Verse of The Day June 30, 2015

Proverbs 20:22 (AMP)

Do not say, I will repay evil; wait [expectantly] for the Lord, and He will rescue you. [II Sam. 16:12; Rom. 12:17-19; I Thess. 5:15; I Pet. 3:9.]

Stormy Faye The Christian Runaway

fanofthefirth asked:

HEYYYY FRANNDDDD! Questions? I have quite a few :3! 5, 10, 12, 19, 22, 30, 44, 59, 77, 83, 95, 96, 97. Man that's a lot LOL. Haven't talked in foreverrrr hope everything is good with you! ❤️

:DDD Hi I am good! Thanks for asking me these! I’m excited !!! :333 how’re you?

3) Who are you looking forward to seeing?: Niall Horan at my 1D concert :DDD 5) If you were drunk, would the person you like take care of you?: No lol he’d probably make fun of me :P 10) Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?: Probs my friend Kaylee. 12) What are you five fave songs right now?: Is There Somewhere by Halsey, Alone by Sleeping With Sirens, Favorite Record by Fall Out Boy, Desperate Measures by Marianas Trench, and Sorry by Sleeping With Sirens! 19) Do you like bubble baths?: Yes, but I haven’t been able to take one in forever D: 22) Where would you like to travel?: Everywhere! But especially Ireland :3 30) Do you ever wanna get married?: Probably! But I need a bf first haha 44) Trip to outer space or bottom of the ocean?: NEITHER! I’m afraid…😬 59) First thing you ate this morning?: Cheerios :3 77) Chocolate or Vanilla?: Chocolate!!!! 83) Mean Girls or Mean Girls 2?: MEAN GIRLS! I love that movie haha 95) Last movie you watched?: Risky Business :3 So good! Tiny Tom Cruise was so cute

besosquecreanadiccion asked:

Hiii =) about the cute questions haha: 5, 12, 22, 24, 29, 36, 55, 95, 114, 119, 133, 145, 148 and 150 haha thats a lot!

Thank you!

5. If you were drunk would the person you like take care of you?  I’d like to think so!! He is that sorta person

12. What are your 5 favorite songs right now? I can never choose favourite songs ugh but recently I’ve been listening to: 

R u mine - Arctic Monkeys, Do I wanna Know - Arctic Monkeys, Enchanted - Taylor Swift, Tenerife Sea - Ed Sheeran and Tim Mcgraw - Taylor Swift

22. Where would you like to travel? Everywhere and anywhere

24. Favorite part of your daily routine? Going to bed let’s be real

29. Have any of your ex’s told you they regret breaking up? (Pssst, I’ve never had an ex)

36. Have you ever liked someone and never told them? Literally everytime I like anyone

55. Favourite blog? rn it has to be headfirstfearrless bc I met her and she’s even more fab in real life

95. Last movie you watched? We are the Best (it was cute)

114. Have you ever been out of your province/state? yep!!

119. Favourite book? I genuinely don’t think I could choose

133. Favourite lyrics right now? I hate choosing shit like this but probs ‘I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home’

145. Tea or Coffee? I don’t actually drink either!

148. What’s your favourite quote? I really couldn’t choose I love so many quotes and poems

150. Get the closest book next to you, open it to page 42, what’s the first line on that page? it’s a french textbook ahaha ‘Ecoutez. Qui di quoi? Ecrivez les deux bonnes lettres pour chaque personne.’

anonymous asked:

1, 3, 5, 12, 19, 22, 27 from the anime post :)

