline, taking sharp slashes at the air with her wand and flinging curses at the arriving combatants. The blinding urge to reach the outside was her sole guiding force, and with too narrow a focus, it took Bellatrix a few moments to realize she was being pursued. When she turned the corner and ran into him, the grip on her wand didn’t falter. 

“— Get out of my way, Gideon.”

National Lawlight Day is April 5, the day L and Light met formally and shook hands.

Some say this ship has sunk, but if that’s the case, it’s a treasure which sunk. The Titanic of ships. The ship of dreams.

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William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825–1905, France)

Paintings of mythology, history and literature

Bouguereau was a French academic painter of the 19th century. In his technically-precise genre paintings he used mythological and allegorical themes, making modern interpretations of classical subjects, with an emphasis on the female human body. During his lifetime he enjoyed significant popularity and was the quintessential salon painter of his generation, though he was reviled by many rival artists of other movements, including various Realists and the Impressionist avant-garde.