Storm and Silence Character Heights

Some of you guys (ahem @suffragette-lilly) wanted to know how tall some of the main characters are in the series, so here you go. I put measurements in both feet and meters so it’s easier for everyone to understand. Some of these are estimates (denoted as “~”) given from hints stated in the book.

Rikkard Ambrose: 6′6 (1.98m) -stated in Book 1, Chapter 58

Karim: 7′ (2.13m) -stated in Book 4, Chapter 23

Lillian Linton: ~5′8-5′9 (~1.73-1.75m) -not explicitly stated but she’s implied to be on the taller side considering she only has to tiptoe to kiss her employer and when he hugs her, her face is against his chest

James Carter: 6′0 (1.83m) -stated in Book 2, Chapter 6

Daniel Dalgliesh:  ~over 6′ (~ over 1.83m) -not explicitly stated but in Book 1, Chapter 43, Lilly describes him to about as tall as her employer

Adaira Ambrose: ~5′10-6′0 (~1.78-1.83m) -not explicitly stated but described as tall and in Book 4, Chapter 10, Lilly has to tiptoe to look over her shoulder

Samantha Ambrose: shorter than Lilly -briefly described in Book 4, Chapters 6 and 10 as not very tall and has to look up at Lilly when speaking to her  

These are the only characters I can remember for now that were described, lemme know if there were any that I missed!