okie dokie wow this is gonna be a long one

1- sailor moon and tokyo mew mew

3-erg why would you make me pick. either levi or ciel

5-ok so this is gonna be INCREDIBLY long

sailor moon   ghost hunt   another  sakura trick   romeo x julet   black butler (s.1,2 and book of circus)   sekai ichi hatsukoi   kaicho wa maid-sama   full moon wo sagashite   mermaid melodies pitchi pitchi pitch   puella magi madoka magica   say i love you   attack on titan   we without wings under the innocent sky   henneko the hentai prince and the stony cat   amnesia   skip beat   my little monster   angel beats   inu x boku secret service   my teen romantic comedy snafu   uraboku   no.6   lucky star   rozen maiden   tokyo mew mew   death note   vampire knight   diabolik lovers   karin   rosario vampire   fruits basket   ouran high school host club   high school of the dead   spice and wolf   sunday without god   sugar sugar rune   peach girl   wedding peach   princess tutu   mamotte lollipop   5 cm per second   yuru yuri   no game no life   spirited away   whispers of the heart   the cat returns   ao haru ride   mythical detective loki ragnorok   kaleido star   golden time   brynhildr in the darkness   alice in the country of hearts   strawberry panic   beyond the boundary   renai senka (manga 2.5)    yamishibai japanese ghost stories   uta no prince sama   wolf girl and black prince   fantatsista doll   pandora hearts   love stage   yona of the dawn   full metal alchemist: brotherhood   howls moving castle   castle in the sky   kimi ni todoke   sword art online   dramatical murder pandora hearts    kamisama kiss (theres a chance I’m missing some)

12-amnesia and mermaid melodies i think should get more attention

19-ciel x sebastien and levi x eren (dont question it) also heroine x ukyo for amnesia and kaito x luchia for mmppp and serenity x darien annnd alice x boris or alice x peter (cool i have more but lets move on shall we)

22-my sister watched sailor moon on tv so probably like around 6. I got really interested at about 10 or so

27-deadman wonderland, tokyo ghoul, owari no seraph, hayate the combat butler, the world god only knows, cardcaptor sakura, pretty cure, the irregular at magic high school and mooooREE I WANNA WATCH ALL THE ANIMEEE

places-people asked:


Baha thanks Nate xD

5: Are you interested in anyone right now?
Well, I do quite enjoy Scott.

12: Have you pretended to like someone?

22: Have you kissed three or more people in one night?
Haha no.

25: Have you ever cried from being so mad?
Too many times.

41: Have you ever wanted to tell someone but didn’t?

55: Ever stayed up all night on the phone and with who?
Nope. When I stay up all night I’m alone with my homework.

59: Do you have a little sister?
Definitely not. What’s that?

68: Would you rather sleep alone or with someone?
Uhhhhhhh it’s completely circumstantial. It depends on my mood and the person.

69: Will next Friday be a good one?
That’s tomorrow, so hopefully! I’ll be doing homework all day and studying for my LAST TEST HELL YEAH and then binge watching the fifth season of Pretty Little Liars.

The issue of the heart

The Heart Needs Prostrating

Over and over again, we are told in Scripture to worship God with all the heart. This stresses the need of total involvement with God, an involvement that includes the mind, emotions, and the will. So, note the following passages of Scripture: With all our heart we are to:· 

Love God (Deut. 6:5; Matt. 22:37; Mark 12:30).· 

Search for God (Deut. 4:29; Jer. 29:13).· 

Return to the Lord (Joel 2:12).· 

Rejoice and exult in the Lord (Zeph. 3:14).· 

Give thanks. This means learning to live by praise and thanksgiving with one’s focus purely on the Lord (Ps. 9:1; 86:12; 119:7; cf. Rom. 1:21).· 

Believe God and His Word (Acts 8:37). 

  The heart is purified by being renewed. The mind needs renewing in its ideas, values, motives, and beliefs. The thoughts and intents of the heart need to be changed through storing and meditating on the Word. Included here is the idea of exchanging our viewpoint for God’s (Rom. 12:2; Isa. 55:8f; Ps. 51:10; 119:9-11; Pr. 3:3; 7:3; 2 Cor. 4:16; Eph. 2:23). Giving the heart means involvement: Involvement with God, involvement with family, involvement with other Christians, and involvement with non-Christians. And what does involvement include? It includes: sacrificial love, walking by faith rather than sight, spontaneity rather than rigidity, the risk of vulnerability, and a willingness to become accountable. Proverbs 28:26 warns us, the heart of man is not a safe haven, “He who trusts in his own heart is a fool, but he who walks wisely will be delivered.

Giving the heart means risk, entanglements, becoming vulnerable: It means having to step out in faith, believing God rather than one’s own strategies. It means having to give up something … sometimes a lot. It can even mean having your heart broken and wrung like a towel. But to fail to give it means to lock it up safely in the casket of selfishness. And like a body laid to rest in a casket, the heart will change; though safe, dark, and motionless, it will rot and become a bag of bones.

Then the Lord said, “Because this people draw near with their words, But they remove their hearts far from Me, And their reverence for Me consists of tradition learned by rote, Therefore behold, I will once again deal marvelously with this people, wondrously marvelous” (Isa. 29:13).

Obviously, withholding the heart means our inability and our unwillingness to give our hearts to either God or to others. Certainly, since we never arrive at ultimate maturity in this life, there will always be room for growth in giving the heart because it is so difficult to give up our various methods of self-protection.

Psalm 78:8 And not be like their fathers, A stubborn and rebellious generation, A generation that did not prepare its heart, And whose spirit was not faithful to God.

This word is used in Psalm 78:8 of preparing the heart to be firm, focused, and fixed on the Lord in the sense of trust and rest in God’s love, goodness, wisdom, grace, and power (cf. Ps. 112:7-8). The point here is that the heart can only become steadfast, stable, when it has been properly prepared in a biblical sense.

The Heart Needs Purifying

Jeremiah 17:9 The heart is more deceitful than all else And is desperately sick; Who can understand it?

The heart is purified by being tested (Deut. 8:2; Jer. 17:10; Ps. 139:23-24). One of the reasons for suffering and trials and the varied irritations that God either brings or allows is to reveal the condition of our hearts, to show its true colors that we might see our sin and deal with it through confession and faith in God’s provision.

The heart is purified by confession or repentance

The Heart Needs Cheering, Encouraging, Comforting

Proverbs 15:13,15 A joyful heart makes a cheerful face, But when the heart is sad, the spirit is broken. … All the days of the afflicted are bad, But a cheerful heart has a continual feast.

2 Corinthians 9:7 Let each one do just as he has purposed in his heart; not grudgingly or under compulsion; for God loves a cheerful giver.

John 14:1 Let not your heart be troubled; believe in God, believe also in Me …

John 14:27 Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives, do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful.

Life is full of pain and disappointments which bring sorrow and discouragement, so the heart needs to be cheered, comforted, and encouraged. But our tendency is to seek to cheer and comfort our hearts with the methods of the world—through our strategies for happiness, through the details of life as with the pursuit of power, pleasure, possessions, position, and the like. God has given us all things to enjoy, but God’s plan for lasting joy and encouragement comes from a heart that has been prepared and fixed to trust the Lord (Jn. 16:27; Ps. 37:4).

The Heart Needs Strengthening

Psalm 37:31 The law of his God is in his heart; His steps do not slip.

Psalm 40:8 I delight to do Thy will, O my God; Thy Law is within my heart.

Psalm 119:11 Thy word I have treasured in my heart, That I may not sin against Thee.

The Heart Needs Biblical Desires and Longings

One of the most fundamental and life changing needs of the heart is to have biblical desires and longings. Please note the emphasis in the following passages:

(1) Psalm 37:4: Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart

“Delight” is anag which means (1) “to be soft, delicate, dainty.” In Arabic, a sister language, it meant “to allure” and “to entice” and was used of the amorous gestures of women in their looks and walk. There is a certain feminine quality to this word and it fits with the nature of God’s dealings with believers. Israel was the wife of the Lord and the church is the bride of Christ. As it was with Israel, so we are to respond to the Lord as His chaste bride and to be sensitive to His love and care. Knowing Him as such should build our trust and commitment and keep us from being lured away from Him. In the Hebrew text, the verb “delight” is in a reflexive stem which came to mean, “to take exquisite delight, to delight yourself in an exquisite manner.” So the Psalmist says in effect that God is to be our most exquisite source of joy. We are to delight in His person and being. He is calling us to pursue God that we might know and revel in His divine person and being.

Second, the Promise. “Desires” is the Hebrew mishalab which may mean, “prayers, requests, petitions.” Our requests are usually based on our desires, wants, or what we see as our needs, though this is not one of the major Hebrew words for desire. “Of your heart” points us to the source of the requests, our inner person through the function of the mind, emotions, and will. “Desires of your heart” refers to the results of the function of the mind, emotions, and will in the formation of aspirations, desires, and longings.

When our delight is genuinely in the Lord, our requests, the product of our desires, will be transformed and conformed to the will of God. When we start truly delighting in the Lord and trust in Him for our needs and desires, we will then stop depending on our own devices for security or significance. It is then that our desires and requests will naturally begin to change.

Therefore, God promises to give us those requests, as the context suggest, according to His timing.

Psalm 94:19: “When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, Thy consolations delight my soul.”

Anxious thoughts multiply when a man’s delight is off the Lord. When this occurs, his trust will also be off the Lord and on his own devices and solutions to life. So what does the Psalmist say? “Thy consolations delight my soul.” What is God’s greatest consolation or source of comfort? It is God Himself. When Christians fail to delight their heart in the Lord by seeking Him as their number one source of comfort, they will begin to unravel and they will turn to their own devices.

Problems of the Heart

 A wrong focus or thought pattern.

· In Psalm 19:14 the Psalmist prayed for a right focus and thought pattern. He recognized the danger of a wrong focus or center.

· The heart, when dominated by the sinful nature and man’s viewpoint, gathers wickedness to itself like impure imaginations, slander, false beliefs, false aspirations and solutions, impure desires, and deceit, etc. (Psalm 41:6).

· Because the heart is the wellspring of life, and because the heart is incurably wicked, unrighteousness begins in the heart (cf. Ps. 36:1; 58:2; Matt. 15:18-19). Remember, the flaming missiles of the evil one, as with Eve, are aimed at the heart (the mind, emotions, and will) (Eph. 6:16).

An unbelieving heart (Heb. 3:12). An unbelieving heart is what causes us to pursue our own solutions to life. This is what happened to Eve.

 Fear and anxiety (Isa. 35:4; 51:7). Fear or anxiety is removed through a believing heart or trust in God’s plan and supply regardless of the problems or how things look from our perspective (Ps. 112:7; 13:5; 27:3).

 Agitation, frustration of heart. The absence of peace because the heart is not truly centered on the Lord (Ps. 38:8-10).

 Fainting, depression, losing heart. The absence of endurance (Ps. 40:12; Lk. 18:1).

 Turning away from the Lord. Turning away into sin, unfaithfulness, backsliding (Deut. 17:17; Ps. 44:18; Pro. 7:25; Heb. 3:12).

 Trusting in the wrong sources of hope as human strategies for security, significance, or happiness (Ps. 62:10; cf. 64:6 with vs. 10; 73:25f. Also cf. Ps. 81:12, “to walk in their own devices”).

 Loneliness and brokenness of heart (Ps. 69:20; Pro. 15:13; 17:22).

 Bitterness of heart (Ps. 73:21; Pro. 14:10; Ja. 3:14).

(10) Stubbornness of heart (Ex. 7:14; Ps. 78:8; 81:12; Jer. 3:17).

 Divided heart, the opposite of singleness of devotion (2 Chr. 25:2; Ps. 86:11; Matt. 6:21-24; Ja. 1:6-8).

 Arrogance or pride of heart, the opposite of a humble heart (2 Chr. 32:26; Isa. 9:9; Ps. 101:5).

False values of the heart (Matt. 6:21; Phil. 3:8).

 Hardness of heart (Pr. 28:14; Heb. 3:7-13).

Is it any wonder then, that Solomon challenges us: “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life” (Proverbs 4:23, NIV).

As emphasized previously, the heart is where our character is formed and maintained, the place that determines who we are, and what we do. As Scripture warns us, issues of life flow from the heart. It alone holds the secrets of true success or meaning in life. If our heart is filled with what is good, our actions and words will follow. If it is filled with what is evil, so will be our actions and words.

So then, the treasures of our hearts are priceless, but as stressed, they can be stolen. We face three thieves, the world, the flesh, and the devil, and these three stalk us always seeking ways to steal the good treasures of the heart and to replace them with what is evil and worthless, or at least, with those that are not the best.

How well am I guarding my heart? Is the condition of my heart my greatest concern? It should be because it is so determinative of every aspect of life. It ultimately determines my love for God and for others. It determines who I am and what I do.

anonymous asked:


  • 4. Have you ever had an orgasm from anywhere other than your genitals? Yes.

  • 5. Do you prefer clitoral or vaginal stimulation? Clitoral.
  • 8. Are handjobs boring, or underrated? They’re okay, I guess.

  • 11. Do you like having your anus touched? Love it.
  • 12. Have you ever been fisted (anally or vaginally)? I’ve anally fisted myself, does it count if it was solo? Haha.

  • 22. What’s the most unusual thing you’ve done nude? Just wondering around outside when I’m smoking at night, I guess.
  • 30. How often do you masturbate? On average, 3 times a day.

  • 31. Age you started masturbating? How did you discover/learn about it? I was very young, maybe about 7/8 and it was because I sat on my pillow funny and wanted to repeat the ‘weird’ feeling.
  • 39. Do you ever go commando? Yeah, often.

  • 46. Do you have a particularly large or tiny clitoris? I have no idea hahaha.
  • 48. Are you turned on or off by foreskin, or don’t care? I don’t really care, but foreskin is preferred as it’s what I’m used to.

  • 54. What do you do with your pubic hair (shave, trim, wax, nothing, etc.)? I shave the action zone and shave/trim the rest.

feykrogrohiik asked:

2, 4, 5, 6, 12, 15, 22, 24, 25 :D Okay, longer than what you asked me XD Sorry!!

2. a famous person i’ve been compared to.

actually…. Kristen Stewart. when I was still in college, some of my classmates told me that I reminded them of her. And I’d like to disagree but in some level, I get it. I mean usually when I’m behind my walls (which is probably the only way these people saw me) I have a pretty cold, emotionless face :P

4. the best thing that has happened to me this week.

This is an easy one for me. It’s a show called Sense8. It’s really well done, I loved the writing, and the actors, and there were some truly amazing, detailed performances, and just the whole experience was amazing for me. So if you guys start watching, please don’t stop at the first episode. Watch episode 2 as well and you still think that this isn’t for you, then it’s okay:P

5. weird things i do when i’m alone.

I talk to myself. Sometimes in Hungarian, sometimes in English. I sing, I do weird stuff with my voice. I honestly don’t know what else I do, because I probably don’t notice it…. or it just doesn’t come to my mind.

6. how i’d spend ten thousand bucks.

I have no idea. That’s 2.500.000 forint. I could take Móni on a vacation to somewhere intersting :D Or I could try buying all the clothes I ever wanted, and spend all the money on things I really need, like a new laptop. Probably the last one would be wiser :P

12. something i’m currently worrying about.

I’m not worrying about anything. I could worry about the fact that my father will be extremely mad at me because of some phone bills…. Also that in two weeks I’m going to a summer camp with some kids, and I’m doing the music and I wanted to write and just collect a bunch of songs and I’m literally nowhere with that plan. But right now I’m not worrying.

15. lyrics that apply to my current situation/mood.

This is a hard one. I’ll never come up with the right lyrics xD Alright here it is. I don’t think it applies to my current mood, but it certainly does to my entire life, so I guess it counts :P

Die Zeit vergeht – alles verändert sich
Die Zeit vergeht – doch nichts verändert mich
Die Zeit vergeht – und eigentlich
Gibt es so viel zu tun, doch ich mach es nicht

Ah.. do I have to translate it?? Okay then…

Time passes - everything changes
Time passes - but nothing changes me
Time passes - and anyway
There’s so much to do, but I do none of them

meh…. this was weird.

20. 5 things i want to change.

- I want to be able to write better, without fear, with more confidence and just be able to focus on what I’m doing, either seeing it clearer, or doing it instinctively.

- I want to speak English a lot better. I want to be really good at it.

- I want people to think. To realize that we’re all humans, we live in the same little playground, and that nothing else matters, just playing nice. Paying attention, being sensible (that’s not the right word but whatever), accepting others, and not making each other’s lives hell….

- I would like to react to situations more like myself. And stay true to who I am. Because…. it usually doesn’t go that way…. Things happen around me, I react in some way, then I get away with stuff, then it’s over, and in these situations, it’s doesn’t feel like I was the one talking and acting…. at all… I’m not sure why this is like that…. but it would be nice to change it.

- Seriously, 5 things is a lot for someone like me:P I want to change my laptop. For a pc that can run all the games I want to play :P

24. someone i’d like to be for a day and why.

I’d like to be a man for a day. I’d give anything just to see what it’s like. Why? Because… it’s different… and I always had this illusion that it’s better. They’re better at everything, they’re taller, they seem to have more confidence, they can do stuff….. And whatever people would think of me, their first thought wouldn’t be that she’s just a girl. That I need to hold the door for her, because she’s a girl. I need to carry her stuff because she must be weak. She’s not that smart because she’s a girl. All that would disappear. I wouldn’t be the weak, stupid girl. Simply… a man.

25. 5 things within touching distance.

My laptop :P The Silmarillion, Nivea, my phone, pen

thanks for all the asks :)

anonymous asked:

5, 6, 8, 12, 22, 37, 59, 76, 121, 122, 105

5: 4 turn ons
Loyalty lol
Soft neck kisses
Nice smell idk

6: 4 turn offs
Bad hygiene
Unnecessary opinions  
Their dick taking up 95% of their personality 

8:Sexual orientation

12:What time was I born

22:Eye color

37:Tattoos and piercing i want
I want a tattoo of the Scorpio constellation on my ribs

76:What do I think is Satan’s last name is?

105:Been underweight?
Have been for 3 years 

121:Lost my virginity before I was 18?

122:Had oral sex?

hottiehaise asked:

5, 12, 22, 26, 36!

  • 5. Coke or Pepsi?

Neither, I dislike them both! If I had to choose, probably coke. 

  • 12. Favorite color?

I don’t really have one? Maybe green or gold. I like red and light pink a lot, too.

  • 22. Nicknames people call you?

Nannon. Isn’t that terrible? That’s pretty much it for nicknames. Some people used to call me Rhi or Rhi-Rhi, but that’s pretty rare now I’m just… nannon… for eternity…  

  • 26. Best thing that has ever happened to you?

Oh, I don’t know, that’s a loaded question. I was part of a partner exchange program in high school, though, and a girl from Germany lived with me for a few weeks and the next summer I stayed with her, and it was a really great experience, and I made a really great friend… But I think there are a lot of things. Like just meeting all my friends, really. That’s a thing that doesn’t seem as big when it’s happening but then like you look back and it’s huge. 

  • 36. Any bad habits?

The list goes on and on and on tbh… I’m a pretty messy person, that’s one. I have this one thing that really drives people crazy, if I’m sitting shotgun I change the radio station constantly and then people wan t to kill me. I tear at my fingernails sometimes. I stay up WAAAAAAAAY too late. The list goes on. 

Thank you!

send me a number!

szonklin asked:

Headcanon ask (post/122350582116/the-excessively-detailed-headcanon-tumblr-meme): Ron Weasley, 1, 5, 7, 12, 19, 22, 28, 31, 34, 49

1. What does their bedroom look like?
Always messy. His clothes and school books and notes are everywhere. Some rotten food under his bed :P Quidditch posters on the wall. And a chessboard on his desk.

5. Cleanliness habits (personal, workspace, etc.)
He don’t like to clean his room, he knows exactly where to find what he looking for in his personal chaos. At the Hogwarts the House-elves clean his mess. 

7. Favorite way to waste time and feelings surrounding wasting time.
Playing Wizard’s chess with anyone who wants to play. Or eating. :)

12. Favorite book genre?
Definitely not textbooks :P He loves to read about Quidditch.

19. What do they think about before falling asleep at night?
“OMG, tomorrow is Potions with Snape, i’ll hate it…”

22. Given a blank piece of paper, a pencil, and nothing to do, what would happen?
Funny cartoons about the teachers

28. Who do they see as their best friend? Their worst enemy?
Harry Potter, Voldemort

31. Most prized possession?
A messenger bag made from dragonskin. He got it from Charlie for his birthday.

34. Thoughts on privacy? (Are they a private person, or are they prone to ‘TMI’?)
He isn’t so bashful since he grew up in a big family with lot of brothers. But he don’t tell his most secret thoughts just to Harry and Hermione. 

49. If this person were to get into a fist fight, what is their fighting style like?

byrneing asked:

3, 5, 12, 21, 22

3:A song that reminds you of summertime
Summertime sadness by Lana del Rey lmao

5:A song that needs to be played LOUD
Hard in da paint by waka flaka!!!!

12:A song from your preteen years
Shut me up by MSI

21:A favorite song with a person’s name in the title
Molly’s chambers by kings of Leon (this one was hard I hard to look one up!)

22:A song that moves you forward
Elastic heart by SIA :) (before my body is dry & x.u. By Hiroyuki sawano. I thought these were important too!!!)

Thanks Byrne! As always c:

freespiritsam asked:

5, 11, 12, 22, 23, 33 and 36

Thank you Sam! :)

5. Coke. I hate Pepsi. I don’t know what it is but Coke always tastes better to me.

11. The last time I cried was yesterday. It was a hella emotional day yesterday for me I’ll tell you.

12. My favorite color changes everyday. It’s usually between black, purple, red or pink. Today I think it’s black.

22. Everyone had different nicknames for me. My dad calls me Louie, Dana-Doo and Bambino, mostly all of my friends call me Day and occasionally Slim, Shady or Slim Shady.

23. My favorite song is also something that changes daily. Today I would say my favorite song is “Don’t” by Ed Sheeran

33. The best day of my life was probably the day I went on my first date with my boyfriend. That was a really good day I remember.

36. My bad habits probably consist of biting my nails/fingers, watching too much TV and eating too much.

#polsie Cuerpos Prestados I. Serigrafía sobre papel libre de ácido 44.5 x 58 cm $200 MXN. Edición limitada a 10 piezas. Silkscreen on paper acid free 17.5 x 22.8 in. $12 USD. Limited edition of 10 pieces. (en ¼ taller gráfico)

pvtbs asked:

5, 12, 22, 33, 41, 44, 72, 91, 97, 100, 109, 123, 150

5. If you were drunk would the person you like take care of you?

- well if he were there i guess yes

12. What are your 5 favorite songs right now?

- Tous Les Mêmes, satellite, little game, hero of war, forest

22. Where would you like to travel?- p much everywere, but like germany and Switzerland and estonia idk

33. Spell your name with your chin.- saantr5eri

41. Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?- yes.

44. Trip to outer space or bottom of the ocean?- SPACE

72. What colour are your towels?- what kind of question is this ?? ?

91. Is there anyone you want to punch in the face right now?- yeah myself always

97. Favourite actor?-  idk

100. How are you feeling?- ok

109. Is something irritating you right now?- there always somethign irritating  me

123. Can you keep white shoes clean?- no

150. Get the closest book next to you, open it to page 42, what’s the first line on that page?- die Fläche, -n = (tasainen) pinta, taso

rbray1978 asked:

5, 12, 22, 32, 34, 36, and 44 ?

5. Coke or Pepsi? Coke
12. Favorite color? Green
22. Nicknames people call you? Nat and daddy.
32. Favorite show? I don’t really have one.
34. Any talents? My only talent is making girls squirt
36. Any bad habits? Swearing, smoking, biting my nails.
44. Selfie? Too tired

wayward-elf asked:

Random numbers! 5, 12, 22, 36, 37, 48

Have you ever stolen a street sign before? No, but I was with someone who did. So maybe?

Have you ever peed in the woods? What’s the woods? I never leave my bed.

What movies could you watch over and over and still love? A LOT! Big Daddy, Lilo and Stitch, Edward Scissorhands, Napoleon Dynamite, A Goofy Movie. There’s a lot more!   

Which are better, legos or lincoln logs? LEGOS!!!

Are you stubborn? Very much so…

Major annoyance right now? THIS HEAT!

Thank you pal :)

sidewaystime asked:

5, 12, 22, 35

5. What is your favorite color?

I’m a bit fickle with this. It used to be orange when I was small, then purple (my primary school uniform was purple, like a palatinate purple; it was great) for a while. For the last 20 years it’s been a deep petrol/teal/prussian blue.

12. What was your last dream about?

Answered here :)

22. Have you ever got in trouble with the law?

No - I’ve managed to avoid it so far. I did get in trouble when I was about 7 for trying to take home something I’d made from plasticine (or maybe playdoh) in class. I was proper yelled at for “stealing”, and quite possibly it kept me away from a life of crime - it certainly gave me a massive complex about art lessons.

35. Have you ever tried archery?

I have a vague memory of having tried it out at some point, probably when I was in Brownies/Guides on a pack holiday, or something. I haven’t tried it as an adult, but there’s a field I go past on the train where I often see archers practicing and I always think to myself “I’d like to have a go at that”…

skywsc asked:

5, 8,12, 20, 22, 25, 30.

Inbox me a number(s) and I’ll answer

5: Favourite sex position? 

“I don’t know? Anything that feels nice I guess…”

8: Sex on the bed, couch or the floor? 

“On the bed, the rest just makes the experience kind of uncomfortable and most back-breaking.”

12: How often do you have sex? 

“Not often… Not in some time, really.”

20: If you could have sex with anyone right now, who would it be? 

“This shall remain undisclosed!”

22: Do you/would you use sex toys?  

“Yeah, I mean– I don’t see why not?”

25: Is there anything you do after sex? (for example, smoke, eat, drink)


30: Do you watch porn? 

“Uh… I have watched those videos before but uh– not lately. I don’t really like it, so– Yeah.”